Nights of Grief & Mystery Concert in Edinburgh

A huge thank you to everyone who was able to make it along to Nights of Grief & Mystery in Edinburgh on Tuesday 11th June, 2019!

What a journey, Stephen, Gregory, Lisa, Colleen and Adam took us on. Amazing artistry, musicianship, and storytelling offered fiercely, sincerely and tenderly as true lovers of Life can sometimes do.

It was a sell-out show and the whole house was on its feet by the end of night, crying, hugging, dancing – stranger and lover alike, demanding a raucous encore.

Many thanks to all the helpers who make this possible – on the road, in the details, from past events, those tirelessly working in the background in other countries, and of course also the volunteers on the night.

But only the community can really give it purpose and life – and that’s what you good folks brought to the table. Curious hearts, open to the unexpected, not quite sure what you were getting yourselves into. So bless you all for showing up anyway.

Perhaps we can dream together another Nights of Grief & Mystery encounter further down the road…


“We have an idea where the monsters are.
That’s where we’re headed.
These are nights in which love letters to life are written and read aloud.
There’s some boldness in them.
They have that tone.
These nights have the mark of our time upon them, and they’re timely, urgent, alert, steeped in mortal mystery. They’re quixotic.
They have swagger.
What would you call such a thing?
We call them Nights of Grief & Mystery.”

Welcome, I’m Annu!

I write about embodying the roots of Truth & becoming trustworthy vessels for the living Mystery in the hearth of our everyday life.

Find out more about me & this work HERE!


And some feedback on the night from the blog of Gregory Hoskins

“First time in Scotland for the lot of us on stage.

Why would I be shocked about our reception in Edinburgh? The foot stomping calls for an encore; the random couples dancing and clinging to each other throughout the night; the calls for “Carry Me” (where the hell did that come from?) and being sung home by those full voiced people at the very end of the night…?

Why was I shocked?

My grandmother was born in Dundee.”

So dear folks who attended NOGM in Scotland, we encourage you to sign up to the newsletter at Orphan Wisdom:

We’re nurturing the possibility of bringing Stephen back to Scotland next year … how heartening it would be to receive some days of teaching too.

If any of this work lights your fire or laments your bones, this would be a good way to stay in touch and hear directly if that possibility comes into being.

Blessings on the dark road…

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