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In The Heart Of The Dragon




Blog note written by Annu Tara, published 14th June 2023

WHEN: Wednesday 21st June 2023

TIME: 7 – 8.30 pm – arrive from 6.30 pm

LOCATION: meeting at the Dragon Rocks, Holyrood side of Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh, Scotland (exact directions below)

Everybody is welcome – no previous experience or knowledge necessary

Welcome to join this free Midsummer Gathering for an informal talk & guided Silent Sitting to connect us with our true frequency, our internal Holy Grail Technology and the New Earth Grid.

You are so very welcome to come along and join this relaxed Summer Solstice gathering regardless of your previous experience or knowledge – this free event is open to everybody.

Our start time is 7 pm prompt – please come a bit early so you can find us, say hello and get comfy before we begin. I’ll be there from 6.30 pm onward. Our estimated finish time is around 8.30 pm.


To start, I’ll introduce myself then speak a little about our natural, organic internal Grail technology (for all human bodies, not just female ones) and how we’ve forgotten to use this, even though it’s so incredibly simple.

And I’ll also share some history of the Earth Grid system and how this is now changing and what it means for all beings.

There may also be mention of the f^ckery that’s been occurring on this planet and how the rise of the sleeping Dragons is changing all of this – but no promises!

I’ll then guide us as a group into 30 minutes of Silent Sitting, turning on our capacity to be fully present and receive the electromagnetic infusion of Pure Love into our cellular body, charging up with the new Earth Grid as we anchor stronger in our true frequency.

I’ll do my best to simplify all of this in an easy-to-understand way but even if there are parts that don’t quite make sense, it doesn’t really matter because all of this is actually about receiving a very specific frequency signal that your system is geared-up to recognise and switch on to as well.

So, together we can relax, enjoy the views and each other’s company by spending a couple of hours resting in the Heart of the Sleeping Dragon that is Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, Scotland.

There will also be space for questions afterwards.


Please bring with you what you need to be comfortable, e.g. warm-layered clothing, something to sit on (cushion, mat, sheepskin), a drink and snack, etc. You are also responsible for your own safety on the gentle climb, walking around the area, and that of your personal belongings at the gathering.

The event will only go ahead if the weather is dry. If you intend on coming along, please check-in with me on the day if the weather is a bit unstable.

You can contact me directly via text, WhatsApp, Signal and telegram on +447477714212 – no calls please.

 Looking forward to gathering with you then. 

In peace and harmony….




Our meeting location is by the Dragon Rocks, which can best be reached from the North-West path starting opposite the car park at Holyrood Palace and the Scottish Parliment. See map below.


Walk the tarmac path that begins opposite the Holyrood House carpark, and take the gentle climb as it crosses over the top of St. Margaret’s Well.

After a few minutes, you’ll reach a sign-posted juncture where the paths separate into two. You can actually take either path as the meeting point is by some rocks that can be reached from either path. See image below.


In the image below you can see the Dragon Rocks, which are quite distinct and easily spotted from either path.

This is our meeting point.


You can also watch the below video to show the surrounding walk toward the meeting point and the view from Dragon Rocks.

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