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 Sharing my approach…

My love for truth, wisdom, depth embodiment, source-intimacy, cellular transformation, direct gnosis, transmission-based teachings and earth-technologies come together beautifully and uniquely through medicine work.

I have been immersed in receiving, initiating and sharing medicine work for the past 10 years, which allows many of these threads to deeply and intelligently weave together.

My approach is very clear, compassionate and grounded – and I am not a healer, nor am I a shaman – the closest descriptive word I can find is that of being an Initiate.

I am not invested in following either an indigenous (strictly traditional) or neo-medicine (smorgasbord new age) approach in my method and form of practice. The bottom line is that I work based on my own direct experience and in communion with the intelligence of your body, inclusive of the wisdom that has been passed down to me through teachers and the plants themselves. The fidelity is therefore not toward unquestioned tradition but in the dedication to Truth and complete openness for what is actually needed, which allows fluidity and non-fixedness.

My own perspective on plant medicine work and such treatments is that proper integration is often a primary key missing much of the time. This includes a solid and substantial container of time and space for the medicine work, a leaning toward softness, tenderness, compassion, intimacy and vulnerability rather than ‘exciting peak experiences’ in the alchemical unfolding, and the development of personal practice within and/or around medicine work itself.

I have witnessed for many, many years in the medicine-community a zealous, harsh approach of ‘more-and-bigger-is-better’ – but this is not congruent with my direct experience of how the body and psyche integrate, nor the cultivation of receptivity and subtle absorption through which the most profound teachings, transformation of consciousness and healing occur.

Although over-whelming, strong, peak medicine work can facilitate a break-through experience, it doesn’t necessarily account or care for the deeper wounding/suffering or allow inclusivity for the slower human aspects that simply need time to integrate and assimilate the material initiated.

Saying this, there is no one-way – no right or wrong – and these beloved earth allies can be administered successfully in many variations of volume, succession and timeline – simply because this is the non-linear nature of life.

My understanding is that medicine work is not for everyone – but if it calls you, it can be profoundly beneficial to respond to that call despite what fears, anxieties and obscurations may appear alongside. Plant consciousness is simply that – consciousness. And a genuine, sincere call towards medicine work is often encountered as a call-and-response between the plant’s consciousness and your own non-linear intelligence, which doesn’t always make sense to the conventional mind.

Plant consciousness teaches and offers transmission for your resolution and evolution like any other teacher or guide. What I am speaking of is that which is the One Source of Life – the Great Luminosity or Source-Consciousness that we all belong to and are made up of – therefore it’s important to understand that it’s not something ‘outside of’ or ‘separate from’ you.

Nonetheless, as is the case with many teachers and guides, we can sit with them for a period of time to receive the keys and transmissions needed. But it is the integration time and application of what has been shared that allows the fruit of revelation, embodied transformation and deeper understanding to become well-rooted and flourishing. And each person can only do this for themselves – in the grit, bones and ground of their life. And I am happy to share pointers on this as part of the sacrament work offered, and also via 1-1 sessions if you have received medicine elsewhere. In my understanding, it is not the point to sit and work with medicines for years and years on end. If the teachings are properly received and the integration/application work is done well and with integrity, real dedication and self-honesty, then the physical/sacramental encounter with that particular medicine teacher should complete itself at some point.

My view is also that this work is never about the plants. Just as any practice is never about the practice. It is always about what the medicine or practice are pointing toward. The medicine and practice itself is simply skilful means – it is a means to an end. The purpose is for emptying out and Awakening, liberation from suffering, incarnation and home-coming of the Soul, opening of the Heart and deepening our human embodiment in Truth, Love, Beauty and Wisdom.

Each medicine teacher offers a specific set of keys and teachings, which are applicable at different turns in Life. You are welcome to discuss this with me for more information.

Ironically, I have never sought out the Medicines or particularly wanted to do this work – they have come to me via Life’s Invitation and direct initiation every time. The same can be said regarding the sharing of medicine work. It is simply what shows itself to be true and I follow the guidance of that as best I can.

Nonetheless, I receive great joy in sharing medicine ceremony & practice, and I am always touched profoundly by it and those I share with. This work always invites the encounter and opening of intimacy, depth, realness, vulnerability, tenderness, honesty, courage and creates more space for the involution of Spirit and Awakening to penetrate the sweetness and jewel of our Human Form.

Welcome to explore some of the medicine offerings below.

And feel free to be in touch should you have any questions or wish to invite Ceremonial Cacao, Kambo and Rapé medicine work to your community.

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