Full Moon Clearing

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Image: Bright full moon shining down on a field of harvest barley

Blog written by Annu Tara, published 22nd September 2021

In our ever-resolving, self-healing, cyclical nature, the full moon is the time of release.

This is why emotional patterns and mental energies can increase and intensify around this time as they purge through. This is also what’s happening when female bodies bleed of course – what an amazing capacity they have to shed personal, societal & ancestral pains in this way.

I’m moved to offer a few words of support to those that currently feel overwhelmed & drowning in the purifying process. It’s particularly intense and accelerated right now as we move through this planetary shift, experience the collapse of the death space into our everyday world, and the stripping out thru our rapid individuation process.

Remember that the pain of what you’re experiencing/purifying is leaving – not arriving.

Remember that you are the Space through which patterns purify, release & heal – you are not the pain itself.

Be still with it – you don’t need to pick at it, wrestle with it, or understand it – leave it untouched and let it go.

Nothing can diminish your inherent Light – your true essence is stainless, indestructible & infinite.

Take non-harming action to regain your sovereignty from the destructive programs that are manipulating your thoughts/feelings. They are not the truth of who & what you are.

That action can look like making yourself get out of bed and into the shower. Or it can look like cooking yourself a nourishing meal. Or reaching beyond the isolation to speak with a loved one. Any action that demonstrates love/care to your own being is pure power.

It may look like getting out into nature and building a small fire. Invoke the Sophia or your inherent Light and throw the family patterns & ancestral pains in there to purify.

Maybe even make some offerings to the Earth & the purity of your own Body.

Afterwards, get in a river, waterfall or the ocean if possible – fully wash your head in it.

And remember you are never alone. Notice the rhythms – you’ll be stronger, clearer & even more yourself on the other side.

Full Harvest Moon grace via the celestial waters of Pisces to all…


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