A Wee Samhainn Blessing

A Wee Samhainn Blessing

TRACK {sound on}: We Are All Bog Born – Karine Polwart & Pippa Murphy, from A Pocket Of Wind Resistance

To my people, my kin, my ancestors… thank you for bearing me. You brought me into life and made me this body. I was born out of your warm blood and strong bone, sharp affectionate humour and wild Scottish grit – the likes of which I’ve not witnessed anywhere else in the world. And underneath all of that lives something so tender, lyrical and full of earthy sweetness.

You trained me how to flower and flourish in a harsh and unpredictable climate, in a feral howling yet fertile land. You did your best to remind me that I’m born free, even when I encountered those who insisted that I’m not and tried to shape my undomesticated, gentle and heretical nature into something more familiar, digestible and conformed. And yes, sometimes that was you too.

You gave me whiskey-fire and oats, peat moss and seaweed. And the unforgettable fragrance of warmed summer gorse.

Some of you I know and remember by name, touch, sight and smell. Others I only know of when the cells in my body speak their memory. I have a hard time with some you, but you know that already. I’ll not lie, it’s been tough to bear you but I’m learning and growing into it. I’m grateful for the moments of kindness I remember. And I return this to you a thousand-fold.

I’m sorry it was so hard for you, this life, and being human, and the work of land and sea and bearing so many weens. But it was also good – because, well look at us now.

Life marked each of you deeply as it does for us all. But we came from the sea, and you were made for it. As am I.

Pirates and fisher folk, salt dogs and shawled beach wives, your wild and homely blood loves and lives in me. Now I carry you in my bone marrow and I become your ancestor, and hopefully a lighthouse and shore.

Mìle fàiltel! 🖤

Samhainn goodness to you all.

Blessings ~*~

With Love…

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