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Covid-19, splenic adaptation through the initiation of crisis, and building From The Ground Up...

Life is Water, connecting us from brook to stream to river to the ocean.

We humans are always together because Life holds us in Her motion…

How are you fairing in this current escalation of Covid-19 chaos and the ensuing social changes? 

These are strong times for sure as more and more folks encounter pockets of fear, confusion, shock, restriction, on-the-ground consequences, and varying degrees of emotional and mental overwhelm.

Having had the virus myself at the beginning of the outbreak, I’ve also been moving through my own spectrum of feelings ranging from lightheadedness to humour to ridicule to frustration to exhaustion, and then into some waves of fear as the practical consequences began to impact my life and those around me in more gravitas ways. Consequently, processing fear has allowed me to move into deeper clarity, action and now some kind of strange, engaged readiness for the Unknown.

I’ve been in deep contemplation over the past week regarding what’s happening. It’s been a phase of powerful readjustment, and at times I’ve felt somewhat in the desert as I’ve been challenged (like us all) to assimilate and reorientate.

My discovery has been that it’s one thing to stabilise your own being and nervous system in this current environment of rapid change but it’s another thing entirely when folks around us are also in great need and are experiencing various degrees of destabilisation and panic as they encounter the threshold of the big Unknown – plus some very real, gritty, pragmatic challenges.

What I’m learning is that people are needing a lot of space – to slow down, to express and share, to treat their shock, to address the basic fears being touched upon, to access support and connection, to ground massively frayed nervous systems, to reorientate at their centre, and to find the basic ground as a way of integrating and responsiveness (rather than reaction).

Welcome, I’m Annu!

I write about embodying the roots of Truth & becoming trustworthy vessels for the living Mystery in the hearth of our everyday life.

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Take A Moment To Remember…

I’m seeing that it’s not even so much the rapid movement of the virus itself that’s creating the fear (although that’s valid enough for ourselves and loved ones). It’s more that we’re experiencing directly how fragile these human-made systems of social and economic infrastructure are in the face of Mother Nature. Our collective mindset and future-orientating momentum are having to shift accordingly, whether we like it not.

Many of us have been aware for decades that events like this were coming – although we never quite know what it’s going to look like on-ground until it begins to roll itself out.

I’d say every practitioner and guide worth their salt connected to astrology, human design, indigenous knowledge and other systems of wisdom have understanding that the old paradigms and oppressive structure which aren’t aligned in a holistic way with life-thriving values and universal principles are destined to dismantle as part of the evolutionary tide of what wants to be born next on planet Earth – and within this rather fragile, traumatised heart of Humanity.

The good news is that we’re literally made for these times. And we need to get properly engaged with this: 1. because pragmatically, we have to, and 2. because it’s part of a much bigger process that we all came here to help and learn with.

Spontaneous Adaptation

ADAPTATION is the word that’s been showing up for me over this last week’s process.

It’s clear that we are being called to responsively adapt, align, shift, open, get creative and become more fluid and malleable on the frontline of significant change. And Covid-19 aside, from what I can see this theme isn’t going away anytime soon.  The Mother’s Roll n’ Roar is on, and my own sense is that it won’t stop until we get this, one way or another.

As we understand it, we’re living in the midst of a significant transformational collective process or cycle, which accelerated yet again at the beginning of 2020 – and will continue to restructure us from the ground up over the next 10 years: the decade named The Great Transformation.

On the one hand, the intelligence of Life is demanding that business-as-usual be stopped in its tracks as the burning of the collective veil regarding the ways in which we are living and acting out of alignment with Life itself.

And on the other hand, the invitation is to launch ourselves full-heartedly with radical trust and humility into the River of Life and allow Her to be our guiding principle. This in turn so generously offers us deeper and deeper relaxation, rest, passion, joy and alignment with our soul and purpose as a fully-inclusive Life – as we’re invited to stand in the very eye of the chaos and crisis storm, which is ironically also our safest place of alignment. 

Some of the questions I’m asking:


In what ways is Life demanding that you adapt and realign?


How are the consequences of current phenomenon impacting your relationships, work, well-being, income, inner state, mental health and life choices?


What practices and connections are supporting you in finding ground, stabilisation, and a deeper centering?


Where is creativity asking you to apply your latent genius to break out of the old paradigms that are dismantling?


What does your soul purpose bring to the table of our future as the bringing through of new holistic structures, services, relating and values that support, collaborate and abide by Life and the well-being of our communities?

Splenic Adaptation Through The Initiation Of Crisis

As part of this powerful call to adapt and realign in the face of crisis, one of the keys available to us is accessing our inner capacity for MUTATION.

Mutation – and the ability to mutate – is all about change and our capacity to adapt. It happens deep in the cellular structures of the body, in our blood and DNA, in how we absorb and process information, and in the ways we are instinctively and intuitively guided to respond accordingly through our well-rooted embodied intelligence. 

Mutation is the initiatory response to Life’s call for evolution – and for all of the complex associations we may have with this word, this evolution is both a remembering & a return to the root. We are being invited to return consciously to the Web or River of Life, as part of this inherent evolutionary pulse. 

I’m observing a curious connection with the Covid-19 virus, how it impacts the immune system, and how the information that the virus carries is taken in through our lymphatic system to access, inform and engage the spleen. Mother Nature made this thing and she has something to say through it.

The spleen is an organ in the upper far left part of the abdomen, to the left of the stomach.

The splenic centre is the oldest awareness centre in the body and it represents the foundation of our evolution. It’s a core component of our body’s consciousness, which is contained within the Earth-body and the vaster, universal pulse of evolutionary energy. Full access to our spleen’s intelligence means we have our very own inbuilt survival mechanism and crisis-navigational centre that is programmed to function in the Now.

The splenic system receives and exchanges information with the lymph system and therefore operates throughout the whole body. All of the intuitive and instinctual senses are used to inform the splenic centre. Through this constant influx of data, the spleen’s purpose is to process fear and therefore metabolism potential danger and risk. Through this biological and energetic process, the spleen then informs and directs us as needed in order to navigate imminent said danger and risk.

In other words, if you’re caught in a building on fire, it’s the spleen that will get you out alive. It can’t explain why – it just knows how. This is how important the spleen is in our relationship with fear.

This is a very good thing, so never ignore the instinct of your splenic centre. This isn’t about being fearful – it’s about assessing and engaging your capacity to process fear so you understand how best to move forward

The spleen can also metabolism information and guidance for the Tribe or Clan because it’s also connected to establishing foundational values and principles that bond and hold us together. Shifting our core value-systems so they can be built from the ground up in alignment with universal life principles is exactly what’s being invited within each of us now and as the collective body of humanity.

The spleen has something to say right now, as does the information coming through this virus.

What if it’s here to help guide us in establishing the new values and structures within the communities and collective?

According to our spleen, it’s literally our genetic responsibility to serve and care-take the Whole. My sense (along with a growing number of voices) is this is very much in the vein of what’s being asked of us as our splenic adaptation through the initiation of crisis.

Our splenic centre is a potential guardian and change agent in terms of the values we live by and it’s being activated on a mass level right now. For your information, it’s shadow-form reflects our fear and avoidance around responsibility (repressed), and can also turn into rebelliousness and law-breaking when imbalanced (oppressed).

Once I began allowing my spleen to fully activate during the past week of crisis and began taking care of some basics, my fear and shock began to process, which has allowed me a lot more space to listen, share, engage, and adapt responsively. So, I hope this can support your own process.

ANNOUNCEMENT: My Own Personal Adaptation

You all know how Coronavirus is impacting small and micro-businesses. Well, I’m one of those folks and the consequences for me is that I need to close my contract with the Edinburgh studio where I’ve been offering Holistic Bodywork and 1-1 sessions and move all my in-person work to my studio at Cove. As a response, I’ve also chosen to reduce my prices so this work can be more accessible (updates will be on the website very soon).

Instead of offering Bodywork each Wednesday, I’m using this time to offer a free weekly drop-in online group for support, sharing & community care called FINDING GROUND.  You’re welcome to attend!

I’m also moving the majority of my in-person work back online as we gain a better sense of how we can all move forward. This is something I’ve been really hearing a call to do for some time – but I’ve been waiting for the green light. This is it – clear to go! 

I’m launching FROM THE GROUND UP – a monthly membership circle for rooting, reorientation and realignment in times of change. Our first live event is on Saturday 28th March 2020. I’d love to welcome you there, so take a peek…

I’ve also added a section on GROUNDING PRACTICES to support taking care of some basics.

I’m hoping that any or all of this can be a source of support and benefit during these wild and awe-filled times.

Stay grounded and connected, beautiful humans!

With love & care…


a FREE weekly drop-in online group for support, sharing & community care


a monthly membership circle for rooting, reorientation & realignment in times of change

Grounding Practices

taking care of some basics

The below is in no way meant to replace or divert from official recommended health measures during this time. Please follow your country’s official Covid-19 guidelines – this is just the direct daily stuff that’s helping me:

SHOCK SUPPORT: I highly recommend you contact your herbalist & homoeopathy friends or practitioners and receive some medicinal support for shock and, in general, the nervous system, spleen and immunity. Get it straight into the biochemical body. A few rounds of Aconite and Vitamin D have helped me massively during my shock phase. Rescue Remedy is also a general winner.

NATURE: Spend as much time in nature as possible and connect your body with the Earth-body – with the rhythm, the pulse, the vibration, the consciousness of this planet and the vastness that it’s in alignment with. Stay as close as you can and allow the patterns & symbols of Life to speak with and inform you.
This is really hard to do if your location is currently on lock-down. But you can connect with the elements of water, fire, air and earth in your home, do visualisation and energy body practices to connect with the Earth-body – you can even access Nature online. It’s about your focus and what you choose to hold in mind, heart and body. Energy follows awareness.

SILENCE: Unplug. Turn it all off. Give yourself an evening or a day to rest in deep silence and non-doing. LET IT ALL GO if you need to reset your nervous system. You’ll come back stronger, and with more capacity.

SLEEP: If you’ve contracted Covid-19 or any kind of illness right now, I hope that you are supported in getting as much rest and sleep as you need. Seek support, and take care to cover your basics. Then let this virus teach you what you need to know. It brings a lot of information into the body-consciousness and this needs integration. Sleep will also help frayed and stressed nervous systems.

HYDRATION: Drink plenty of fresh water and be well-hydrated to support the lymphatic system. Movement helps too, as does dry-skin brushing. My other two integration go-to’s are eating small amounts of natural sea salt, which helps the brain integrate – and organic butter (and other healthy oils), which bring more light and integration into the body. All taken in an appropriate moderation.

STAYING CONNECTED: These are special times. We’re waking up to some of the worst of what humanity has created – but we’re also waking up to the beauty, care, genius, connection and community that is born out of crisis. The Covid-19 pandemic is cracking open the apathy and stagnation of the status quo, and helping us in the natural breaking down and dismantling of old paradigms and structures. Let’s be honest, we’ve essentially been praying for this!

At the same time, something new is being born and will continue to do so. Our connection is a powerful key in discovering this together from a deeply sincere place of actually not-knowing – we actually need each other to figure it out. It’s so worth taking the risk to reach out and connect to others.

And there are also people like me available to help with those connections because it’s part of what we’re here to do…

Welcome to share & comment below – and let me know your discoveries.


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  1. Samantha Goodburn

    Beautiful thankyou Annu, so good to hear and feel you again.
    I’m feeling such excitement but also terror at times and weepy yesterday and today after holding a women’s circle, probably the last for a while. My yoga teaching has had to stop and considering online teaching but it really is not the same. Yes, how to Adapt??
    It’s gone crazy here for n Australia too.
    I would love to be part of your online community.
    Blessings love

  2. Annu

    Really good to hear from you, Samantha! Yes, it’s a whole spectrum of feelings to be felt in the face of so much uncertainty… So glad to be in this container of From The Ground Up with you! Necessity is the Mother of invention – time for deep listening so we can learn how to adapt and respond. Much love to you & family… Annu <3


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