Womb-Realisation Module 1: Entering The Body

with Juliana Wright + Annu Tara

When: 15th April 2016
Time: 7-10.30pm
Where: tba (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Exchange: £30

**This is a pre-book event only – so please be in touch to arrange your £10 deposit payment

Women, welcome to the first initiatory module for the Womb-Realisation work being offered by Juliana Wright and Annu Tara.

If you are not yet familiar with what is unfolding here, you can read more here: http://annutara.co.uk/womb-realisation-birth-of-the-enlightened-feminine/

We recently held a free introductory webinar as an initial exploration of this work – if you would like a free copy of this, please email Annu at: annu@annutara.co.uk

What is Womb-Realisation?


Womb-realisation is the landing or penetration of God-consciousness within the womb and vagina space in woman’s body. It is the communion of matter (Mother) and spirit (Father) which births the sacred feminine or holy consciousness, and the return of Woman unto herself and to Love/Truth. It restores this embodiment, realised in existence, to its true, sacred and holy vessel or vehicle for Love/Truth to emerge in form.

This work for woman is about fully entering the body, descending into the womb-space as consciousness and living as embodied wisdom. The process cultivates connection, clearing and preparation of the womb-space for the birth of that consciousness through the feminine non-linear transmission, empowerment, ritual, embodiment practices and the co-facilitation of sacred plant medicines. It is resonant with many ancient myths and mystery traditions and invites the direct embodied realisation of this for each woman, according to her own unique dharmic blueprint and design.

So far this offering is unfolding through a mixture of modules – or ‘downloads’ – via live events, ceremonies and retreats held by both Annu and Juliana; with on-going practice and on-line support occurring in between.

There is, however, a clear and simple entry point to this work, which is Entering the Body. This is key before moving forward with any of the other empowerments and initiations. Women will need to be able to demonstrate this before the next deepening in this process of womb-realisation. Thereafter the flow of the work will depend on the readiness and direction of the next-step emerging from local communities (which will also consider individual readiness).

Entering The Body:

Our first module, Entering The Body, is a first-step and gateway to the rest of the upcoming explorations and initiations around this work (particularly so if you have not done any close work with Annu or Juliana so far). As far as our own experience goes, this is the 101 to womb-realisation and for creating the basic container for these teachings to land in form – in your body!

Juilana and Annu will speak on the vital and necessary capacity to ask for and receive the body’s direct wisdom and guidance with the sharing of very simply, clear practices and pointers. 1-1 Guidance will be offered to each woman, so she is clear in herself how to access this.

The homework will then be to put these keypoints into practice!

There will also be the opportunity to work with the body’s guidance in working with sacred sacraments as an optional invitation (according to what or if your body agrees to this). This will be a direct example of how to work in this way.

Two small amounts of sacred sacraments (Kambo and Holy Wood) will be offered for your own exploration and gnosis (available for a small additional sub).

We will end with tea and snacks – so please bring something to share.

We will also be offering a two-night Red Sacrament Ceremony on the Saturday and Sunday as the next step of this work. If you are feeling called to participate in this deep medicine work feminine council, it will be necessary to meet with us for Entering The Body module so that we can assess whether this is accurate for you at this time (based on your own body’s feedback naturally).

We look forward to welcoming you!

∞ Entering The Body Skype Session ∞

For those of you who are not able to attend the Entering The Body module in person, Juliana is now going to offer this initial stage of Womb Re-entry via Skype for those of you who are being called.
During the 45 minute session, you will receive direct instruction regarding the importance and practice of listening to the body’s wisdom and accessing all the answers you need from it.

 ∞ Session exchange is £36 ∞

You are welcome to also bring your questions and if feel you would like more time with Juliana, then a longer session is available.

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