“The basis for realizing enlightenment is a human body. Male or female, there is no great difference. But if she develops the mind bent on enlightenment the woman’s body is better.”
– Padmasambhava to Yeshe Tsogyal as recorded in Lust for Enlightenment: Buddhism and Sex by John Stevens 1991


There is an understanding that, if a woman is able to invert the tide of Life that flows through her and turn herself towards Moksha, then Awakening in a female body can in some ways be easier than in a male body.
And the potency of that Awakening is acknowledged to be very, very powerful.

The female body is coded in such a way with pure life force essence {Feminine Principle} that relaxing into Being and absorbing light, which are keys to the recognition of non-linear Reality, can be greatly accessible. But this coding within the female body, as advantageous as it can be in certain ways, can also be a source of challenge for the female practitioner.

Awakening in a female body requires that the womb space is taken care of. As women, our womb space holds a mirror up regarding our relating with the Absolute, the Great Mystery, the Void, that which IS before all Life emerges.

The karmic print of our matriarchal line is held within the womb. And more often than not, it is so deeply embedded in the unconscious dark there that it may not even be known or felt.

The womb space can be our greatest source of power and also the greatest obstacle to our path of Awakening.

The karmic print holds every memory of Mother & Daughter relating – the identification of every drop or sense of abandonment that has taken place, every pain of separation that has been felt, every rejection that has occurred – even the perceived agony of the act of being born itself – this print holds all that has impacted the ancestral line, and indeed this can be expanded out to say the line of all Life, all Beings.

This embodied primordial wound burrows deep into our sense of belonging, our attachments, our sense of abandonment, rejection, our need to be rescued, be taken care of, our zealous need to mother or take care/responsibility of others, our addictions, our covert manipulations, our self pity and more than anything our deep seated terror at picking up the scorching hot potato of our primordial power and holding it for and as our Self!

Many of these patterns will play out unconsciously in our relating with parents, lovers, friends, creativity, finances, material belongings, home or sense of home, power, sexuality, and all other aspects of life. If we have children, they will often embody these unconscious patterns as a very clear mirror when ever they arises within us, i.e. when we feel like we desperately need rescued, the child will become very attached or if we begin abdicating our power, they will become angry and disruptive at not feeling our presence, sensing the lack of boundaries and feeling unheld.

As female practitioners the invitation, the requirement, is to burn through the karma in our body’s womb space, keeping it clear and turning our awareness deeply inwards to hold the Mystery of ourselves with absolute clarity and presence in this primordial space.

This isn’t just necessary for those with the desire for Awakening, it is a constant, and in my view ultimately necessary, invitation for all women whether they bleed or not, and even if they no longer have a womb. Our womb is where our creatrix power resides in the body space, also known as our Hara, Lower Dantian, Sea of Qi, Kath, Belly Consciousness, Gut Brain, Primordial Instinct and Innate Knowingness.

So how do we burn off karmic print in the womb space?

There are feminine practices that can be entered into consciously to clear these painful, saboteur patternings and help deliver us into our natural source of power and embodied awareness.

This involves somatic self-enquiry and tracking every feeling, thought, sensation, impulse, reaction, desire, yearning, and longing that points outside of ourselves and turning it back into the swallowing black void of our wombs. It means that we have to allow ourselves to feel and See these happenings with a radically honest, wide-open Eye to herd up every straying thread and weave them home, much like a sheppard rounds up wild, stray flock. This is the embrace of total self-responsibility that goes hand-in-hand with the delivery of real freedom.

Deepening our devotional relating and Bhakti with the Void is supportive also. Bowing deeply to the portal of pure space, cultivating our fire, desire and love for Nothing, within and through the body until the body identification is devoured itself. The black space of the womb is where life emerges but it is also where life inverts back to Source. The womb carries within it the blueprinted power of Life and Death – the Great Mystery itself. This power is beyond any detail that emerges through life – and the flavour of our relating with this power is a primal undercurrent of humanity’s greatest pain and most wondrous, miraculous beauty. We desire it and yet we are terrified of – we yearn for it but we reject it. Power is only dangerous when there is a “somebody” behind it with no recognition of Reality and non-separation. But in truth the flow and organic movement of pure power is the great intelligence of Life and our natural state of Being and, of course, our inherent birthright as Creator/Creatrix. One of the greatest obligations to ourselves is to consciously know the purity of this power and merge with it, to BE fully responsibly to it rather than allowing our unconscious relationship with it to run amok in the background. Bhakti is a devotional offering of your self to this space, the surrender and handing over of the small “somebody” to Truth, to the Great Mystery itself – again and again and again and again, endlessly as you merge all aspects of being with and as pure Nothing and Everything.

Working consciously with sexual energy and orgasm specifically for the purpose of self-delivery and cleansing of the womb space is also a potent feminine practice and can be supported by other exercises that tone the hara and physically strengthen the core structure. Even the sound of our orgasmic release is a potent source of transformation, and the sonic impact of our deepening surrender resets the resonant field. As does inviting the Womb to speak or sound itself, for it will always tell the truth…

Connecting the womb to the earth is another practice or offering of gracious dissolve into the Void. Being physically naked in nature and allowing contact between the bare earth and the yoni invites a deep dropping down into the ground, into the blackness where stress, trauma and contraction can be let go off. Even just simply breathing into the womb space and exhaling out into the earth is profoundly healing and rebalancing, as is connecting the womb and heart spaces within the body.

As a female practitioner myself, I find these practices and many others supportive for the embrace of pure life force that this body is created from as much as supporting the delivery of my self to Truth.


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Womb Puja

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