A Conversation with Annu Tara & Carina Lyall

the Practice of Ceremony & Ritual
Recently, I was interviewed by Carina Lyall on the practice of Ceremony & Ritual for her year-long Earth Medicine Mentorship program.


In it, we speak about ceremony as an embodied form of restorative practice within which we can work with archetypal energies – specifically, the INTERCONNECTION and CO-CREATION between our human ground and the Universal architecture. 

And how non-linear practice – or what I call a Mother Board practice – offers the container or vessel into and through which the communion and interchange between human and divine – matter and spirit – as the Living Mystery is invited to animate, inform, communicate, realise, embody and root.

Carina also asks what ceremony means to me personally, and why ceremony & non-linear practice are more important than ever in our contemporary climate for those who feel called toward this form of work, practice and exploration.

You can watch the conversation via the link below.


Carina Jean Lyall lives in Denmark and offers mentoring and space-holding for women to heal and feel empowered through story work, community, movement and the Earth.

You can connect with Carina and her work here.

What’s the meaning of ceremony & ritual in your life? We’d love to hear what you have to share in the comments below!

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