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I’m here to support your journey of embodying the deep, beautiful and endless Mystery that you are.

It’s my passion and intention to share grounded, practical tools and keys of Truth that catalyse and galvanise focus for the process of deconditioning, becoming true, and Source-aligning your life so that the emergent soul can incarnate and actualise in the world as the uniqueness, creative genius & passionate purpose of your Being.

This work of investigation, discovery, exploration and transformation is rooted in truth, integrity, authenticity, openness, compassion, and kindness.

What I offer is the culmination of my life’s work and practice thus far – and it’s truly my deepest joy to share that with you.

With Love…


May what I do flow from me like a river, no forcing and no holding back, the way it is with children 

– Rainer Maria Rilke


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The exact uniqueness of how you are made in all your apparent glory and failings as a human being is not a mistake – you are made precisely, on purpose, and in love

– Annu Tara

Fresh Sharing On The Blog

The Practice of Ceremony & Ritual

An interview with Annu Tara by Carina Lyall for her year-long Earth Medicine Mentorship program.

How To Work Intuitively With Your Jade Egg

Allowing your body’s non-linear intelligence to guide when working with your Jade Egg.

The Nature of Surrender

The Nature of Surrender is a tender, bitter-sweet, vulnerable and fierce sonic journey into our human nature.

Sounds That Move In The Dark

Sounds That Move In The Dark is a sonic journey of fruitfully-dark deep quietude and bliss.

Popular Offerings

Mentoring & 1-1 Sessions

Pragmatically-rooted session-work and mentoring offering support, guidance, ignition and transformational process for the journey of getting real, becoming whole & actualising your soulful genius

Crafting Ceremonial Cacao: The Basics

An instant-download guide to crafting a simple & delicious ceremonial cacao elixir for personal practice

Alchemical Chocolate™ Practitioner Training

Everything you need to know to begin crafting ceremonial cacao elixirs for personal practice and creating Sacred Cacao Ceremonies for your community

If you really want to be true,

you’re going to have to make your life true

– Annu Tara

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Do you sense that a mentoring series could be a powerful and directional ally to support you making some significant changes in your life or to help shift you out of stagnancy and confusion?

Or perhaps you simply feel called to work with me but aren’t sure how we can engage together or what keys I can offer you?

This is exactly what the Free Exploration Session is for. It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to meet informally over a cuppa and tuck into where you are in your life right now, how you can benefit from our working together, and simply whether this feels right for you at this time or not.

*Sessions take place online via Skype or Zoom and can be recorded. **Exploration Session is an introductory meeting and can’t substitute actual session & mentoring work


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