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2020 is on fire already!

Have you been experiencing this also?

This new decade is packing its Liberation punches left, right and centre, one after the other.

Let go or be dragged – is the name of the game for these times!

In particular, I’ve been experiencing this regarding any part of me that’s been trusting what I SEE on a conventional level in the chaos and insanity of the homogenised outer world. Instead, I’m learning more and more to deeply trust the unique inbuilt, fiercely instinctual and frequently divergent GPS system of my body and the Earth’s true wisdom.

The big teaching for many of us right now it seems is not to give our authority, power and sensitivity away to what’s going on around us. It’s the quickest way to get lost, overwhelmed, confused, diverted and diluted from the genuine purpose and trajectory of Soul and the rolling out of the Truth-body.

Especially for those who’s purpose it is to BE here as a clear and stabilising force as conventional systems and old paradigms progressively fall apart.

Turn off the noise, put healthy, intelligent boundaries in place toward the outer panic and chaos, and stop letting yourself get disembodied.

Decongest your grief, keep your feeling-body supple and fluid by actually feeling to the fullest capacity so you can properly empty out.

Apply your Wholeness to each layer of trauma that’s exposed and activated, and let go of the Big Fight.

Focus on getting yourself in correct alignment by properly plugging in to what’s actually true for you and let innocence and unknowingness birth you.

Keep surrendering to Love until your entire Being is breathed in-and-out by it.

Let Life live you. Not the other way around.

And Joy. Let the Enjoyment Body be born through your increasing trust and relaxation into the belly of the Creational Power, the heart of Universal Wisdom and the silence of No-Mind.

Allow it to infuse the delicacy of your sweet soul and let it anchor you into the ground of your living life. Enjoy this whole brilliant and often-painful catastrophe of becoming a True Human because no-one’s in control here.

These are the teachings I’m receiving right now and the work I invite myself into every day. I just feel like sharing and expressing this in case it also strikes a chord for you too…

The planetary body of the Earth is so generously and willingly offering itself as a school of learning for human consciousness (the marriage of Spirit and Matter). What She keeps telling me is take advantage of this immense gift of Life, and don’t miss the point, Annu… Stop trying to direct things and let the River of Life direct YOU.

In that tone, I love what somatic investigator Liz Koch writes:

As a living process, we are self-healing, self-organising, self-referencing in relationship to the earth. So when we allow the earth to inform us, we become grounded… part of the decolonisation of the mechanistic world is working with our disconnect and disassociation from the earth.

This is about the current the gist of things here.

If it’s supportive at all, I have three very different events lined up for March 2020 here in Scotland: a day of teaching; a day of Being; and a day of community ritual practice.

Welcome to take a look below for further details. And wishing you good care, tenderness and softening in all of the intensity…

Welcome, I’m Annu!

I write about embodying the roots of Truth & becoming trustworthy vessels for the living Mystery in the hearth of our everyday life.

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a day immersion for the curious


a restorative day retreat for women


a Spring Equinox ceremony & earth ritual

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