About Annu Tara


I am a woman dedicated to Truth – and a mentor, teacher and guide for intuitive, non-linear and inclusive pathways of the Totality of Truth. I share and illustrate through the reflection of my own direct experience – in the Undoing (death, dissolution, fragmentation) and the Unfolding (life, arrival, expansion).

Primarily, I work with people who are in an awakening process and those that are birthing conscious awareness. My capacity is broad, diverse and eclectic across the transformational field and the inter-dynamics of Truth and Life, with particular focus on the dynamics and co-creation between the archetypal and human ground.

As a heretic investigator, I am here to illuminate and demonstrate alternative and often unorthodox vantage point – that which is outside the box, misunderstood and yet offers the potent and fertile birthing ground for profound wisdom and awakening. The very heart of my offerings are an invitation for the dynamic evolution born through the communion of the personal and the transpersonal – as the embodiment of Truth, and Love on-ground.

My own maturation process has developed through working with the exiled nature and the profound nature of suffering, as the very ground for liberation and awakening. This has opened up pathways of understanding on how to empty out the conditioning of the homogenised mind, fortify the container of body and heart for truth to land, and the tending of our human ground for the delicacy of the soul to be born.

Many keys have landed within me via the teachings and transmissions of beloved friend and teacher Aisha Salem.

My background training and experience are in the fields of holistic bodywork and conscious touch, tantric shiatsu, robust self-enquiry, embodied practice including ceremony, ritual & movement, meditation & solo/extended retreat practice, and alchemical sacrament & medicine work.