The Sheiling

at Cove, Cockburnspath


The Sheiling (pronounced Sheeling) is my beautiful, new workspace located in the rural coastal hamlet of Cove, near Cockburnspath in the Scottish Borders.

Here, I offer Holistic Bodywork, Mentoring, Ancient-Future Maps Community Ceremonies to mark the 8-fold year, Trainings, Events and 1-1 Retreats (coming soon!).

This cosy, peaceful self-contained space will also be available to hire for personal retreats/holidays in the warmer months.

We look forward to welcoming you here!

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The Sheiling is a sweet, rustic cabin that is indicative of this local coastal area. It is a self-contained space including a small workable kitchen, bathroom with electric shower, and an open living/working space. It also has a decked verandah area for extra out-door living that will keep you dry, no matter the weather.

The Sheiling has hot running water, electricity/heating, and we’ve just installed a new multi-fuel stove for peat and log fires that makes the space very cosy and welcoming.

As a community space, it fits 10 persons comfortably. I ask folks to bring their own cushions/zafus to community events but there are also chairs and a comfortable sofa available for those who would prefer that support.

As holiday and personal retreat lodgings, there is room for up to two people and it will be furnished and fully-equipped accordingly.

The Sheiling sits in a private walled south-facing garden overlooking the neighbouring field and small woodland area. There is an outside picnic table and we have plans to build a fire pit as part of the garden restructuring.

Dogs are welcome with a few stipulations we can discuss.

The Sheiling prepared for a community event

Celebrating Imbolc

The Sheiling prepared for 1-1 work

Looking out into the garden from the Sheiling



The Sheiling stands on a well-rested piece of land that used to be the communal gardens and organic planting ground for the coastguard and fishing community back in the day. It was left wild for many years and only recently has begun to be worked again. We are really glad that this space can still be offered as a source of support and nourishment for community nearby and for those willing to travel here.

It’s important to us to consciously tend and work with the land here in an animistic way, through collaborative means in which the natural cycles, elements, rhythms and energetic beings of this place are honoured and respected in this healthy working relationship.

Folks are welcome to come and join me for volunteer garden days to learn how to work with land spirits in this way, and if you just enjoy getting hands into the soil and sharing grounding time outdoors – send me an email to let me know you’re interested and I’ll notify you of upcoming dates.



Cove and Cockburnspath are listed as Resilient Communities, which means that they don’t receive full council services but there are active projects and plans by the community themselves on how to fill in the gaps and take care of one another.

The village of Cove is perched atop the cliffs on a wild and dynamic conservation coastline of the North Sea, which is a wonder to behold of working fisherfolk, geological beauty and ancient smugglers caves – much-loved by wild swimmers, hikers, snorkelers and surfers.

And just along the road is the headland of Siccar Point, which is considered the birthplace of modern Geology via Hutton’s Unconformity.

The Southern Upland Way, Scotland’s first coast-to-coast walking path, passes through Cove and Cockburnspath also (handy if you’d like to walk over from Portpatrick!).

Nearby is Pease Dean Scottish Wildlife Reserve – is a beautiful, ancient semi-natural woodland dating back to the end of the last ice age. Ferns, mosses and liverworts thrive in these moist, sheltered deans. In spring and summer, the woodland floor is cloaked with a bluebell, primrose and wood anemone blanket. Butterflies, including speckled wood, roe deer, otters, bats and song thrush are drawn to these displays.

I highly recommend incorporating any of these places as part of your visit, and if you can, make a day of it!

Rock formations at Cove Harbour

Dunglass Gorge

Forest walking at Smeaton Estate

Cove at sunrise



Please use the postcode TD13 5XD to find COVE CAR PARK on google maps to plan your journey.

Cove is situated just off the A1 artery that runs directly between Edinburgh and London.

Visiting The Sheiling is by invitation only via booking.



Take the A1 south from Edinburgh heading towards Berwick Upon Tweed. After passing the outskirts of Dunbar, the A1 will lead you to the Cockburnspath roundabout. Take the exit heading left to COVE and PEASE BAY CARAVAN PARK. Then take the next left, which is a single track road with a sign saying COVE ONLY.

Drive down the road (please drive slow for the sake of animals & wee humans), around the bend and through the village until you reach COVE PUBLIC CAR PARK on the right hand side at the end of the road. Park your car here for free.

Then walk back along the road you have just driven down, turning round the bend again. To the left, you will see an opening in the wall with a sign on the left-hand side saying THE OLD COASTGUARD LOOKOUT and another sign on the right-hand side on the wall saying 1-5 COASTGUARD COTTAGES.

Walk into the resident car park and up onto the grassy bank on the right-hand side, past the washing lines – please mind your step here as the ground can be uneven. At the end of the grassy bank, turn right and you’ll see the seagrass-green wooden cabin of The Sheiling.

If visuals work better for you, please download and/or print out this map, which shows you exactly where to go.



If you are not travelling by car and are making your journey via public transport links to community events, please let me know ASAP and I’ll help you out. It may be possible for me to arrange a car-share with other participants in exchange for a small fuel-donation to the driver, so do let me know.


The nearest train station is at Dunbar, and direct trains run there from Glasgow Central/Queen Street, Edinburgh Waverley and London Kings Cross 7 days a week. You can find timetable/routes here.


This journey couldn’t be much easier! If you are getting the train up from London Kings Cross, disembark at Berwick-Upon-Tweed and then catch the Borders Bus 235 to the Cockburnspath underpass. The bus station in Berwick is right next to the train station. Follow the below directions to take the 5 minute walk to The Sheiling from Cockburnpath underpass!



Alternatively, you can get the the Borders Bus 235 directly from Edinburgh Bus Station to Cockburnspath. Ask the driver to let you off at the Cockburnspath underpass, just after the Cockburnspath roundabout. The walk to The Sheiling from here is just 5 minutes. Walk through the underpass and as you emerge you will see the single track road with a sign saying COVE ONLY.

Walk down this road until you almost reach the bend in the road. On the right hand side you will see an opening in the wall, with a sign on the left-hand side saying THE OLD COASTGUARD LOOKOUT and on the right, a sign saying 1-5 COASTGUARD COTTAGES.

Walk into the resident car park and up onto the grassy bank on the right-hand side, past the washing lines – please mind your step here as the ground can be uneven. At the end of the grassy bank, turn right and you’ll see the seagrass-green wooden cabin of The Sheiling.

If visuals work better for you, please view the Google Map route of the walk from Cockburnspath village bus stop to the entrance of Coastguard Cottages.

The Eastcoast X7 bus service also runs between Edinburgh (leaving from Princes Street) and Dunbar 7 days per weeks. Other bus times and routes can be found here.



Taxis can be hired between Dunbar to Cove, and on average a one-way journey cost about £26. This can work out reasonable if a few folks share the cost (for events, etc). Local taxi firms are listed below:

Torrance Taxis

WB Taxis

Any More Questions?

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