Monday 31st October, 2016

6-10pm GMT (UK)

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>> 11am-3pm PDT (LA/Vancouver) : 7-11pm UTC+1 (Berlin/Madrid) : 8pm-Midnight SAST (Cape Town) <<

Exchange: £25


** Please note – this is a pre-book only event and your place will be confirmed once I have received your payment via Paypal or bank transfer.

A recording of the ceremony will be available for those who can’t attend the live event – please advise upon payment if you require the recording.


** For South African tribe, I am very happy to offer at discounted rate of £15, due to gross economical differences. Just write me (via FB or website) with Subject Line “SA Tribe” ***

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Pre-ceremony guidelines + downloadable playlists will be given prior to event.
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༻ Samhain Death Lodge ༺

I have been offering Death Lodges as live events over the past few years, and after a year or so of offering remarkably effective online ceremonies, I am inspired to share this particular piece of work via the virtual space.

I’ve been very surprised at how deep, effective and beneficial online ceremonies can be. I don’t really know how it works but transmission, container of space, group medicine and individual transformation occurs beautifully through the virtual context.

I look forward to offering this first Death Lodge Online Ceremony and will do my best to listen for how our practice can best translate in this way.

As previous participants of the live Death Lodge events have experienced, this is a deep and powerful ceremonial practice that can unfold transformation not just in the days and weeks around the event, but as the passing of threshold that may continue its revelation throughout the following year and beyond.

Samhain marks the birth of the Celtic New Year as the seasonal darkening in the Northern Hemisphere, whilst also being ritualised throughout other cultures as a day to honour the dead (Day of the Dead), and as the celebration of victory over ignorance (Diwali, Festival of Lights).

The Dark is honoured – as the point of return/reabsorption through death, and also as the fertile cauldron of luminous potential and rebirth.

Death is an endlessly profound teacher – of our true unborn-undying nature, of our mortal and meaningful humanity, and of how willing and surrendered we really are to allow this precious Life to fully, deeply, truly, vibrantly, openly, connectedly and unapologetically Live us.

Join me in this voluntary offering to the Dark through simple, grounded ritual of departure and descent, working with our demons, journeying through the Bardo and rebirthing in the arrival of deeper Yes and agreement to Life.

Our online ceremonial space is scheduled for 4 hours but it may extend beyond this, so please allow that time for yourself.

I will also be including a closed Facebook group for sharing after the event and in the days that follow as part of the integration.

Ceremonial participants are welcome to work with medicinal allies, such as Rapé (shamanic snuff), Guatemalan Cacao, Mapacho (sacred jungle tobacco) and any other plant helpers or homeopathic tinctures that you feel called to invite into this space (micro-dosing only please! – this work is not about the plants, but how they may gently assist the practice).

If you wish to include ceremonial cacao as part of your practice (this is optional) and need some guidance working with this medicinal ally, you are welcome to purchase my full Alchemical Chocolate™ Practitioner Training OR the Crafting Ceremonial Cacao: The Basics in addition to your place in Ceremony.

~ More info here ~

Additional Details:

Please note that there are limited number of places available for the Death Lodge Online Ceremony, and your place will only be confirmed once I have received your payment via Paypal or bank transfer.

Fasting for 3-4 hours prior to event is requested if you choose to include Ceremonial Cacao in your practice.

Further Death Lodge preparation details + downloadable playlists will be given prior to the event.

Event is for +18 years – men and women welcome.

Pay Now + Reserve Your Place - limited places available

Pre-ceremony guidelines + downloadable playlists will be given prior to event.
(please contact me directly for online bank transfer info)

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༻ A few words on Ritual… ༺

The beauty and power of ritual is that it’s embodied – it births the inner world into form.

Formless space is pregnant with luminous potential, which can be empassioned as inspiration. But it is only through the vessel of our body (matter) through which inspiration can be born into form.

Ritual is deeply intimate and is the meeting point of the personal and transpersonal ~ human and divine.

Because of it’s self-illuminating nature, there is no teaching in it – it is simply an offering of your embodied expression and dedication, of your deep listening and response with the unnameable source of Everything, The Original Inspiration (which is YOU!).

There is a mysterious power or dynamic energy generated through consciously applying your choice and willingness to mark your own transformation and intent through blood, flesh, bones, sweat and tears. This is a creative endeavour allowing the fecundity of words, art, gesture, sound, movement, deep feeling, intimacy and inner exposure to be revealed and seeded. Sometimes the seed cracks open to take root and grow in unexpected ways; at other times these offerings are like seeds on the wind ~ present for a moment of living beauty, tenderness + the gesture of Life before being swallowed back into oblivion.

Every indigenous lineage has held this wisdom in its ken… many traditions recognise the integral significance of ritual as part of its symbolic and experiential practice, as on-going regeneration and vitality (despite whatever dogmas have moved in on top of this).

I appreciate that these times of great insanity and fragmentation offer the potent and overwhelming gift of breaking down such dogmas and hierarchies of misunderstanding and ignorance, which have misappropriated true human wisdom born through the Earth herSelf.

Our invitation now is to explore with innocence, curiosity, humility, tenderness and even playfulness how we are inspired and choose to unfold deeper in the relational field, of which ritual and embodied intimacy can offer such satisfactory richness, illumination, devotion/passion and creativity.

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