About The Work

Love for Truth 

Commitment to Truth is the backbone of sincere and robust enquiry and underpins the driving force of this entire work, what is being offered and all unfolding of on-going exploration.

Cultivating a deep dedication to Truth allows for the inclusive total nature as the embrace of Truth across Everything.

We are living in incredible times – the realms of suffering and exile are profound and acute, yet so is the intensified potential to realise our true nature. Our natural state simply is and this is always right here, available, for all. And this work is the inspiration and passion to support this, and in supporting others to redirect back into their own gnosis of Truth and reclaim their seat of sovereignty in Being.

Intimacy At The Core Of Everything

Intimacy is essentially the closeness of relating with and as yourSelf – the intimate and deeply private, inner sanctum relating between our human and divine aspects as Beloved, and the communion of Truth and Depth.

Viewed in this way, intimacy can be understood as the very journey of consciousness coming into form.

Everything we long, seek and yearn for can only be found by turning-toward and entering within. Intimacy is a relational field – it is always borne from, and recapitulates itself, as the deepening of closeness – to ourself and our own direct experience.

Intimacy invites truth, honesty, vulnerability, openness, softness, tenderness, embodiment, and the on-going capacity to feel and relate with what is moving in you. Therefore it also invites understanding with our own human experience of boundaries, edges, capacity, instinct, ground and the ability to listen and perceive through the body’s wise and highly-intelligent system of feedback.

The work and exploration of intimacy at the core of everything is powerfully rooted in the fundamental relationship with Self as the very bottom line of our opening, allowing and taking full responsibility for our direct experience and feelings – mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically – as a means to cultivate presence with everything, including the transformational crucible of partnership practice and relationship.

As an on-going and inclusive practice, this touches all aspects of Life and all dimensions of Being – from grounding and softening-relaxing the nervous system; expanding capacity to be with challenging emotions; establishing basic self-care practice (for body, heart and mind); working with family and general-relational dynamics; cultivating lifeforce, passion and power as devotional offering and fuel for awakening and transformation; and inviting dynamic, transpersonal forces to ground within softness, tenderness and human vulnerability. 

Embodiment Practices, Prayer, Meditation, Ritual, Medicine Work and Ceremony are wonderfully beneficial conduits and containers for the deepening of such work.


Embodiment, Incarnation And The Soul’s Birthing

Essentially, the practice of embodiment is about bringing consciousness into the body-space. This and the intimacy piece underpin one-another since this is bringing awareness and presence not just to the experience of the physical form but also into the realms of energetics, emotion and thought.

Embodiment is not simply referring to the dropping down and coming into the physical body as an alive, connected, felt-experience of being in this flesh, and the gravity that comes through relaxing into our physical bones.

Embodiment is essentially the profound relaxation into Existence HerSelf.

Embodiment is the ground for our true incarnation and the vital birthing space for our dear unique soul.

Embodiment as Incarnation is rooted in the understanding that although we can be physically born through our mother’s womb, this doesn’t necessarily mean – as consciousness – that we are Here-In-Form. There are many reasons that consciousness leaves/rejects the body, even if it initially does manage to touch down in the early years of childhood. Fear, trauma, and misunderstanding are some of the catalytic experiences that drive consciousness to abandon form and remain disembodied, and therefore not fully actualised.

Incarnation is a healing journey where our Human experience gets to be touched by the straightness of Truth, and the fragmentation of separation of our human misunderstand Come Home through our on-going resolve and the embrace of Love. Here, our proper arrival ignites a healing process through meeting our human experience of brokenness with our true nature of wholeness – of misunderstanding, of previous trauma and contraction in the nervous system, of not-wanting and disassociation, and right into the bottom line of the personal-collective disdain and sense of wrongness for the very ground of form HerSelf.

It this sense, healing of the collective as our One Being deeply invites, and is dependent on, our incarnation – that we change the world from the inside out by honestly and courageously facing our own suffering and exiled nature of the human state.

Our true embodiment is a profound process that requires a clear and surrendered YES to Being Here – in your body, in your direct experience, on this planet Earth.

Embodiment is also a process of unfolding, unwinding and descent as the involution of consciousness and coming into form through the belly/womb/hara – as the seat of sovereignty, ground, container and direct human experience.

It invites us into the resolve of our Core Wounding which also creates the ground for our Soul’s Birthing – and in this our suffering and liberation cannot be disconnected.

The work of rewiring between consciousness and body is also a depth-exploration and revelation of the nervous system that informs us where in the body-space relaxation isn’t happening. You can only feel and integrate what you are able to hold-in-Love – and that holding is only made possible through the opening of the heart and the healing, straightening-out, fortification and stabilisation of the nervous system as the fundamental data-processing mainframe for mind, body, heart and spirit.

The body itself is a quantum bio-computer able to absorb, digest and metabolise unfathomable amounts of data – AND it is also an innocent, simple soft animal that responds best to care, love, and sensitivity.

By unwinding and smoothing out the nervous system through movement, meditation, somatic practice, breath work, conscious touch work, conscious communication, plant-based technology and embodiment/intimacy practice we learn to meet the genius/wisdom of the body with the tenderness of the heart.