New Moon Dreaming...

do you remember?




Image: the partial reflection of a face in a black obsidian mirror within a forest setting

Blog written by Annu Tara, published 6th September 2021

Drawing from the dark well of stars, do you remember the original Dream-seed you arrived here with?
The complete & perfect harmonic note that wept forth as the originality of your love, which you dared to bring here into the world of form?
Wishing you limitless space for your New Moon Dreaming. Remember everything changes because you are here… Annu
A Man Inherits A Vast Fortune:
Those who have ruled can serve. Those who have mastered can give themselves over. Those who have attained can extract the essence of what they have come to before and utterly discard the rest.
Showered with blessings.
Filled to overflowing with the streams of your background, you are yet definitely motivated to use all this as a springboard. You feel the impulse to renew gifts, treasures and mysteries — to revitalise the old streams, to make relevant and essential what has previously proven to be steady and enduring.

And most of all, endowed with a fluency in drawing from the well something fresh and new and being so at home in bringing it all through that you become an individual here in the midst of things, who just happens to know and be familiar with just about anything you need to access from the well that never runs dry.

– Chandra Symbol for the New Moon in Virgo: Inside Degrees, Elias Lonsdale

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