༻ The Brightening of Matter ༺

A Beltane Online Ceremony

༻ The Brightening of Matter: A Beltane Online Ceremony ༺

Sunday 30th April, 2017

6-10pm BST (London, UK)

Exchange: £25


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An invitation to come and play in depth!

The Brightening of Matter celebrates the Hieros Gamos – the ever-opening, ever-deepening most inner secret communion, bonding and marriage of Spirit and Matter – as and through you.

This is the sweet core of the work offered – and I welcome you to join me in this celebratory juncture to fully enjoy and explore the natural rising of Life as fertility, passion, sensuality and vitality.

For those that participated in the 2016 Samhain Death Lodge, please understand that these rites are bound together. 

The essence of Beltane is a Mystical Rite and these rituals deeply impacted me growing up in Scotland, where they are displayed openly and publicly – woven into the Body of the land. Such rituals and ceremonies are born of the Wisdom traditions – which brings deep into Form the archetypal movements, impulses and alchemy through embodiment, expression, enactment and speech. This consciously invites Spirit into Form, and allows Matter to in-form Spirit… the very crux of the inner Sacred Marriage itself – and our visceral body is the vehicle through which this is invited, and by which the totality can be included – profoundly, intimately, inclusively.

This juncture of the mandala celebrates and embodies pleasure, sensuality, consummation, and conception –  and with the Brightening, there is always the invitation and opening for that which is exiled to be folded into it’s own home-coming – and this will also be part of our exploration and practice.

Our Beltane Online Ceremony offers an inclusive, loving, open and grounded space as a beautifully-held container for each of us to replenish, ignite and invite deepening to Truth and Life’s inspiration through the joy of community, connection and sharing, deepening inner communion, working with masculine and feminine polarities through enquiry & movement, celebrating the body through anointment, adornment & sensuality, community medicine work (optional), deep rest/Being to beautifully crafted sonic-scapes, and guidance for post-ceremony consummation ritual.

I will also be opening a private Facebook group to support our preparation and for further sharing/integration after the event. The group will be dissolved after one week.

Participants are welcome to work with medicinal allies, such as Rapé (shamanic snuff), Ceremonial Cacao, Mapacho (sacred tobacco) and any other plant helpers or homeopathic tinctures that you feel called to invite into this space (micro-dosing only please! – this work is not about the plants, but how they may gently assist practice).

If you wish to include Ceremonial Cacao as part of your practice (this is optional) and need some guidance working with this medicinal ally, you are welcome to purchase my full Alchemical Chocolate™ Practitioner Training OR the Crafting Ceremonial Cacao: The Basics in addition to your place in Ceremony.

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Additional Details:

Please note that there are limited number of places available for this Beltane Online Ceremony, and your place will only be confirmed once I have received your payment via Paypal or bank transfer. I’m open to arrangements on payment plans, so be in touch if you wish to request this.

Fasting for approx. 3 hours prior to event is requested if you choose to include Ceremonial Cacao in your practice.

Further preparation details & downloadable playlists will be given prior to the event.

Event is for +18 years – men and women welcome.

About Annu Tara

About Annu Tara

I am a woman dedicated to Truth – and a mentor, teacher and guide for intuitive, non-linear and inclusive pathways of the Totality of Truth, Awakening, Embodiment, Medicine Work, Intimacy and exploration of Tantric Presencing.

My focus is on grounded applications that actually work. Primarily, I work with people who are in an awakening process and those that are birthing conscious awareness. My capacity is broad, diverse and eclectic across the transformational field and the inter-dynamics of Truth and Life, with particular focus on the union between God (transpersonal) and the depth-ground as Human (personal).

I offer myself as a guide and reflector through 1-1 sessions, ceremonies, immersions and retreats. You can read more via the About section. More than anything, I am interested in connecting – so welcome to be in touch.

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