༻ Sacramental Tinctures ༺

A beautiful and intelligent evolution of the work with traditional plant teachers and alchemical transformation is the current unfolding of sacramental tinctures and vibrational medicine.

Sacramental tinctures and vibrational medicine encapsulate the energetic frequency of a plant teacher and other alchemical allies, either in micro-doses such as homeopathy, or invisible-doses such as the hologenically encoded ranges, and stabilise the teachings and energetic signatures in water and small amounts of alcohol to be administered as drops under the tongue or as an anointing fluid.

There are many benefits to working with the essence of a plant teacher without actually ingesting significants amount of the raw substance itself:

– One is that vibrational medicine is legal, which allows the teachings of plant allies, including those that have been outlawed such as Ayahuasca (Yagé), San Pedro (Huachuma) and Psilocybe (Teonanácatl), to be fully accessible.

– The raw substance itself can be very overwhelming, and although the experience and surrender to this can be profound as part of an initial empowerment, it is not conducive for daily or long term work and integration/application. Vibrational medicine can be worked with as a process of micro-dosing daily or for periods of 7, 9 or 21 days (for example).

– Again, integration and application of the teachings are key! In my view and experience, all of the archetypal energies, the intensity of meta/transpersonal and liberation is for the benefit of our human being and Life on-ground. Plant medicines are not to be used as a gateway through which we can escape our humanness or Life HerSelf (although many do use the plants for this purpose). Vibrational medicine allows for the integration of teachings directly into and as your lived experience, on-ground – as the birthing of wisdom and understanding through the shadow and gifts of relating with family, loved ones, self, creativity, community – e.g. being a human, being you, being here and allowing Life to move in Her great intelligence.

– Working with vibrational medicine allows for the cultivation of cellular transformation, also known as DNA tattooing (term by Adamas Incendia). This is conscious, architectural transformation through rewiring pattern frequency right down at a cellular level – through Mind, Speech and Body. In my view this is an evolving realm of transformation through which healing inverts into genetic artistry and tantric alchemy.

– Vibrational medicine also synergises beautifully and deeply with ceremonial cacao, and can be a powerful ally to accompany a chocolate elixir. Ceremonial cacao is a profound potentiator (increases the potency and delivery of other medicines) and also an adaptogen (intelligently knows how to support the body in re-balancing and self-healing). Ceremonial cacao has been used as a means to carry other medicines and alchemical allies into the bio-chemical system for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. 

I feel blessed and inspired to be part of a small yet growing global community that is expressing and embodying their genius in the realms of genetic artistry, tantric alchemy and artisan tinctures.

Follow the links below to explore the vibrational medicine work of some dear and beloved kin.

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The Master Sacraments

The Master Sacraments are hologenically encoded frequencies of the profound teachers: Ska Pastora, Eboka, Yagé , Wapaq, Teonanácatl & Huachuma

Karma Burn

KARMA BURN is a specially formulated blend of energetic medicines designed for rapid and effective release of old patterning and conditioning that no longer serve.

Liquid Love (coming soon)

1-1 Sessions

Welcome to arrange a 1-1 Skype session if you are in enquiry about medicine work, working with tinctures and on-going integration/application.

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