Embodying Truth with Annu Tara

Kambo Initiations & Treatments




New Dates For 3- Moon Initiation Circle In Glasgow:

18th November; 9th December; 13th January

1-1 Sessions

for in-depth support, mentoring & transformational enquiry

Alchemical Chocolate™ Practitioner E-Training

comprehensive training with the Cacao Deva for personal practice, embodiment & sharing ceremonial chocolate with community

Crafting Ceremonial Cacao: The Basics

a simple guide to crafting ceremonial cacao elixir for personal practice

Join Annu Tara + Julie Gibbons for:

Homecoming: return home to self – a journey of soulful enquiry, ceremony + embodied practice

Registration is now CLOSED – welcome to join the Homecoming Wait List if you wish us to notify you of any future openings.

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