Unwinding The Enjoyment Body

~ pleasure & relaxation in personal practice ~

Saturday 27th May, 2017

10.30 – 5pm

Santosa Yoga Studio: 21 Albert Street, Edinburgh, EH7 5LH

Exchange: £55


** Please note – this is a pre-book event only and your place will be confirmed once I receive your £25 deposit via Paypal or bank transfer – contact me directly if you wish to pay via bank transfer or set up a payment **

This is an open-gender event: All welcome!


Join me for this day of ceremony (cacao is optional) as an exploration of experiential practice and enquiry into your unique access points of PLEASURE & ENJOYMENT.

Together, we will unwind through working with ceremonial cacao (optional), written enquiry, meditation, movement, somatic exploration, sharing as a group, and very simple clothed body-work (you will not need any prior bodywork skills for this – guidance will be given, and the fact that you have a body is experience enough).

True enjoyment and pleasure is not just our deepening and expanding of connection with the sensorial body, but also reveals a fundamental investigation of how consciousness relaxes into Existence itself.

Pleasure is essentially relaxation and it has an opening, expanding quality, so this is not just about coming down-and-in to the body but also the spreading-out of that opening. Our day of practice explores knowing this directly-in-the-body, so we can cultivate and strengthen the channels of enjoyment, even when we are facing challenging circumstances and inner turmoil.

When I speak of pleasure in this way, I’m not specifically speaking about sexual pleasure – although this is by no means excluded. What I aim for us to explore is how knowing our own pleasure in the body can open us up into enjoyment/joy when the heart is included as a state of being that can actually be applied to everything.

The wider scope of this particular piece of enquiry points to being able to embrace and enjoy the full spectrum of human experience, of Being, and even our death/fragmentation processes, which are fuelled by the foundational practice of surrender and the capacity of our enjoyment body (both of which are angles of simply letting go & relaxing).

As an entry-point, this day of practice and sharing is a very simple invitation to explore what true pleasure is for you.

When we speak about pleasure and enjoyment, there’s a common misunderstanding that of course we should be comfortable with this and access it smoothly, as it’s considered to be a ‘good’ thing. But for many of us, the direct access and discernment of pleasure and enjoyment can be confusing, and often when asked many people genuinely don’t yet know how to truly enjoy or access their own pleasure – particularly as part of their personal practice and as a form of self-nourishment. We can see clearly in the cultural/collective display – and also in our own personal polarisations (if we are honest enough) – how misunderstanding around pleasure actually manifests as mindless excess, addictions, disconnection, destructive habitual patterns, chasing/grasping, self-judgement, anxiety, self-denial, chronic overwhelm, martyrdom and numbing out.

And this isn’t true relaxation.

This is where reactive-pleasure becomes the play-out of wounding and doesn’t at all equal self-love/self-care. Giving yourself the gift of time and space into this experiential enquiry can support your knowing – and putting into form – the difference.

In our sharing and exploration together, I invite you to let go of the mind’s hyperactivity and ideas behind pleasure and enjoyment to meet yourself in deeper presence and deeper relaxation.

Pleasure and enjoyment have been a life-long investigation for me – through all the ways I feel and have-felt disconnected from this realm of experience – and also through the recognition that there is a completely vast capacity available to each one of us in this terrain.

Unwinding the Enjoyment Body is an invitation to the places where we struggle and suffer to meet into the opening of simple joy, kindness and pleasure – which is the very fruit of Being Human – and is here to be tasted deeply in the miracle and mystery of our living life.

Our enjoyment-joy simply cannot afford to be excluded anymore, especially in the transformation path and dedication to Truth, Love and Life. Want to understand this more and why we are being urgently called to integrate this essential quality? Join me in Edinburgh or London to find out.

Some of our unwinding will include:

♦  exploring what gives you deep joy, nurturance, satisfaction and enjoyment

♦  growing eyes on where you contract from pleasure and enjoyment

♦  discovering how can we invite pleasure into our practice

♦  finding your agreement to more pleasure and enjoyment in your Life

♦  investigate your basic self-care & how you can commit to give this to yourself

♦  learning access-points on spreading pleasure from the inside-out

♦  connecting the dots between pleasure and enjoyment as compassionate loving kindness



Additional Details:

Please note that there are limited number of places available for this gathering, and your place will only be confirmed once I have received your deposit payment via Paypal or bank transfer. I’m open to arrangements on payment plans, so be in touch if you wish to request this.

Fasting for approx. 3 hours prior to event is requested if you choose to include Ceremonial Cacao in your practice – there will be a mid-day lunch break.

Further preparations will be given prior to the event.

Event is for +18 years – men and women welcome.

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Unwinding the Enjoyment Body…

In this video I’m sharing a few words on upcoming events in Edinburgh (28th May) and London (1st July), speaking on relaxation, pleasure, hyperactivity, unwinding cultural assumption & expectation, kindness & softening in the transformation process, depth-embodiment, cacao as an ally and the genderless nature of this work.

About Annu Tara

About Annu Tara

I am a woman dedicated to Truth – and a mentor, teacher and guide for intuitive, non-linear and inclusive pathways of the Totality of Truth, Awakening, Embodiment, Medicine Work, Intimacy and exploration of Tantric Presencing.

My focus is on grounded applications that actually work. Primarily, I work with people who are in an awakening process and those that are birthing conscious awareness. My capacity is broad, diverse and eclectic across the transformational field and the inter-dynamics of Truth and Life, with particular focus on the union between God (transpersonal) and the depth-ground as Human (personal).

I offer myself as a guide and reflector through 1-1 sessions, ceremonies, immersions and retreats. You can read more via the About section. More than anything, I am interested in connecting – so welcome to be in touch.

✦ Feedback, sharing, reflections & expressions from students, clients, initiates and community can be found here

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