This Is A Death Process

letting go & staying with the body




Blog note written by Annu Tara, published 3rd April 2023

What’s going to help people survive when the external authorities, outer stabilisation & state-care structures crumble over the next few years?

Well, there are definitely vital keys that can be shared about this – the foundational one being that the resources are already within you.

But one thing is for sure – this initiation cannot be figured out mentally!

And things will get extremely difficult for those who continue to move forward in this way.

The apex of this shift will occur in 2027 – the winds of which are already evident now & will impact long after this time-threshold has been crossed.

In one way, you could say that we’re wrapping up what we’ve been learning as a collective for the past few eons – now we’re ready for an entirely new experience. A bit like how I described in my last post…

Even though it’s very clear that this transition process has already begun, the dismantling of the expired paradigm structures will become much more intense for the majority because we are yet to pass through the apex of this shift collectively. This links-in with the fact that most people still don’t fully understand what’s happening, even though they’re experience the accelerating waves of destabilisation & collapse.

This isn’t something to be feared although the very root of fear itself will need to be faced & overcome within each of us – outwardly too.

This is a death-process.

It cannot be avoided.

And it can’t be cheated.

This Initiation requires you to squeeze through the Eye of Death whilst staying with your body.

Therefore, we’ll all have to become utterly adept at LETTING GO.

A good number of us have already been gaining mastery in this throughout the multi-realms. Our job & purpose here is to show others how to pass thru – to speak for the capacity needed, help turn ON the biological-frequency necessary, and to literally BE the new frequency stabilisation pinions in this realm.

We are anchoring & materialising the positive future into the current centre point of Now. 

And it isn’t our human, personality, self-identified mind or the not-self aspect doing this.

It is the emanation of our true atomic nature BEING HERE ⚡️

Until soon, with peace and harmony….


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