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Initiate With The Sacred Plant Teacher Of Cacao

• Welcome to Alchemical Chocolate™ Practitioner E-Training •

This is a deeply nurtured, cosmically inspired and heart-crafted body of sacred work + cacao transmission.

Do you feel the Cacao Deva whispering your name?!

Are you inexplicably being drawn towards connecting with the practice of Sacred Chocolate?

If so, be aware: this begins a direct, intimate, gnostic love affair with the Cacao Deva and offers a rich, abundant invitation to enter sacred apprenticeship and immersion into this alchemical art.

It’s an profound honour to be able to hand over to you the treasure keys + maps earnestly crafted, ripened and harvested from my own intimate and extensive journey with Sacred Chocolate as a beloved and potent Plant Medicine Teacher.

This E-Training is available to participants base anywhere in the world + can support you for whatever reasons you are being Called to enter in!


Alchemical Chocolate™ Practitioner E-Training is for you if:

• you are called to initiate with the Cacao Deva to create and deepen into your own personal Sacred Chocolate practice

• you are open to healing and deepening your relationship with your body, feminine essence, embodiment of Life and the activation of womb/hara and heart consciousness

• you are longing for depth-charged vision, guidance, support, and co-partnering from the Cacao Deva as an inspirational feminine practice for your business, creative offerings and role as circle + space holder for others (be aware: many initiates receive entire downloads for teachings and programs!)

 • you desire to enter into direct apprenticeship with the Cacao Deva specifically to receive transmission for creating and facilitating your own delicious Sacred Cacao Circles + Ceremonies, aligned with the gifts of your own soul-medicine


** Please also note that although a few of the practices are based on the work I have generated with women over the past years, this training is open to everyone and anyone who wants to receive this sacred medicine transmission and who is open to adapting some of those practices (such as the womb puja practice – focus and embodied awareness can be on the hara instead!).

Your Alchemical Chocolate™ Practitioner E-Training Content:

Everything you need to know to begin crafting Alchemical Chocolate™ elixirs for your own personal practice, as well tools and maps to support you in creating and facilitating Sacred Cacao Ceremonies for your community – all contained within a wonderfully accessible training journey that you can explore at your own pace.

** After purchase, you will be immediately directed to a secret Members Page containing all materials listed below, available for immediate viewing and secure download. **

– Alchemical Chocolate™ Walk Through Video: how to craft a ceremonial cacao root elixir
– Dropping into the Body Through Feminine Practice Introductory Video

– Yin Earth Breathing Guided Meditation Practice
– Body Puja Guided Feminine Practice
– Somatic Womb Stirring Practice
– Black Kali Womb Restoration Embodied Meditation

• FREE BONUS: 9 x Alchemical Chocolate™ Playlists (available to stream online). Please note that these playlist are for promotional use only and not intended to be used in public or commercial settings due to strict copyright laws. All artists and track listings links are included + I strongly encourage you to purchase their art directly if you are inspired by the original artists’ creations.

A rich, luscious and comprehensive training guide for Sacred Chocolate Practitioners offering treasure keys and maps into the very Heart of Ceremonial Cacao as a Sacred Feminine Practice and Ritual Co-Facilitator. The training manual is supportive for everyone, whether you are a novice apprentice or are looking to deepen your experience as a Sacred Cacao Initiate. I support you step by step in setting up your personal practice, deepening your wisdom and experience, and offer you the inspiration to expand this sacred work out as an offering to others, if that is what you feel called to do. The Guidebook is also packed with practical information – I recommend the best suppliers, offer a rich selection of alchemical recipes, supply structures, protocols and aftercare for sacred ceremony work, as well as useful inventory lists, resources and extensive links to expand your knowledge, if you so choose it.

I have drawn abundantly from what I have learned throughout my 20+ years of deep, self-initiated journey and internship into Sacred Ceremony, apprenticing to Plant Medicines Teachers, Embodied Ritual, Wild Intuitive Alchemy, Somatic Exploration, Ceremonial Chocolate, and Personal Feminine Practice.

Guidebook Contents:
– chocolatey introduction + opening our sacred circle
– my story with ixcacao

– some background on cacao
– cacao’s nutritional magic
– the deeper alchemy of transformational cacao
– overview of what you’ll need
– cacao preparation, dosage & contraindication
– post-cacao care
– crafting a cacao root elixir: step by step walk through
– cacao recipes & alchemical concoctions

Establishing Your Personal Practice
– creating container for solo practice
– personal practice alchemical chocolate™ ceremony: medicine quest theme

– personal practice alchemical chocolate™ ceremony: heart fire theme
– personal practice alchemical chocolate™ ceremony: womb puja theme
– deepening personal practice
– entering a cacao dieta: immersion practice & retreat work
Working With Others
– inspirations for containers, practices & journeys
– finding your partnership with cacao
– closing our circle
Finishing Up + Continuing Your Journey
– appendix: example of pre-ceremony preparation letter to participants

– reference
– cacao suppliers, resources & links
– chocolate feedback + word ups
– about annu tara

You will also be added to our closed Facebook group for Alchemical Chocolate™ Practitioners worldwide as a co-creative space for sharing, support, chocolate-talk, play and connection.


• Please Note: You are welcome to purchase individual Skype sessions with me at any point should you feel the need to enter in with me directly for further support or coaching.


When I originally launched this training work, the exchange was £250 and £350 respectively, depending on how much direct session work participants chose to have with me.

I now offer this beautiful, rich and comprehensive E-Training Journey for £108.

This includes all of the materials and resources mentioned above to support your own Sacred Chocolate practice and learn how to create beautiful Cacao Ceremonies for others.


Purchase Your Alchemical Chocolate™ Practitioner E-Training

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Some Feedback on Alchemical Chocolate™ Practitioner Training…

“It’s of the heart, from the heart and for the heart, the Alchemical Chocolate™ Practitioner Training. Expertly delivered by the luscious Being that is Annu Tara, I have been truly honoured to receive this ancient knowledge and to be so gently tutored in how to reclaim and wield its wild and powerful magic. This program confidently guides you through the absolute essentials of combining the sensuous, sacred cacao with ceremonial practice for both your own Being and in group format. When you’ve drunk of the essence of the chocolate goddess Herself, Ixcacao, then you will know She has called upon you to receive the wisdom you need to enter into regular practice for deep self discovery and sharing with others. After you hear the call, Annu’s Alchemical Chocolate™ Practitioner Training is the next step you’ll need to take.”

Julie Gibbons, Scotland

Artful Self Discovery Guide + Sacred Cacao Medicine Carrier, Julie Gibbons Creative

“This training programme is alchemy of the most delicious, powerful and potent kind. Annu’s ability to share such incredible in-depth knowledge and wisdom spoke directly to my soul – she is the divine feminine incarnate – and she held an exquisite safe and supportive space that allowed the teachings of the sacred cacao to unfold. Whether you plan on using this programme for solo ceremonies or to be able to share this deeply sacred experience with others, know that the power of the chocolate combined with the power of Annu and her teachings make this a feel-it-deep-in-your-lady-bones immensely powerful practice.”

Lisa Lister, England

Author of SASSY: The Go-for-it Girl’s Guide to Becoming Mistress of Your Destiny, Publisher, Creatrix o’ Awesome + Sacred Cacao Medicine Carrier, Sassyology

“The PDF manual is excellent! Thorough, accessible, intelligent, and complete. You cover so many things I would never have considered, and it has given me a wonder and a respect for the medicine I am thankful for. After reading it I truly felt I had a solid foundation to beginning my cacao exploration and experience. The cacao preparation video was also very, very helpful. It took the mystery away. It was clear and beautifully done.”

Sandi Davis, USA

Coaching, Intuitive Services For Women + Sacred Cacao Medicine Carrier, Luscious Life With Sandi Davis

Annu, I want to thank you profoundly for creating such an incredibly magical and hugely comprehensive offering. As I explore more and more of all you’ve given us, I’m just astounded. What a gift.The program literally opens a whole new world. The music, videos, movement suggestions, readings – add cacao and you have a full on multi sensory experience!”

Christa Gallopoulos, USA

Creative + Sacred Cacao Medicine Carrier, Christa Gallopoulos

“I’ve been working with Annu exploring Alchemical Chocolate™ and getting to know the magic of IxCacao for the last 18 months, and I have felt so blessed to have experienced the way she has brought this work into, what is truly, an exceptional online program. The wisdom, the devotion, the integrity that Annu brings to this work sings throughout every part of it – the recipes, the practices, the playlists, the resources. Extensive, rich, invitational, and yes, profoundly delicious. Cannot recommend this program highly enough!” 

Amy Palko, Scotland

Soul Writer, Goddess Guide + Sacred Cacao Medicine Carrier, Amy Palko

“I love everything about the course: every single word resonates within me with such strong energy, the playlists are powerful and take me on incredible journeys while stirring my cauldron. And I have fun! I feel like I’m in my sweet spot and can explore the archetypes of the witch, the sorceress, the shamana, the high priestess, the sacred prostitute. I have always loved herbs and I use them a lot as a naturopath but now I can finally allow myself to do sacred work with it and my patients feel deeply called by it. It is wonderful! I have never had that many clients. One last, but oh so important, element to mention is Tantra. I was so afraid of it but I knew it held the medicine I need to move forward. Especially since my Plutonian wounds all gravitate around sexuality, creativity and all things Mother. I think I am finally ready and the right teacher came to me.”

Aline Verheyen, Belgium

Naturopath, Energy Healer + Sacred Cacao Medicine Carrier, Aline Verheyen

“Wow, I am so in love with MamiloCacao! …I am filled with a deep Gratitude and Strength! Thank you, thank you, thank you – I know I have found an ally for life, and She walks with me whether I ingest her or not.”

Lauren Amy Hofmeyr, South Africa

Sacred Cacao Medicine Carrier

“I was reunited with myself last weekend. The Cacao Deva tasted so right, she snaked down my throat, into my blood… She discovered the box that I had locked myself in long ago. Deep inside my womb. She prized open the lid, held my hand and gently encouraged me as I climbed out… We then set fire to the fucker and danced on the ashes until they turned to diamonds… Such a blessing to have been reunited with myself as well as with the Deva, because I do know her… always have… My heart is positively glowing with happiness to be here…What a blessing.”

Tallulah Fry, Scotland

Sacred Cacao Medicine Carrier

“It has been two days since my initiation with Her. I am just now able to find words, words that want to be laid here. The calling towards Cacao was so deep and outside of logic/words that my mind tried to minimize it. Told me I can’t be that drawn in by something I had not experienced. So a bit of me was worried that nothing would happen. But, the moment I sipped the first taste, I could feel a part of me come alive, rising up to meet this new essence.

She took me, like an expert lover who already knew the terrain of my soul and body. Took me to the primal part of me, the part that has been hidden and pushed inside a very small space, almost completely cut off from air and light. The part that needs to move and slither and writhe in the earth. The part that needs to track and know her body is always right. The part that needs to become instinct again.

It was so intimate, so erotic, so embodied and holy, waves of pleasure and energy rolling through me, the words are not enough to express. I can still feel the energy turning, flowing, rising, twisting with in me. My mind is clear and peaceful, in awe, thrown off by the clear influx of love and acceptance. I feel tender and braver. Vulnerable and stronger. Vaguely disoriented and utterly grounded.

Thank you, Cacao. Thank you, Annu, for the way you have put this training together. I felt you with me in spirit through your holding of space and though your exquisite and loving guide and videos. I had absolutely everything I need. I am fully on the path.”

Sandi Davis, USA

Coaching, Intuitive Services For Women + Sacred Cacao Medicine Carrier, Luscious Life With Sandi Davis

“I have always had a relationship with chocolate but finally I have found a way in which it actually nourishes me. No longer do I see that dark bean as a temptress or beacon of false hope. Now I see cacao for the true gift it is, as a healer, a guide and a friend. Working in ceremony with cacao has changed my life. This is not a deliberately dramatic statement – just an honest truth. I have been blessed with the insight and support to start unravelling my pain and finding hope for the future. The support I have received from cacao medicine and the ceremonial group has been inspirational, transformational, bloody difficult and great fun all wrapped into one amazing journey. I will never look back and am always keen for more.”

Jenny Macdonald, Scotland

NIMH, Medical Herbalist, Nutritional Adviser + Sacred Cacao Medicine Carrier

“When I started the training I had some previous experience with cacao in a group setting yet I had no idea what journey I was embarking on. The group ceremonies were great, yet it is through the intensive and intimate one to one cacao work received through this training that I can explore the most subtle of flavors of this connection. Also being able to tune in and create my own recipes precisely as needed on the day is a great thing.. Each drink is a medicine. It’s been a few intense weeks since we started the training and cacao has been as loving as demanding a teacher, always giving precisely what I needed to receive. It has enriched my practice in so many ways, especially through deepening into the body and the heart. It helped me to release and heal a long forgotten trauma – something I was completely unaware of, despite it underlying my whole relationship to the world. Cacao has given me strength where I needed it, softness where it was necessary, and loving support when I was falling into pieces due to the intense processes I go through these days. I would sincerely recommend this work to anyone looking to deepen their opening to the realms of the heart, and perhaps especially to men who could safely, in their own pace and without anyone looking :) warm up to the matters of the heart (the same stands for those women who are more grounded in the male principle).”

Ola Devi, Spain

Photographer, Visual Artist + Sacred Cacao Medicine Carrier, 3faeries

“I cried all the way through reading the PDF Guidebook! It felt like such a coming Home…”

Julie Gibbons, Scotland

Artful Self Discovery Guide + Sacred Cacao Medicine Carrier, Julie Gibbons Creative

“This program puts you in touch with what is sitting within. Not only are you able to deepen your personal practice but you become more in tune with your own energy and are always asked to step up to meet your authentic self with Cacao. The instructions given in the manual allow you to explore what this means for you in a very clear way along with the videos and suggested ceremony practices. The support is very much in place should you choose to offer this sacred medicine for others. Everything needed for you to begin is held within the pages and videos/mp3’s…and it all feels like playtime…with Chocolate!”

Michelle Hastie, Scotland

Holistic Therapist, Teacher + Sacred Cacao Medicine Holder, Inner Light

“I have been working with Annu since she started holding Cacao Ceremonies, which has been mind blowing on occasions, and also heart breaking. I have found plant medicine different to any other work I’ve done. I’ve been able to connect in with my feminine energy, which I was not aware of before or how strong it could feel. I wanted to be able to connect with this medicine on a more regular time scale, but this could not happen. I had no idea how to proceed with this and wanted to ask Annu where I could go… So when she said this training was going ahead I knew I had to do it. I know I will grow in many ways and look forward to sharing it with the people that want to connect with Cacao.”

Karen Baker, Scotland

Myofascial Release Therapist, Shamanic + Reiki Practitioner, Remedial Massage Therapist + Sacred Cacao Medicine Holder

“I’ve been working with Annu and Cacao in beautiful, enriching feminine circle for a little while and it’s been part of a massive transformational journey for me. Ritual and ceremony are a very important part of the process and I have been exploring my own personal practice with this sacred plant medicine. The material provided in this training is really well presented and easy to follow – I loved the instruction video so I could really visually connect with how to prepare my Cacao… it will easily get you started on your own delicious exploration. I would Highly Wildly recommend saying a Great big juicy YES to this exciting opportunity and diving in to play full out. Have FUN!!!”

Lokantina, Scotland

Dance/Movement Facilitator + Sacred Cacao Medicine Holder, Limitless Roar of Love

“Annu, the multitude of resources you created and divined have provided such deep, nourishing guidance that all I needed to bring to the experience was my own curiosity for learning. Each of the offerings from the guidebook with its ceremonial instructions and recipes, the breathing exercises and music program were profound. With each step and every deepening, I felt fully supported. And what has emerged is a deep commitment to my own daily ritual with cacao and to sharing the inner transformation that cacao ceremony allows.”

Nicole Gnutzman

Founder, Chocolatier + Sacred Cacao Medicine Holder, Essence by Chocolate

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