∞ Womb-Realisation - an introductory webinar invitation ∞

with Juliana Wright + Annu Tara

When: Wednesday 9th March, 2016

Where: online + in the comfort of wherever you are based

Time: 6 – 7.30pm GMT/UTC

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“That “wealth of forgetting” is directly linked to turning away from the womb as the source of all life on earth. The forgetting is deep in the womb. Re-sacralising the womb and recognising it in women as the seat of our consciousness is the return, the re-membering, of our essence – which is, of course, love. Not human love, with its sentimentality and self consideration, but divine love; impersonal and free, as in feral. It begins here in me. It takes root, here, in me. It’s Presence is here, in me. Only I am responsible. The Great Re-Membering is now. Bassé” – Juliana Wright

The Invitation…

Welcome to join Juliana Wright + Annu Tara for this live webinar introduction to the work of womb-realisation and birth of the enlightened feminine. We will share what the essence of this work is, where the inspiration has arisen from, our own direct experience of awakening in the female body and how this work is being guided forth.

Many women have been in touch regarding more information on this work, as a natural and spontaneous Call and Response to what is awakening within them.

So we are delighted to offer this opportunity to learn some more regarding this offering of truth, medicine, empowerment + womb-realisation, which will also invite space for questions and further enquiry.

There will be upcoming events in Europe + beyond, with organisers already coming together in Malta, Germany, Spain and the UK.

So, you are welcome to be in touch with us should you feel called to bring this work to your sweet spot of this glorious earth, either as an organiser and/or participant of future events.

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What is Womb-Realisation?

Womb-realisation is the landing or penetration of God-consciousness within the womb and vagina space in woman’s body. It is the communion of matter (Mother) and spirit (Father) which births the sacred feminine or holy consciousness, and the return of Woman unto herself and to Love/Truth. It restores this embodiment, realised in existence, to its true, sacred and holy vessel or vehicle for Love/Truth to emerge in form. This work for woman is about fully entering the body, descending into the womb-space as consciousness and living as embodied wisdom. The process cultivates connection, clearing and preparation of the womb-space for the birth of that consciousness through the feminine non-linear transmission, empowerment, ritual, embodiment practices and the co-facilitation of sacred plant medicines. It is resonant with many ancient myths and mystery traditions and invites the direct embodied realisation of this for each woman, according to her own unique dharmic blueprint and design.

In order for the Sacred Feminine to be reinstated as Love/Truth/Spirit, woman must realise and reinstate that sacredness within herself. This will demonstrate in her life as her embodiment of and dedication to Love/Truth. It may come as a surprise, but it is woman’s responsibility to hold herself in integrity and through this to keep man straight on this earth. Woman does this through reclaiming her seat of power deep within her womb-space and putting God/Love before her love of man. But first we need to know where Love/God is and this is the purpose of getting the womb straight, clean and cleared of our ancestral karma, misunderstanding, armouring, psychic pollution and the non-sense of conventional patriarchal mind. When this is done then the womb/vagina is prepared as the place of Love’s return to existence and to the blessed earth. It is one thing to realise God out of existence (Absolute Reality) – and many people do – but it is another thing entirely to realise God or Love in existence (a rare event) – and it is in the body where this realisation happens.

“The body is the only Truth in existence” – Barry Long

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