A Solstice Morning Prayer

learning to become trustworthy vessels of alchemy & remembering
Image: the sun saturating the fort of Dunadd near the ancestral grounds of Kilmartin, Scotland
Well-gathered, waking friends,

wishing you Solstice blessings as we enter the longest day in the Northern hemisphere ☀️and the longest night in the South 🌚

Sending out morning prayers this fine day of thanking the ancient-future living within us. Blessing our ancestors and all of the root peoples of this earth that understand we are in this world but not necessarily of it.
Here’s to the remembering that we are vessels of alchemy, for cosmos and matter, with all of the struggle, flatlining, impossibility, forgetting, humility and ecstasy that belongs to this.
Here’s to the remembering of This and That, which is the weathered, wrangled fortune born from asking deeper questions of the sure places we continuously arrive at, with all of its surface comfort and certainty that we frequently attempt to settle for by wanting it to be either this way or that way.
And here’s to the Something Wiser, truer, more fully-initiated – and that it may be born through the stilling and resolving of our raucous winds of wanting and neediness for it to be something else, something different.
May all that needs to manifest as the quietening, steadying of our core and its well-rooted gnosis that, actually, it can be different but not as something founded or resting on top of our personally-wounded grounds.
May we go deeper than that and pierce through that wounding with the Love these places ache for – so that we can give birth to that which is more reliable, more true, more stable than our reactivity alone will allow for.
And so we may access the sustainable, life-thriving solutions that are ready, willing and available to move through us in a flow and understanding that is unhindered and uncorrupted (thank you for this, Pat McCabe and Aisha Salem).
So, here’s to our emptying out and healing of these broken grounds – and the remembering of the skills by which we can drink the poison of our times and turn it into the medicine of our times (Christina Pratt, I’m listening).
Here’s to the birth of humility and surrender, and our capacity to bend down low to the deity of Grief that teaches us how to Love this precious Life (bless you forever Stephen Jenkinson). And for us to be loved so deeply and vastly into Wholeness by it and through it, as it shows and reminds us how to inhabit the original shape of True Humans as our becoming both the receptacle and transmitter of this kind of offering and receiving of Love.
Blessings to the planets and beings that are thriving and dying and being born in the very cells of these living, breathing bodies, just as we humans are the living, breathing cells of the body of the Earth, and to the Earth as one of the many living, breathing cells of the Universe. Blessings to all those ones.
And may this kind of Loving that’s asked of us rain strong, true and steadfast into all the part of us that have forgotten.
Praise to the birth of becoming true humans, praise to the worlds within worlds of the more-than-human – and to all that is alive in body and also in the unseen.
I’m so tender-heartedly grateful that Life can hold us in this kind of embrace of vastness and intimacy … It seems to me this kind of marriage is more than worthy of everything it asks of us.
Glad to walk alongside you in this kind of spiriting and ignition  🐝

Welcome, I’m Annu!

I write about embodying the roots of Truth & becoming trustworthy vessels for the living Mystery in the hearth of our everyday life.

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VIDEO: Kate Tempest – Firesmoke

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