September 20, 2015 @ 6:00 pm – October 11, 2015 @ 9:00 pm
Online + in comfort of your own home
Annu Tara

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• Welcome to join this 4 Week Soul Medicine Emergence •


∞ A special offering ONLY for initiates of the Alchemical Chocolate™ Practitioners E-Training! ∞


I welcome you to join me in this very first 4 Week Soul Medicine Emergence.

This will be a deep-dive group intensive over 4 weeks to support you in your chocolate practice, clarifying your soul medicine work, sharing the gifts + fruits of your practice with community, and allowing/aligning your practice and soul medicine as part of your livelihood.

Cacao is the gift that keeps on giving – this Sacred Medicine is profoundly abundant and part of Her gift and healing is to offer the rich abundance of Life right through the very heart of your creativity and livelihood. The beauty of this is that it looks different for each one of us according to our own unique blueprint of soul medicine, and this 4 week intensive is the exploration of this for the purpose of your own emergence.

This is the very first time I have offered this piece of work in such a format, although I draw strongly from the 1-1 session work + group processes I have offering over the past few years  – so we will be learning together! I have a treasure trove to share with you in terms of my own direct experience and being a long-term Medicine carrier for community, as well as an uncompromising commitment to my own livelihood being in alignment with what is true and current.

Through the good times and the bad, the births and deaths – I have found that there are keys and maps that hold true. And I believe that there is great power in conscious container, the receiving + offering of reflection, clarifying intention, melting resistance and continuously deepening our dedication to that which is True and most accurate, for the benefit of all (which includes YOU!).

This Sacred Medicine Group is for you if:

• you yearn to emerge with your sacred chocolate work and begin sharing with others

• you are feeling unclear on what your unique chocolate work + soul medicine looks like

• you want to be part of a caring container of support, focus and accountability

• you need support + pointers with the practical bits of organising your work and putting yourself out there

• you already offer ceremonial chocolate work but you desire to birth it on a new level

• you long to deepen your relationship between self and creativity/livelihood


However, this is not for you if:

• you can’t make the time to do the work or expect me to do it for you

• you can’t be present with this live, real-time process and want to save the material to do at a later date

• you aren’t ready to full commit to meeting your own soul medicine

• you aren’t ready to be fully honest and present with your self (+ any resistance you may meet along the way!)

Our Sacred Medicine Group Content:


• 4 x 1.5 hour inspirational + interactive video webinars, meeting each Sunday at 6pm BST (British Summer Time) on the 20th/27th September + 4th October, and 7pm BST on the 11th October, 2015
please go here to convert this to your local time)

• Individual check-ins + clarification for each participant during live webinars

• Weekly homework practices – as group + according to individual needs

• 4 x midweek check-ins for accountability, focus + support via our Secret Facebook Group

** Please note – there are limited places available for this 4 Week Intensive as I want to work with a small + intimate group – in my experience, this allows for greater depth of sharing and addressing of individual needs.

This work is also being offered for the modest exchange of £44 as it is a first-time offering in this particular format on my part, and the learning will be equally rich for me as the foundations for this group medicine are forged and refined. 



Doors are OPEN to join this Soul Medicine Emergence Group until Midnight BST (British Summer Time) on Saturday 19th September, 2015