Living Our True Nature

the superpower of being human alongside the unseen worlds
Hello lovely you,
Before I write anything more today, I want to sincerely thank you for this connection and for your being even remotely, vaguely interested in the possibility of our mutual work and relating together. For choosing to read this blog (or maybe not after you’ve read the below – but that’s OK too).

Seriously, for real…

This comes directly from my heart to yours… I’m so grateful.

I was speaking with a long-term friend and client last night after a session on how important it is to be able to do our work in the world and to abide by our true nature and the soul’s purpose in what we came here to learn and share. The gratitude of it struck me deeply and it feels like a significant thing to acknowledge.

I don’t know how it is for you, but I’ve fought my own path – and my own essence – for so much of the way. I’ve wrangled deeply with my calling and have tried numerous ways to get out of it and not-face the transfigurative challenges that are part of this terrain. Sometimes I look at my life’s journey as the sheer mud-wrestling-slide into truth it’s really been.

It’s not easy but the essential paradox and tension of opposites (also known as complementary dualism) of embodying our deepest truth and core-self and taking the risks to really LIVE this truth in the world carry the purpose of changing and clarifying our minds, alchemically awakening and resolving our heart’s knowing, and straightening out the kinks of corruption (misunderstanding), collapse, disempowerment, exile and shadow from our spiritual spine and action-body.

There’s a lot to put right in this world on fire. There’s a lot to get back into right-relationship with so that the life-thriving ways and natural laws of universal justice and truth can support and guide us in what we need to learn in this most wondrous, unique, robust School of Life.

Why am I sharing this with you, you may wonder?

Because at a certain point, we just have to cross-over that fight with our self and the baseline manifestation of our life. We don’t get to live forever in this physical form with the unique kind of power human beings are gifted to effect change in the manifest world, to be born as this kind of divining rod between the seen and unseen realms – and the choice of what we create and destroy in the world, and whether we place ourselves in a state of well-being or of harm.

Yes, I understand that I’m simplifying things here – the contemporary complexities we face can’t be reduced to such binaries, so please forgive me for any misunderstanding I’m creating.

But there’s an essential point I’m trying to get at here – one that’s been an unprecedented revelation for me in the journey of my midlife…

One of greatest powers we carry as Human Beings is that of free will.

We get to choose.

It’s not a given that we’ll embody the truth of our essence.

We have to choose it – the unlived life within us, the core intimacy with our soul, the service and genius that lays dormant inside us, the authentic passion and inspiration that plays havoc with our identified ideas of how things ‘should’ be – how we ‘should’ be.

The Nightingale doesn’t get to choose to not be a Nightingale. It just is what it is – and its song reminds us exactly of this when we’re lucky enough to hear it.

Neither does the Birnam oak tree or the Baltic bog-moss, or the fallow deer, or the four-spotted Orbweb spider get to choose to be anything other than what they are. They do what they are to perfection!

The elements of fire, air, water and earth have kept true to their nature since they’re very birth into form – what magnificent examples of their true abiding nature they offer us every single day.

But as humans, the free will we are given means that the option of not living and expressing our true essence is always part of the tension that we must face, despite whatever untenable outer-world or inner-conflicting circumstances we must experience or endure.

And this capacity of choice and free will regarding our core essence creates so much confusion and pain for us. The pain of constantly keeping choosing something else only to have to return to the basic ground of having to choose (or more accurately, yield to) exactly what we are in all of its messy seemingly-impossibility. Particularly so in the kind of zeitgeist or spirit of the times we now find ourselves in that would have us so quickly give up this inner authority, sovereignty, power, liberation and joy.

Today, I want to remind myself and you, dear friend, that our choice is the very soil of our liberation. And as we approach the gates of Samhuinn here in the Northern hemisphere (31st October), once again we are at the threshold of moving into a new cycle according to the solar cycle and  ancestral traditions of this land – of letting go of what’s been, and fortify our alliances with the endless support and guidance of the unseen realms so that we can better understand how to move forward as the alignment of our soul’s purpose and what these times are really asking of us.

I’d say this is really the essence of this work and, in that, what bonds us together as community placed near and far – as practitioners, as peers and indeed for those who are facing this kind of wrestle and adversity to parse out the traction, tenacity and practical functions this kind of work offers.

As it stands here, new times have begun with my own ‘crossing-over’, which are manifest in my recent and long-awaited house-move and the birth of my new Berwickshire workplace – An Sìdhean Sheiling – which I hope will benefit those of you who can visit. The webpage will be up soon, so keep an eye out as they say!

There’s an invitation for those of you who live nearby to join me at the thresholding of Samhuinn for a small inaugural gathering as the start-up of community ceremony and ritual practice again after the past year’s break of sharing this work. And for subscribers there’s an October Offer on holistic bodywork and in-person/online mentoring for those who find themselves in need of 1-1 support, which is available to those who sign-up to the newsletter by the end of the month.

Go well into the season with love for all that’s asked of us in these times…

Welcome, I’m Annu!

I write about embodying the roots of Truth & becoming trustworthy vessels for the living Mystery in the hearth of our everyday life.

Find out more about me & this work HERE!


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