Womb-Realisation: Red Ceremony

with Juliana Wright + Annu Tara

When: 16th-18th April 2016
Time: 11am start
Where: tba (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Exchange:£120-£160 per person (depending on numbers)


**Limited places available! This is a pre-book event only – so please be in touch to arrange your deposit payment

Dear Women in Scotland – this is a rare opportunity to enter into deep femina circle with the shared community purpose of exploration, revelation and council on the next steps for unveiling the womb-realisation work.

This Red Ceremony is for all those who are called to this womb-empowerment and have worked with Juliana and/or Annu at some point. You will need to have the basic practice of being able to ask for and receive your body’s wisdom before entering into this next-step of the work.

Contact us directly if you are unsure in any way.

We will be entering this deep yet gentle medicine work, revelation of body-wisdom and enquiry as a pioneering unfolding for future work. It is both personal and non-personal – and will be held from a tribal basis of sharing, deep listening to the feminine, and call and response.

The invitation is to attend this two night ceremony, where we will work with the sacred red sacrament at night and share council during the day, as well as take walks, rest and cook together.

The red sacrament was the intelligence that seeded the inspiration for this work – and She has much to teach us it seems. The medicine itself is lovingly made with fresh ingredients and contains no other add-mix. It is pure, deep, clear and offers teachings in subtle yet powerful ways. It is a beautiful teacher offering profound relaxation and deep access into the body.

Exchange will be between £120-£160 per person for the whole retreat, depending on how many attend. And a small deposit will be necessary to confirm your place.

We are doing our absolute best to keep costs low, so we will also need a space to hold this work in. If you are able to offer your home, please contact us directly.

Everyone can bring food to share – and we can organise who brings what closer to the event.

More details will follow for those who are called – and preparatory guidelines offered to those who confirm.

We are very grateful to be sharing this with you – and look forward to See what emerges!

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