Dying To The Insanity-Construct Of The World

& being reborn to the trueness of the Earth...




Image: Reconstructed Scottish mountain sheiling roundhouse made of stone and peat with a heather roof

Blog Note written by Annu Tara, published 14th September 2021

I found my new home!
Ahhh not quite yet. But I came across this gorgeous reconstructed sheiling on my hike yesterday and cozied inside for a while as some stormy weather drew in, before making my way down off the hills.

Living off-grid up a mountain (preferably near a living body of water) is as close to the perfect environment for me that I’ve discovered so far. I know this from previous experience.

I never feel more at home and connected to my own essence, the natural world & the cosmos than when I’m in physical context of this kind of humble simplicity.

The journey of dying to the insanity-construct if the world and being reborn to the trueness of the Earth is unequivocally one of stripping back, simplifying, purifying & relaxing into Being.

And maybe that looks different for each of us – who am I to say! But it’s vital that each of us find our own way to extract from the systems of harm and deeply, fully relax into our own essence and intra/inter-connection, whatever that looks like.

For me, Nature is Queen. I love to smell the petrichor of the Earth & the forests, I need to hear the sings & messages carried on the winds, get soaked & regenerated by the rains and wild waters, rest in the natural darkness of night, bathe in the softness of starlight, and feel the heat of the Sun penetrate my skin & illuminate the greater solar consciousness within me.

Nature happens within as the truth of the inner reality, which is actually the real outer Reality – although now inverted. That story is part of our hidden history, which we’ll soon remember once again. My stripping-back journey became for-real in 2014 when I began extracting from my not-self life. It’s been many years of deep shadow-excavation, poison-purging, demon-facing, identity-deconstructing, fragmentation/trauma healing & inner unification. Also refered to in the i-Ching as the transmutation of Chaos into Cosmic order. And it’s on-going & ever-refining as deeper rest & wakefulness.

I respect immensely those who find the willingness, grit & courage to make the journey for themselves, and the primary focus of my mentoring work is supporting those in this waking, authenticating & simplifying alchemy as they extract from self-harm and reorientate in what is True.

Although there is currently overwhelming corruption & injustice in the world, lean into the power it affords you to withdraw from destruction, self-harm, & radically simplify your life.

Look – it’s currently being made very easy for you!

There has never been a more powerful and Grace-imbued time to do so – you are fully supported. Take the risk to become Real and fly…

And if you need focused support to get started, arrange a personal session or a series of mentoring with me (or whoever feels correct for you).

Always with care…


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