Moving Into Imbolc

an update & playlist
Still very quiet and tucked-in here as we approach the waters of Imbolc.

Can you feel this cyclical shift moving in on the peripheries of the psyche? I can and its archetypal nature is oceanic, unformed, diffuse, liminal yet fertile with tender possibility.

In context of cyclical nature, the Gregorian New Year enthusiasm of getting-going with all the new stuff jumps the gun. Emergence is a slow animal and takes time and there’s a lot of 2018 still to digest before rushing into the next *_____* (fill the blank).

Swallow, digest, metabolise and compost whatever’s left in your mouth from last year before filling it with ‘more growth’ or the next ‘thing’.

In this kind of culture, it’s against the grain to not just fall into being on consumer-autopilot. The impact of this on psyche as body & soul means that we’re never allowed to rest, that what we give our life-force to loses value, meaning and continuity, we break contact with the authentic ground-process of our life (and therefore it’s intelligence), and our capacity for digesting our experiences and the skill required to harvest real wisdom from this is lost, or more accurately, forlorn.

It’s no wonder that so many of us experience issues with our digestive, metabolic and immune systems in the body. The body’s mirror is clear and direct.

There is full permission to rest, to be slow, to take time to be a good lover with your self, your life, your body and how you touch and exchange with the world. Wholeness is everything.

If you need any support, come and visit me at my Bodywork clinics in Glasgow or Edinburgh. My next available appointments are on the 2nd & 6th February respectively. A reminder that booking in advance is necessary.

I also have spaces for mentoring sessions via Zoom if you live outside of Scotland.

With Love…


Welcome, I’m Annu!

I write about embodying the roots of Truth & becoming trustworthy vessels for the living Mystery in the hearth of our everyday life.

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P.S. I’ve also created a new ‘Into Imbolc’ playlist on Spotify, which you may enjoy 🌀🌊


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