How To Work Intuitively With Your Jade Egg

by allowing your body's intelligence to guide

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Blog post written by Annu Tara, published 7th May 2018

An Organic Approach

Working with a jade egg can greatly assist female embodiment – this is the descent or bringing down of consciousness into the vagina and womb space. For some women, they are already naturally situated here and can access their pelvic space, feminine power, and sensuality with ease – but for other women (and also during various cycles of life) this downward movement can be more challenging.


You’ll be able to find lots of information regarding jade eggs, their use, and various traditional Taoist practices on the internet and in books, so I’m not interested in repeating that information here because it’s so readily available.

However, I would like to offer you an alternative approach to what intuitively and experientially is for me a softer and more non-linear way of accessing the gifts of your jade egg – and this information is not so readily available. I’m not at all disregarding the more linear Taoist practices – everything can have a place and benefit.

But this is what my own body has taught me and how it wants to connect and work with this beautiful restorative practice of jade egg healing.

Below is a brief introduction regarding my approach to working with jade eggs, which invites the intuitive, organic, subtle, yielding, unwinding, non-linear, effortless, yin, receptive, listening, flowing, deeper feminine movements.

There are many benefits to working with your jade egg including the awakening, healing, and cultivating of erotic energy, feminine power, creativity, embodied awareness, and increasing the fertility and potency of your manifestation and full-bodied expression.

Besides this, it can help to keep you juicy and connected with your embodied enjoyment, pleasure and sensuality. Jade egg practice supports the deepening, re-sensitising and cultivation of the pleasure body (both yin and dynamic qualities), which is our vital capacity to actually enjoy Life.

Enjoyment and pleasure stoke the fires of our life force energy, which gives birth to greater joy, trust, openness, radiance, inclusivity, love, nourishment, surrender, ecstasy, bliss, positivity, appreciation, gratitude, passion, sharing, connection, receptivity, softness, compassion, relaxation, integration, regeneration, healing, union, balance, peace, sovereignty, fullness – the list goes on!

By increasing embodied depth-awareness, such work can also support the activation of feminine consciousness in the womb and vagina.

Jade egg work can also open the doors of transformation in terms of healing ancestral wounds, healing trauma in the sexual organs, unwinding fear and anxiety in the body-space and life force energy, as well as hone, tone, cleanse and fortify the vaginal landscape and sexual organs, including the kidneys, key meridians or energy channels, and aid in grounding, deeper relaxation and integration.

Notes From The Field

Welcome, I’m Annu – and I write about embodying Truth, Love, Sovereignty & Liberation as our full-spectrum being; harmonizing our deep humanity & infinite nature that sprout the seeds of our New Earth living.

Jade Egg Care Instructions

Once you receive your egg, please wash it with a gentle soap cleanser, dry it and then use some sage, copal or palo santo wood to smudge and bless it. This is generally a good way to clean your egg after each use. In addition to this, I suggest that once a month, or whenever it feels accurate, that you bury your egg in the earth overnight so it can deep-clean, recharge and regenerate.

You may also want to combine this with moon cycles (new or full moons) or when you are on your bleed to rest the egg and your body.


“Sunbath your jade egg – solar energy is also cleansing and revitalising, and the egg will absorb the sun’s dynamic energy, which can be useful if you suffer from a lot of damp or stagnant energy in your pelvis…”

I suggest keeping your egg wrapped in silk or muslin and storing it in a sacred place, such as on your altar or in an energetically-protected and quiet space of its own. But try not to just throw it into the bottom of a drawer or leave it laying around in a chaotic way. Treat your egg as a valuable piece of sacred technology that requires conscious care and responsibility. This way it won’t absorb chaotic, unconscious frequencies that will then be inserted into your vagina.

When working with your nephrite jade egg understand that it, like all other mineral kingdom gemstones and crystals, is a being in its own right and its sophisticated technology can be worked with for great benefit. For this to be most fruitful, it will require that you develop a connection and relationship with the stone.

Be aware of how you speak with this stone, handle it, work with it, love it and relate to it as this too will directly program it. Minerals are energetically absorbent – so awareness is advised in terms of its care – but this can also greatly support your practice through the capacity to program your egg with intention (verbal and/or energetically) before use, which can support healing and transformation.

Contra-Indications To Use

Officially-speaking, contra-indications to jade egg use would be the presence of an IUD contraceptive coil, pelvic organ prolapse, during pregnancy, during vaginal infections (such as candidiasis) or immediately after any pelvic operation.

However, in my own understanding, such recommendations are prescribed from a system of thought and approach that doesn’t yet recognise the body’s innate wisdom, aimed toward those who also do not yet know how to listen and trust their body’s innate wisdom.

So there is a learning curve invited here through the connection with your own embodied wisdom. I suggest the above recommendations be followed until you are confident in your own capacity to listen and trust the body directly (without your mind interfering).

Until then be guided gently by these contra-indications and use the body-check practice as an additional listening tool. In my experience, there are no health reasons why your jade egg cannot be used during menstruation and love-making – although it may not always accurate for your body to add the additional activity/energy of your jade egg during your bleed time. Extra care may be needed and again, I recommend body-checking, particularly for use during your bleed.

Listening and working with a call-and-response enquiry is key and teaches your consciousness how to embody-as-Love, and learn from the deep feminine. As mentioned above, this is the primary focus of my approach to jade egg work.

Invitations To Work With Your Jade Egg

Listen for the instinct that it’s time to work with your jade egg. When that arises, create a sacred and loving space in which you can introduce the egg to your body and make a connection  – both with your own body and with the egg itself – before placing it in your vagina.

As mentioned above, you can have a specific focus or intention when you use your egg or you can just be open to the experience.

Always connect with your own body through simple self-touch, breath and deeper relaxation before placing the egg inside your vagina. And never push or force the egg into your body, but allow pleasure (through touch, energetic opening and breath) to gently open and blossom the vulva first (the vulva includes the mound, labia, clitoris and vaginal gate.). When your body is in agreement for the egg to enter, the vaginal gate will soften and open, and make a very subtle movement of approval that absorbs or sucks the egg inward. This is your vagina saying Yes! It can be an affirmative, content feeling with a sense of rightness, satisfaction, relaxation and yum-factor to the egg entering your body.

Once the egg is in place, surrender to the body’s innate wisdom – trust the life force that moves through you and how that informs you. Read through the Simple Practice below as a starting suggestion. When your body has had enough of working with the egg (or doesn’t want to receive it in the first place) it is very clear. It can show up as a sense of heaviness, pressure and gravity in the vagina, making it almost unbearable and overwhelming to have it in any longer. The vagina can also literally spit it out – is says no very clearly!

Clarity in your deep instinctual Yes and No is really the energetic signature of the vagina and womb-space – one of the many teachings your yoni can offer you.


So through your listening and connection, you will know when your body has had enough of the practice. You may be able to simply push the egg out, or your body may clearly eject it. However, if you feel it’s time for your practice to finish but the egg doesn’t come out of its own accord, just sit on the toilet and relax your body in the way you would if you were going to pee. Your egg should naturally fall out – make sure you catch it in your hand and don’t worry if you happen to pee at the same time.

Thereafter you can wash and cleanse your egg and store accordingly ready for the next session of practice.

A Simple Practice

One of my favourite ways to work with my jade egg is simply to place it in my body and allow it’s presence there to bring my consciousness and awareness down into my belly, womb, vagina and root.

Wearing your jade egg in this way helps to bring awareness into your vagina and womb-space whilst engaging in daily activities – so that you can feel and experience how it is to operate from the space of deep embodiment whilst washing the dishes, answering emails, working in the garden, relating with children, lovers and family, being out in the world doing grocery shopping or whatever else your day unfolds.

It may be that you also become aware of the pauses in between activities where your ‘doing’ energy comes back to rest into ‘non-doing’ and ‘being’ in the pelvic bowl. Little moments of integration where you can rest and relax back into pleasure, sensation and your interior experience. 

You can also wear your jade egg overnight – and this is a wonderful way to include intention with your egg for during your sleep time.

 Wearing your jade egg in this way is a natural and organic education – because it brings you back into your body, deep into your pelvic bowl, and the body will show you how it feels when you move, breath, respond, connect from depth. It can help you strengthen your perception of what feels good and what doesn’t – your yes and your no – when you are moving from that truth inside of you.

As the vaginal landscape, cervix and womb-space are also directly connected with expression and manifestation through the throat centre and speech, bring awareness to this during jade egg work so that you can actually feel and become conscious of this direct connection.

Explore using your breath, voice/sounding, spinal and hip movement, organic stretching, subtle pelvic spirals and undulations to increase awareness of how energy and life force moves in the body and how to ground the vaginal consciousness with the Earth.

Enjoy – and welcome to comment below with your own feedback and sharing on this practice!

With Love…

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