10 Day Online Personal Practice Retreat






• 10 Day Personal Practice Online Retreat •

Friday 13th – Sunday 22nd January, 2017 

Where: online + in the comfort of wherever you are based

Exchange: £67

(includes all downloadable content, support via private group + live online ceremonies)



Join me in January 2017 for this personal practice intensive as a means to connect, clarify, open and deepen in surrender to Life, Love, Truth.

This is my third round of offering this powerful and beneficial 10 Day Online Retreat, where I support you in setting up semi-retreat conditions at home and guide you in daily enquiry and experiential-based transformational, deepening and stabilising practices.

Previous online retreats have used the structure of a medicine dieta as container – but in this upcoming gathering, our foundation and focus will be the unfolding and deepening of personal practice and the simplicity of surrender.

The inspiration is essentially the sharing of vital elements and keys that are foundational to my own practice and exploration, which have forged and evolved throughout the years.

The potency and effectiveness of this retreat rests in the offering of a solid, grounded yet flexible container for your own process, and the invitation for your practice to be integrated into the dynamics of your home space and the on-going of Life.

Each day will focus on a specific angle of practice and experiential-enquiry, which is entirely invitational – so you can engage as much or as little as you feel is beneficial.

The aspiration for the structure is for you to find out what works best and is of most benefit for your deepening surrender, transformation, opening and integration!

During our Retreat, we will explore meditation (open & guided), prayer, embodiment/somatic-movement, ceremony/ritual, connection, pleasure/enjoyment and the conscious cultivation of sensual & sexual energy.

Daily material will be shared via live and recorded videos, downloadable MP3s and PDFs, daily emails, recorded/Spotify playlists, and access to our private Facebook group as our online shared group container.

•• our group is an inclusive space open to all genders/bodies and sexual orientations ••

You Will Need:

• some free space and time each day for practice + reflection

• laptop or device with internet access to receive daily practice invitations, join our shared Facebook members space and two online webinar ceremonial circles

• basic practice space with skins/meditation mat, blanket and zafu/meditation cushion

• journal for tracking, reflections and observations


Optional Additions:

• juicer, nutribullet and/or smoothie maker for supportive daily green juices & smoothies

• epsom or sea salts for detox baths

• candles

• organic coconut or almond oil

• jade egg/glass wand (for female participants)

• daily access to nature

This Medicine Dieta is singularly the most important piece of work I have gifted myself in all of my years journeying in search of Truth. It has been like an accelerated learning program, a demolition derby and a rapid prototyping exercise all in one.

2015 Online Retreat Participant

I found this to be a deeply immersive experience. I never imagined that an online retreat would go quite this deep, considering I was still having to navigate life in between!

2016 Online Retreat Participant

I want to state again how much I loved it and how grateful I am to you for presenting the 10 Day Online Retreat – it has been life-changing in a way that I have not experienced in over a decade.

2016 Online Retreat Participant

The 10 Day Personal Practice Online Retreat Content:


    ∇  Two x 3 hour LIVE online webinar Ceremonies for opening and closing our retreat practice
(approx. start between 6/7pm GMT – recordings will be available for those who can’t attend the live events)

∇  Daily email invitations and supporting PDFs, Videos, MP3s and Spotify playlists for exploring personal practice through multiple angles, including meditation, prayer, movement/somatic exploration, being in nature, journalling, supporting the body and nervous system through diet, nurturing and self-care, working with sexual energy for healing and inner communion, and relaxing into pleasure and enjoyment

∇  Daily sharing from me through our online space regarding the exploration of practice

∇  Live mid-week check-in with invitation for q&a, enquiry, pointers and feedback PDFs on clean/whole-food eating, juicing/smoothies, detox and healing modalities to support your retreating

∇  Full access to our secret Facebook Group & Online Retreat Space through which we can connect + share daily as community

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Please note there is limited availability for this Online Retreat & some of the package options

Take Me There!

This is an exploration of personal practice…


‘there is nothing more worth-while than the exploration of Truth and to realise that this is inclusive of Everything…’

~ Annu Tara

Who is this Personal Practice Online Retreat for?


You are welcome to join this 10 Day Personal Practice Online Retreat if you are able to create some time and space for daily practice & reflection.

>> This is an inclusive space open to all genders/bodies and sexual orientations <<

 Content should feel appropriate for those who are established/experienced in their own practice, as well as for those who feel completely new to this.


It will also be beneficial if:

♦  you feel called to establish, explore or deepen your personal practice

♦  you need to create and enter space for your own enquiry, process and surrender

♦  you want to be part of a conscious, caring, grounded container and community of support, focus, accountability & connection

♦  you feel called to vision-quest and gather personal medicine & clarity for the New Year

♦  you want a container-boost to support connecting with health & wellbeing

♦  you require a period of turning inward for rest, nourishment, rejuvenation & personal realignment

However, please be aware that this Personal Practice Online Retreat is NOT for you if:

 • you can not make the time & space to enter practice each day
(please make sure you can offer 1.5-2 hours *minimum* per day to this retreat process)

 • you expect me to do the work for you

 • you just want to be told what to do and don’t feel you can take responsibility for your experience

 • you can’t be present with this live, real-time process and want to save the material to do at a later date

 • you are not willing to feedback occasionally on your process & retreat experience either with myself privately or in our shared sangha space (participant absence can create a void and everyone feels it – our practice also invites deepening in intimacy, individually and as a group)


A few words on Medicine…

Previous Online Retreats have focused on the exploration and daily diet of plant-based technologies to support retreat and personal practice. Although this will not be the focus of this upcoming offering, you are very welcome to include plant medicine as part of this retreat invitation (including daily ceremonial cacao, rapé, sacramental tinctures, homeopathy, micro-dosing & herbal medicine)

Please visit the Medicine page to explore more information on this, and for some products links.

I have also included a package option for this 10 Day Personal Practice Online Retreat, which offers discount on purchasing the Crafting Ceremonial Cacao: The Basics to support your exploration. Visit the registration page for more details.

Additional Support:

You are also welcome to receive additional support for this personal practice immersion by opting for an UPGRADE package, which also includes 1-1 work with me directly via Skype or Zoom (recorded) to support your enquiry and process. 

Visit the 1-1 Sessions page for more information – session time can be used whole or in parts, according to need with any unused minutes being forwarded to future sessions. 

And if you don’t choose an UPGRADE package but find that you do actually want deeper guidance and assistance in your immersion, you are always welcome to arrange 1-1 sessions independent of your 10 Day Personal Practice Online Retreat registration.


So – that pretty much sums up the invitation!

Our 10 Day Personal Practice Online Retreat opens on Friday 13th January 2017, and our full-entry will be marked on Saturday 14th January through a live 3 hour webinar-ceremony to open our retreat practice, connection & sharing.

There will be daily invitations and inspirations via email as well as in our online Retreat Space to support, inspire and encourage your practice, sharing, enquiry, witnessing, surrender, and deepening exploration.

We will close our Retreat work on Saturday 21st January with the second live 3 hour webinar celebration ceremony as a devotional offering and dedication of our practice.

Sunday 24th January will be our completion day for harvesting, integration, reflection, moving forward in our practice, and dissolving our Retreat container.

As with all retreat work, this is an invitation to empty out, surrender, realign, deepen, relax, open and integrate – all of which will occur in it’s own wise way, as your individual Tao requires it.

I look forward to playing, deepening, loving and opening with you in Truth & Life! ♥


Doors are open to join this Online Retreat until Midnight GMT/UTC on Wednesday 11th January, 2017

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Please note there is limited availability for this Online Retreat & some of the package options

Show Me All The Info!

Realisation and Wisdom. Transmission. Experiential Joy. Learning. Connection. Trusting myself more…

2016 Online Retreat Participant

 It was incredibly powerful and deep, I was surprised that I was able to go as deep through an online process. The challenge of having to keep dealing with everything in my everyday life turned out not to be a hindrance as I thought it might be, but became a big part of the teaching received during this retreat, a big piece of learning on not separating my “spiritual” life and my life in the world.

2016 Online Retreat Participant

Thank you, Annu! You are an amazing teacher and facilitator. Your heart energy is infinite and you communicate and support like no other person I have ever met… you inspire me to go out there and give it my all.

2015 Online Retreat Participant

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