Generating The Medicine We Need For Our Times

through integrating our own spirit
This 40-minute audio introduces the upcoming event: Drawing In The Spirit: future-wave clearing & ritual dance, which is the February live event for membership circle, From The Ground Up.


In it, I speak about the support currently available for our further integration and/or completion of what we’ve been learning and gathering in the wild terrains of our personal winter descent, and also our personal experiences of the collective death of 2020, and the paradigm-shifting end of those old timelines and old structures connected to that.

This audio is also an introduction to how I work, and some of the context and themes this encompasses.


UPCOMING EVENT: Drawing In The Spirit - future-wave clearing & ritual dance

Welcome, I’m Annu!

I write about embodying the roots of Truth & becoming trustworthy vessels for the living Mystery in the hearth of our everyday life.

Find out more about me & this work HERE!


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