A Spring Equinox Love-Note

Invitations to heartbrokenness, remembering & healing
A softening, opening Spring Equinox embrace to all you misfits, heretics, lovers, bandits, dissenters, makers, travellers, edge-dwellers and ground-tenders…

Pretty amazing to be arriving at this Spring juncture already, isn’t it?! 

I know for myself that there’s been a very human part of me still fumbling around in the dark ground of this year listening for my innate rhythm and praying hard for some authentic and well-rooted traction after the intensity of 2018.

I’ll be honest, my heart’s been reluctant for it. But thankfully something wiser in me knows and understands that these past couple of months of staying close to the ground of inner life and quietly tending and responding as best I can to the outer world from a place of slowing down and deep-listening has been a necessary process of integration and stabilising.

Again and again and again, I come back to the timeless wisdom of the rhythmic cycles and junctures of the 8-fold year as the original pacing and tempo of Life’s pattern. These cycles hold us, inform us, they guide our process, they offer something much, much bigger than us made tangible to lean back into, to draw strength, context and understanding from.

Our way-back indigenous ancestors knew this, as do all root-peoples of this world it seems. And even though this appears to be so lost to us now, I’d like to remind us that it isn’t.

It’s our nature and it’s right here – in our bones and blood, alive in the ancient-future memory of body, land and place. It’s right here today and as relevant to our contemporary condition as it’s ever been. In fact, I dare say that all of our lostness, confusion, misunderstanding, amnesia (cultural forgetting), sorrow, homelessness and deep excruciating ache for belonging, intimacy and purpose are nothing less than a heartbroken lovesong – our root-seeking lamentation – for this kind of Remembering.

The remembering of where we come from, what we’re made of and how to BE here in a kind of deep, meaningful and intimate living that perhaps we can call the true original language of the Soul.

Many of us are starving and malnourished for this. That deep well inside can feel so bereft and empty-appearing for what seems to have almost entirely dried-up and been broken down in us.  

But this is the Rites of Passage of our time, and the work we have inherited.

Whatever is manifest in the hearth of our lives right now, this is a call to remember to lean back and to dig deep, into what the Soul of the world is so patiently and lovingly attempting to remind us of.

Pay attention and pay some kind of homage not just to what is breaking down right now but to what is emerging out of the ashes: those slow, unwinding tendrils of what’s been forgotten, what was thought to be lost or broken beyond repair.

Sending you tender, vibrant love this Spring Equinox. May the blessings be shared with all…

Welcome, I’m Annu!

I write about embodying the roots of Truth & becoming trustworthy vessels for the living Mystery in the hearth of our everyday life.

Find out more about me & this work HERE!




Firstly, I’d like to dedicate sincere gratitude to those showing up for Bodywork & Mentoring sessions in Edinburgh and Glasgow since I began offering this embodied, co-emergent and therapeutic space at the beginning of January. It’s unfolding a lot of co-creative teaching and sharing, which seems to benefit me as much as it does for those who are seeking out support, nourishment and grounding. It’s how it goes when it’s on-track, right?

If you’ve received bodywork with me over the past few months and would like to share your experience, I’d so appreciate you leaving a review here or sending a few words by writing me a few lines directly that I can add to the Sharing Stories page.

Some of the themes emerging through bodywork and mentoring sessions right now are the profound need for grief-tending, ritual & ceremony as a Remembering technology; working through the layers of direct, vicarious and epigenetic trauma as part of our homecoming and re-rooting process; connecting with ancestors and our bright, way-back Lineage as a source of healing, support and allyship; learning how to root into the Earth as a living Being for guidance, stability, resilience, authority and alignment; and how to find our way into authentic community and uncover the fragile yet resourceful terrains of mutual sharing, connection and togethering.

If this feels nourishing, supportive and on-point to you, I’m offering space every Wednesday in Edinburgh and every second Saturday in Glasgow.

I’m also available for online mentoring sessions, so this work is by no means restricted to where you currently find yourself living.

I’m in deep investigation of these processes and themes, so I look forward to sharing with you if you feel called.


A concert for troubled times with Stephen Jenkinson & Gregory Hoskins

7-9.30pm – Tuesday, 11th June 2019
Teviot Row House, 13 Bristo Place, Edinburgh, EH8 9AJ


Here’s a little something else that’s been coming into form through the behind-the-scenes dark ground of Imbolc-into-Spring!

This is your invitation to join us for this inaugural visit of Stephen Jenkinson and Gregory Hoskins to Edinburgh with Nights of Grief & Mystery.

Nights of Grief & Mystery is a concert for turbulent times. Maybe we can say that it’s part poetry, part lamentation, part book reading, part ribaldry, part concert, part lifting the mortal veil and learning the mysteries there.

They are nights devoted to the ragged mysteries of being human, and so grief and endings of all kinds appear. This is a night to break and mend your heart – the kind of heartbreak that swaggers with a rock n’ roll sensibility. It’s paying homage to something old and that which has been forgotten – Nights of Grief & Mystery are an invocation for our Remembering. 

In Stephen’s own words, “we are trying to see if we can plant the capacity to be heartbroken in a heart-breaking time, in a circumstance that doesn’t require a hardness of heart to weather it”.

This evening is also about community. And what brings us together to huddle round the hearth in the climate of trouble and turbulence – and as we’ll probably discover, most likely because of it…

It’s taken a ragamuffin bunch to put this gig together but it’ll take you and other lovers to offer meaning, beholding and presence to the whole thing.

So please do come!

Here are some ways in which you can also help:

1. Purchase your ticket now instead of later – this is a massive help in gauging where we are with covering the basics.

2. Invite your loved ones, kin, connected folks, community and associates to the event – this is worth travelling for, so include the whole of Scotland and Northern England in your invitation.

3. Write an email to folks not on FB to let them know.

4. Share the Eventbrite ticket link or FB event to your online pages/profiles, website and other digital/social media platforms

5. Purchase extra tickets and give them as gifts.

6. Let us know if you’d like some flyers/posters to put up in your local area.

Thank you in advance – and immensely looking forward to coming together with you for Nights of Grief & Mystery in Scotland.

P.S. Enjoy the trailer below that was made for the 2018 USA tour.

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