Breaking The Rules

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Blog Note written by Annu Tara, published 14th September 2021

In the process of extracting from self-harm & destructive energies, and coming home to the naturalness, truth, dignity & purity of your own Being as Love, let me assure those of you who need to hear this right now that you’ll have to break all the ‘rules’.

What I mean by this is that everything in this construct-world is back-to-front, inside-out & wrong-way-round and those on the wakening journey are in a process of realising, reversing and resolving this.

Without doubt, this is the wider scope of your purpose here, and within this, you’ll have your own unique directives, authorities & specialisations that are yours to discover, remember & embody.

Do you understand? The world isn’t the way it is by default – there are indeed unseen destructive malevolent forces that have spliced, manipulated & dominated Life here by creating phantom grids of reality, false-self technologies & tampering with the electro-magnetic baseline of Life, and this is the predominant experience most people have here, whether they’re aware of it or not. Within you, you already know this to be true.

This unseen force replicates the algorithms of the Creation molecule – the building block of Life itself. It appears as Life but it isn’t – it’s actually a construct that is implemented through disembodied mental frequencies, fear-based paradigms, black magic & inter-dimensional abuse.

And it needs your body – your incarnation – to make itself real here.

So when we speak about breaking all the rules – this is the Game of Harm that we’re smashing. The essential point here is to put the truth of who you are first before all else. False paradigms & those who operate from that will always seek to split you off from yourself, from your inherent well-being & push you deeper into systems of harm. Meanwhile, it siphons off & feeds on the power of your life-force or pure creation energy for its own gains.

This manipulation often occurs through ‘ideas’ or constructs of being good, being in service, ‘saving’ others, being responsible, being successful, survival energies, competition, desires, fears, self-doubt, the list goes on. It’s all coming from the same place and its objective is to not let you rest into yourself & the revelatory truth of what’s within you.

Your body & unique frequency are key. When you are connected with your body in the here and now, it doesn’t give a crap about construct & the collective. And your body contains the genuine impulses & felt-sense of the inner instructions you need to unpick your way out of the madness. Your personal GPS.

Remember that you come first, and when that’s in truth & correctness, everything else in your life will follow. What’s correct for you through that purity & integrity will be correct for the Whole according to Life’s organic design and the self-generating respect of abiding by this.

Anything that tells you otherwise needs to be seriously questioned.

With the deepest of Care…


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