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a march update
Well, February was intense. Has it been so for anyone else? The passage of Imbolc has been so deep for me, I needed to slide off the radar, take some respite from the digital gaze, and tend to a lot of sorrow, lineage-repair and soul witnessing.

This process has supported my deepening work in the relationship between my indigenous ancestors, body, land/place, re-Membering and the Opening of Eyes, offering/blessing & ritual, and the guiding non-linear intelligence of the wild soul in this time-cycle of global collapse.

The terrain is saturated in complexity, paradox and the non-binary, which is an initiatory signature of our moving away from the dualism of Either/Or and opening into the far more nuanced, subtle, profound, maturing embrace of This-AND-That. This is the slow, unwinding emergence of embodied Wholeness…

The mind boggles and blows out in the cross-current of emotional-feeling states, discord and opposition that this complexity induces. Grief and beauty, rupture and laughter, despair and acceptance, trauma and responsibility, being human and being more-than-human. There’s no resting ground in this, no definitive settlement of “this is what I am” and “this is how things are”.

Because the only consistency is that everything changes. Life moves and demands our truest response moment by moment by moment, breaking down our mental fixedness and rigidity to make space for a far-deeper rooted stability of BEING. The movement of Life often requires us to double-back on ourselves in the becoming-fluid-enough to stay present and engaged with the twists and turns of the Unknown that have absolutely no requirement to make sense to the cognitive mind or any previous maps you may have come by or accumulated.

Nonetheless, there is a massive scope of tools and access-points and we each need to investigate, discover and update what can be applied to the uniqueness of our own being and path – the skilful ways to bring ease and acceptance to the fact that Life will continue to breath us in and out existentially-speaking.

Whether we like it or not, the pattern of Life requires us to keep dying and living, breaking-down and building-up, revising and readjusting our coordinates, descending to meet the devastating bottom-line of Things face-on and raising/expanding our capacity to Be with that.

Whether we like it or not, we are being asked to deepen our understanding, comprehension and integration of the totality of the Whole thing. A Life’s work for sure – but is there anything more significant and worthy of becoming fully tucked-into…?


This is really what we are looking at in the 1-1 sessions I offer… whether that’s in a mentoring context or via soul-centric bodywork in my Edinburgh or Glasgow clinic days.

We are looking at what this means for you, very specifically. How all of this is showing up, what its impact is, how you are able to engage with it: where it’s blowing you out, driving you in, deepening you down, tearing strips off your back and opening your heart, soul, body and conscience.

I’m here to offer support, guidance, reflection and nourishment for these processes.

I have an open space this coming New Moon Wednesday (6th March 2019) from 3-5pm if you want to come share with me in Edinburgh, and a few new openings for those who would like assistance and support via a series of sessions (this is what I generally recommend for many people I’m meeting with now because the need for it is clear).

For this and general bookings/more info, follow the links above.

March-love to each of you 


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I write about embodying the roots of Truth & becoming trustworthy vessels for the living Mystery in the hearth of our everyday life.

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