༻ Embodying Truth with Annu Tara ༺

truth • totality • intimacy • embodiment

• 1-1 Sessions •

~ for in-depth support, sharing, clarification & enquiry ~

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• Alchemical Chocolate™ Practitioner E-Training •

~ full Initiation with the Cacao Deva for personal practice, embodiment & sharing ceremonial chocolate with community ~

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NEW E-TRAINING PRODUCT: Crafting Ceremonial Cacao: The Basics

~ your guide to crafting a simple ceremonial cacao elixir for personal practice ~

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About Annu 

Welcome Here ~

My ultimate and profoundest passion is the Totality of Truth, including the realms of Awakening, Embodiment, Intimacy, and exploration of Tantric Presencing & Polarity-Unification. My focus is on grounded application and practice that actually works. I offer myself as guide, co-creator and reflector through 1-1 sessions, ceremonies, medicine work, immersions and retreats.

You can read more via the About section. More than anything, I am interested in connecting – so welcome to be in touch – for connection, for creative collaboration & inspiration, for support & clarification, for bringing this evolving work to your community.

With Love… Annu

༻ UPCOMING EVENT: 10 Day Personal Practice Home-Retreat ༺

Friday 21st – Sunday 30th July, 2017  

Join me in July 2017 for this personal practice intensive as a means to connect, clarify, open and deepen in surrender to Life, Love, Truth.

•• our group is an inclusive space open to ALL genders and sexual orientations ••

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