The Nature of Surrender

a sonic embrace of softening & courage





Image: Single white feather resting on the surface of dark rippling water

Blog post written by Annu Tara, published 9th May 2018

A Sonic Embrace

The Nature of Surrender is a tender, bitter-sweet, vulnerable yet fierce sonic journey into our human nature and condition. 

Allow this 30-minute mix to accompany you in contemplation, stillness, grief, and hopefulness and as an invitation to surrender into your deepest tenderness and soften through all obstacles to your feeling and doubtless nature as Love.

Click on the tracklisting where you’ll find the names of the artists and song titles that are included in this sonic journey mix. All tracks can be purchased online via iTunes and Bandcamp. If you like them, support them.

Enjoy… Annu

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Notes From The Field

Welcome, I’m Annu – and I write about embodying Truth, Love, Sovereignty & Liberation as our full-spectrum being; harmonizing our deep humanity & infinite nature that sprout the seeds of our New Earth living.