“Indigenous myth tells us whenever the balance between humans and nature becomes threatened, cacao comes from the rainforest to open people’s hearts and return the planet to a state of harmony.”
Keith, the Chocolate Shaman


When I first heard of this Indigenous Myth, it immediately penetrated into the core of my Being. It stirred me, deeply! Like activation codes being triggered, I knew somewhere in the matrix of my own being that this was true and that one of the most powerful yet almost completely forgotten Sacred Plant Teachers was returning to our awareness for a very potent and perfectly timed reason.

My own Journey with the Cacao Deva, also known as Ixcacao, has been so rich. Even now after the years of Initiation in serving with Her, I feel I am only beginning to See how She moves and works. She teaches deeply on Life, on Being, and the potent expansion that is ripening through Her moves like flowing water, with supreme intelligence, subtlety, power and grace.

Before I heard Her Call, I had spent many years crafting and holding ceremony and ritual at planetary activation spots, initiating in the Shamanic arts, teaching sacred dance and sharing in mystic, esoteric transmission around the world. But it was 2008 when I consider my apprenticeship with Sacred Plant Medicines to have begun. It was most definitely not something that I went looking for {not that this necessarily makes any difference}. In fact, I was incredibly resistant and really did not want to enter into this realm of practice but it became obviously clear that I was being officially called to it – I was literally being summoned to duty!

After some time of preparing internally and cultivating a relationship with the plant teacher, I spent 2 very intense, challenging years training and initiating as an Ayahuasquero. It was an immense rites of passage that delivered me into a vast spectrum of practice and ways of working ceremonially that I had not previously encountered or embodied so strongly. Just as I was preparing to complete this work with the Sacred Vine Teacher, I received some surprising new instructions – I got a very clear message to begin working with the Cacao Deva as a plant teacher and transformational facilitator.

At this point, I didn’t even know that such a way of working with chocolate existed {at least not in the way I was being shown!} but the insistent push on my back to begin training with this plant medicine was utterly relentless.

So, I came into agreement with this chocolatey proposition and began my trial-by-fire initiation as I so often do – feeling blind, clueless, totally in the dark and with very little external guidance to light the way, other than relaying on my own deep listening to intuitively show up for Life’s magic just when and as I need it. I stuck with my training, often feeling lost as to why I was being called into this alchemical art.

Now I say training but in the quest for honesty this essentially turned out to be 9 months of getting my emotional butt absolutely kicked by this plant teacher! I had to learn everything more or less from scratch, including how to make the medicine, how to facilitate my journey and mostly what not to do {through the inevitable doing of that precise thing!}. Every time I drank sacred chocolate, I had emotional meltdowns, went through very strong physical detoxification that mostly felt like I’d been hit by a bus, and went deeply into shadow work around my sense of self, my embodiment process and the same old heart and womb wounds that just seemed to keep re-opening, damn it! Through that 9 month period, it was ALL being churned and brought to the surface for my total attention, Seeing, acknowledgment, immense healing and deep, conscious integration. It wasn’t pretty… but it was most definitely worth it.

After 9 months of intimate partnership and what felt like lots of stumbling mistakes, it was evident that the time had come to begin sharing ceremonial chocolate with my community. Again, more resistance that hilariously and unavoidably resulted in more surrender until I finally began offering Sacred Cacao Ceremonies on the Winter Solstice of 2012.

I was amazed by the turn out and it became clear very quickly that people were hungry for Sacred Chocolate! I had been so tuned inwards towards my own journey that it really shocked me – participants were receiving life-changing experiences, huge breakthroughs and were basically on fire for this alchemical diva.

As always, whatever you learn deepens when you share it with others. And this was very much the case regarding my initiation with Ixcacao. Very swiftly, clear and strong transmission landed that took this work into a very pronounced and defined direction in creating women’s chocolate circles through the emerging art of feminine practice.

The Yin Tent: Maps for Feminine Practice was birthed out of my initiation into ceremonial cacao and heralded the starting point for Alchemical Chocolate™ as a potent, fertile lineage transmission for the consciously emerging feminine in all of us!

What I receive from working with this medicine is a profound deepening and resting into myself and a constant surrender and opening to my rich, abundant, perceptive, dark, juicy feminine nature that just hadn’t been accessible in this conscious, fully-embodied way before.

Sacred Cacao has immense skill in nurturing all the places that have become hardened, brittle, rigid, dried-out, deadened, over-intellectualised, numb and devoid of Life… {She is a yogi’s great ally}. Ixcacao’s invitation is to deepen down into your own delicious and rapturous self-realisation, supporting the delivery and actualisation of the wild feminine soul essence.


Sacred Ceremonial Chocolate also gifts very generously on a biochemical, pharmacology and nutritional level. In its raw or naked state, Cacao is an ancient superfood abundant in high-end nutritional goodness and alchemical magic! Not only is it teeming with essential minerals, vitamins and antioxidants but it packs a hefty punch in naturally-occurring, consciousness-altering pharmacologically significant components such as endorphins, anandamide {also know as the Bliss Chemical}, histamine, magnesium, arginine {nature’s viagra}, phenylethylamine {PEA, also know as the Love Chemical}, serotonin, theobromine, dopamine, tryptophan, and tyramine.

These naturally-occurring chemicals and neurotransmitters are indigenous to our inherent bio-chemisphere, so it basically means that we are getting more of what we already are!

The Cacao Deva is a powerhouse of healing Shakti energy. Her energy, essence and gifts are in many ways akin to some of the traditional corn goddess qualities  – feminine, rich, abundant, fertile, generous, nurturing, life-giving, powerful and regenerative. And yes, She has a dark side too – one that will generously invite you into the depths of your Being for profound transformation and healing when needed, bringing clarification, activation and embrace where there is contraction, shame, fear, rigidity, disembodiment, avoidance, denial and arrogance. SHE Power that turns fully ON and teaches majestically as the elegant intelligent embodiment of non-linear Shakti feminine essence!

Cacao’s nature is also deeply sensual with an immense capacity to offer healing, initiation and activation in the areas of sexuality, empowerment, birthing {cacao beans were traditionally ingested during labour nonetheless}, erotic arousal {and cacao was heavily used in the harems!}, desire, pleasure, ecstasy, bliss, kundalini activation and orgasmic energy.

It can also be said that the Cacao Deva is a skilled huntress and a phenomenal power source. She is able to seek out and adapt her healing skills to whatever is needed and potentiate anything that her energy is applied towards.

Here’s the thing ~ Sacred Plant Teachers, and in particular Sacred Cacao, are Earth Medicines! 

They teach us how to BE HERE. How to embody, fully incarnate, integrate into our bodies, be on and with the Earth, how to cultivate the wisdom and passion of Pure Life Force, and how to BE divinely grounded whilst opening and expanding our connection + Truth as Pure Spirit.


There are many reasons people are drawn to this work, to enter into Initiation and Apprenticeship with the Cacao Deva. Primarily, I would say for almost everyone, it will be for your own personal practice, for your individual evolution and embodiment process, which is absolutely essential in the full delivery and recognition of Being. As many of us are coming to understand now, the present evolutionary invitation is not just to realise Space through the head centre or the embrace of clarification and recognition of Self as Love/God/Consciousness through the heart path but to allow the entirety and constant unfolding of realisation to LAND, Here, in and through the body and earth…  Ixcacao is a sacred attendant to this very process.

But beyond this fundamental treasure that the Cacao Deva shares with those who choose to enter in, some people are also deeply Called to initiate as Sacred Medicine carriers. This means learning so profoundly around this process of embodiment, activation of the bliss body and earth medicine to enable the sharing of Her transmission with others through offering Sacred Cacao Circles and Ceremonies, opening the door for kin to enter Her waters and receive their own empowerments of wisdom for those who are ready to pick them up.

The Cacao Deva serves deeply as a creative muse for artists, writers, workshop leaders,  ceremonialistas, ritual creatrices, teachers and holders of sacred space. I have witnessed initiates receive entire downloads of new teachings, whole bodies of work delivered in one felt swoop, and the birthing of new alchemical ways of working with creative material and clients.

Ceremonial Cacao can be integrated potently as a sacred attendant for the purpose of hunting and gathering specific medicine, gifts, insights and treasures for your own Being, for your creative offerings, for clients. groups, projects and specific magical intentions.

Above all, She brings the gift of Sacred Play!


If you are hearing the Call to apprentice with the Cacao Deva, our Alchemcial Chocolate™ Practitioner Training Samhain Circle begins on the 31st October 2014. This training program draws from my 20 years experience of working, playing and exploring in sacred ceremony, apprenticing to plant medicines teachers, embodied ritual, wild intuitive alchemy, somatic exploration, ceremonial chocolate, tantra and personal feminine practice.


I can humbly say that I truly love this body of work – it feels sacred and cosmically transmitted, written on the Cacao Deva’s instructions. And through it, I can feel that very expansion of Her deeply intelligent, graceful and flowing movement.

I invite you to allow Her sacred waters to wash through the heart, in and as Great Love.

“The Cacaosphere: The mysterious realm where Heaven and Earth meet…
in the Heart (Heav-earth, Hea-rt)”
– David Wolfe, author of Naked Chocolate


Shakti Heart Fire

*above extract from ‘My Story With Ixcacao’ from the Alchemical Chocolate™ Practitioner Training PDF Guidebook!

© 2014 by Annu Tara.

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