Early Summer Update

a concert. a trip to Shetland. and a call to community.

Image: the Maiden Stone, Traprain Law, East Lothian

So here we are, eh? Almost halfway through 2019 and rolling in towards the Summer Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere. 

How are you faring so far?

There’s a lot I wanted to do and create this year but Life is the teacher, and much of my focus has been on collating and integrating my own personal apocalypse of last year.  I’ve spent much of my time this year studying, investigating, writing and mapping. And amongst this, weathering the deeper rounds of direct learning, falling apart, being Re:Membered, and getting into the guts of personal practice and establishing a proper working relationship with Spirit and Soul.

There is no doubt that these are times of great transition, rapid change, intense initiation and are imbued with all kinds of trouble, heartbreak, grief, endings, waking, gathering, and arriving into the broken grounds of where we find ourselves honestly standing (and most-likely kneeling, often crumpled).

The breaking down of old paradigm structures and fear/lack-based systems that we are witnessing externally in the world are deeply reflective of what needs to break down within, showing up in conditioned personal beliefs, false senses of safety which can manifest as a skimming along the surface of things, deep chronic patterns of self-dishonesty and denial, and maintaining stances and frameworks that keep us independent and separate from Life and each other. After all, without the breakdown of these fear-based personal and collective paradigms, how is anything going to change otherwise? There needs to be clear space and fertile soil for the new and true to grow. And by the way, things are not OK on planet Earth, in case you haven’t noticed, so we all need this whether we like it or not. 

What will the next generations inherit if we continue to allow the current leaderless political non-sense, systemic injustices, species extinction, ecological disasters, economic violence, unhealed ancestral traumas (this seems to account for more damage and conflict that we can even imagine), personal irresponsibility and abdication, addiction to soulless growth, and our wounded child psychosis to continue?

In this context, we can see that contemporary human behaviour on planet Earth is quite literally insane and it’s been so for a very long time. So – the escalating breakdown and excessive systemic growth of these times are actually a red flag calling us to turn toward sanity. To spiritual maturity. And to say it straight, to grow the f*ck up.

Welcome, I’m Annu!

I write about embodying the roots of Truth & becoming trustworthy vessels for the living Mystery in the hearth of our everyday life.

Find out more about me & this work HERE!


Our human-kind is required now to return to Root, to reconnect with where we’ve come from, to remember what we’re here to do and be, and to seriously revise and take courageous conscious action on where we’re heading: intrapersonally, interpersonally, collectively, culturally, politically.

And it all starts with you. It starts with me.

To quote Stephen Jenkinson, it’s a dark road and we’re headed there now…

In fact, I’d say we’re well down that road already but when are we going to admit it? It’s not easy to open eyes to the carelessness, lostness and confusion of modernity that is endemic in our human systems and structures, and how we choose to live our lives. This admittance and what it consequently invites asks way more of us than we think we’re capable of or perhaps even more than what we think should be asked of us. And yet here we are. And this is how it is. What I can add to that is nonetheless, we are made for this… truly.

What I mean by this is that there is something very specific that these times call for, and that aches to emerge out of you. And the world needs this, possibly more than anything else right now. As does your conscious self and cognitive understanding. This is the Soul that is encoded within you – and often our darkest recesses and struggles are the very threshold to its opening and waking. So through this framework, we can begin to understand that, yes, these are the worst of times – but also the most fertile for that truth within each of us to wake up.

It’s our sincere longing for a deeper kind of Loving and Truth that woos the soul forth into recognition and full-body contact.

You see, Love has to touch us that deeply. Deeper than what we may feel comfortable with, more intimately that what feels safe and, often, ‘manageable’. These times are asking us to Love where it really hurts. It’s not that Love should hurt – I’m not talking Stockholm syndrome here. And boundaries are necessary and healthy – there’s a lot to remember and repair here humanly-speaking for many of us. But whether it’s longing, foolishness or suffering that unwinds or thrusts us upon our dark thresholds (repeatedly no doubt, until we learn to yield to the process), the job of healing and wisdom only gets in place when we surrender to letting Love IN – all the way to our core.

Let’s be honest – this is terrifying for many of us. And those who have been fully initiated in this way understand it crushes those false senses of safety and peace, and ultimately kills the inauthentic self in order to create an authentic birthing space for what’s real and true to come through – intact, whole, aligned (not to be mistaken for perfection or infallibility). And with the birth of authenticity, we are able to root into the natural authority and union of Earth and Spirit as our true place amongst things, igniting the soul work being asked of us here during this fleeting flash of precious Life that’s gifted to us. 

I don’t believe we are here to spend all of our days healing and struggling past the gate on this. There’s work and purpose to engage that’s bigger than our personal healing process and yet is ultimately dependent on this getting into place. At the same time, our personal healing process and soul waking can’t be rushed, over-ruled and pushed through. This is not to say that healing won’t continue for the remainder of our days. Our deepening and expanding relaxation into Life and Truth are ongoing. But likewise, we can get lost in it without a clear framework for our dark threshold experiences and the breaking down of old paradigms and structures this catalyses.

It seems to me that it’s more a case that in order for proper contemporary initiation to occur – which is the transition into growing up emotionally and spiritually into our true soul purpose in a cultural context where real eldering and wisdom has been so lost and eradicated – we need that full-body contact with our Soul. And to get in place the personal practices that keep us linked-in and in-line with our core Truth and Spirit, so that we can move beyond our chronic inner conflict, confusion and struggle to anchor effectively, and get online with working and serving in ways that can contribute to something bigger than us as isolated individuals.


I sense that this is the Wholeness we’re looking for.  


How do we orientate ourselves in the kind of heart warriorship that is now being asked of us?

How do we breakthrough the factors that keep us stuck and looped in our own way? 

How can we hone into asking the right questions (thank you Christina Pratt for this!)?

Part of our maturing is realising that the forces of Life and Universe don’t operate on the principles of duality that we are so conditioned by. Life is not biased that way. Life appears to have its own program to follow but how we respond and hold ourselves in that determines the degree of suffering and neediness we operate from, and whether we allow grace and humility to lift us up. There’s no right or wrong in this but there are skills to ease our suffering, and skills to invoke grace.

Hey, I’m in this too! And I’m speaking from what’s teaching me, often learning through epic failure and doing things the hardest, hardest of ways…

And let’s face it – you have to be just a wee bit mad to consciously ask for any of this opening of eyes and waking. And most people don’t. But again, here we are. So we can either rise to the challenge of creating new ways of navigating, relating, understanding and deep living that are aligned with our deepest truth, waking soul and the interconnection of Life, or we will be dragged through the mud again and again until we find the courage to take a stand for wholeness and apply ourselves purposely to our own well-being, alignment and what’s most needed in the world. Most of us are probably experiencing various degrees of all of the above. 


So in this context, I’d like to touch in directly and ask you for what you need?

Are you willing to wonder about these things aloud and begin a conversation?

How is the outer world collapse reflecting through your inner world and waking process?

Where are you being challenged by doubt, confusion and isolation in your own healing and soul-contact?

What needs to get in place to support your maturation, human integration and sharing your purpose in the world?

And what do we as a community need to put in place to nourish, fortify, clarify, remember and galvanise together in order to meet the significant challenges before us during these times of collapse?

In the coming autumn, it’s my intention to offer some classes, gatherings and community-based ceremonies in persona and online to speak to some of these needs and create the space for more of this kind of work, investigation, dialogue and practice.

For those of you who are being called into this work and/or similar themes, I’d love to hear from you. Let’s talk. Let’s share ideas, concerns, longings. So, be in touch and share a few lines.

Sending so much Love and care your way…

Nights of Grief & Mystery Concert in Edinburgh



Nights of Grief & Mystery is on its way to town as they begin their UK tour in Portsmouth this evening.

Folks, this will come and it will go.

There’s no guarantee that this will come around here again in Scotland.

So I’m calling to those friends here that are in any way dedicated, or being dragged by the Mysteries nonetheless, into deeper meaningful living during these times of trouble and transition, with all the mongrel sorrow and ragged ecstasy that makes up the terrain of this kind of Love and deep Loving.

This is a Convergence encounter, a Ceremony if you will for those of us who are called, often unknowingly, toward that which is wiser and better-initiated than where we find ourselves now.



We are aiming for a sell-out show! We’ve already sold over 2/3 of the tickets, so please help us with this last push to fill the hall over the next few days.

Buy your ticket today. Tell your friends about it. Invite them to the FB event page. Buy extra tickets as gifts. Write an email to those not on social media and let them know. Let your local grass-roots organisations know that have any kind of overlapping purpose and focus.

There most likely will be some tickets available at the door on the night but these will be limited availability – we’ll do our best to update the FB event page in this regard over the next week.

And a BIG thank you to those who have been helping along the way to manifest this event!

Look forward to seeing you there…

“We have an idea where the monsters are.
That’s where we’re headed.
These are nights in which love letters to life are written and read aloud.
There’s some boldness in them.
They have that tone.
These nights have the mark of our time upon them, and they’re timely, urgent, alert, steeped in mortal mystery. They’re quixotic.
They have swagger.
What would you call such a thing?
We call them Nights of Grief & Mystery.”

Holistic Bodywork dates for August 2019


The Holistic Bodywork I offer focuses on healing and wholeness by supporting the integration into deep authentic living as soul by facing the fullness of what that asks of us and offering, when needed, truth-based strategies for how to get unstuck along the way.

If you’re just looking for a basic rub-down that stays (and keeps you) on a surface level, this work is not for you. 

However, if you long to go deeper, or likewise find yourself in over your head, this embodied session work can really support.  So welcome to come and work with me in either the Edinburgh or Glasgow clinics.

This August, I’m spending some time on the Shetland Mainland, so session dates will be reduced for this month in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Therefore a wee reminder to book in advance for these dates.

And if you happen to be in Shetland or know folks there who would benefit from receiving embodied support and healing through Holistic Bodywork or 1-1 mentoring, do be in touch or connect us!

I’m calling this my Lost Lineage Tour and much of the purpose and focus of my time in Shetland will be on creating Ceremony with the land + lineage, so do be in touch if this kind of Ceremonial Ancestor + Re: Membering work speaks to you.

Welcome to join!



3rd August: Glasgow

7th August: Edinburgh 

9th-14th August: Tresta, Shetland

16th-21st August: Lerwick, Shetland

28th August: Edinburgh

31st August: Glasgow


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