Client-Practitioner Agreement

clarifying our container

Client-Practitioner Agreement

IMPORTANT: Please take the time to read through this agreement, so that you can understand how we can best work together.

It’s my intention to hold a clear space and container for your process, so this agreement supports our foundation of honesty, integrity, mutual respect and clear communication. If you have any questions about this agreement and my terms, please feel free to discuss them with me directly.

I also advise that you read through the Terms & Conditions of Use. You can find further site terms and agreements in the Privacy Policy & Cookie Policy.

All session payments are non-refundable and are taken as your full agreement to these terms. Unfortunately, refunds outside of the below-stated policy cannot be given for arriving late to sessions, leaving early, illness or unforeseen circumstances that require you to withdraw from any and all scheduled sessions.

Payment, Booking, Cancellation & Refunds

I ask that you please pay for your session BEFORE our agreed meeting time. All session purchases are made via PayPal or bank transfer in Sterling currency and are non-refundable.

Once you have paid for your session, please email me to arrange the best meeting time for both of us. I do my best to cooperate with the times that are possible for you and according to time-zone differences, although late evenings (UK time) and weekends are generally not possible, unless by special arrangement and circumstances.

I practice a 24-hour cancellation policy. This means that you will need to give me a minimum of 24 hours’ notice to cancel or reschedule your session appointment without charge. Please cancel as soon as possible if a foreseeable event is likely to prevent you from attending, for example, illness or double-booking your time.

If you wish to reschedule within 24 hours of your appointment date and let me know before the day itself, I will do my best to not charge you the full session fee.

If you request to reschedule on the day of your agreed appointment or are a no-show, you will be charged the full session fee.

Client Health & Well-Being

State of Being & General Health: please inform me of any particular challenging or unique conditions you experience, whether these may be mental, emotional or physical (the latter only being relevant if it’s contextual to our work together). It’s my deep commitment to never judge and to meet you in compassion and understanding regarding the nature of your challenges and any particular suffering you may experience around that.

My work and offerings are firmly rooted in inclusivity and intend to be supportive of your full well-being and what you need for this to flower in your life. I also ask to be informed of any holistic or pharmaceutical medicines you are taking for mental health, psychiatric and behavioural conditions where possible.

Intoxication: please ensure that you are not under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs at the time of your session. If you are, then our session will need to be discontinued immediately and rescheduled for a time of sobriety. The full session fee will still apply. This is for your best interest and mine.


Confidentiality and At-Risk Situations: all information that you share with me is strictly confidential and I treat it with the utmost respect and compassion. Anything we discuss during your sessions stays within the sacred container of our sharing together.

If I feel you are at serious risk, or potentially in a state of serious self-harm, I will strongly encourage you to seek additional support outside of our client-practitoner container.

I will always be completely upfront about this and seek your understanding and collaboration regarding putting in place the additional support you need. Ultimately, it will be your sole responsibility to do so. I strongly reiterate again that personal sessions & mentoring with me is not a replacement for, or to be used as, psychiatric support or counselling services.

Vulnerable Clients

You must be 18 years or older to receive personal sessions & mentoring work with me, or 16 years old with parental or guardian consent.

Vulnerable adults: Adult clients who either lack the capacity to give informed consent or who need additional support to make life decisions, must be accompanied by a carer or guardian/friend during our session meetings together. This is to support the full benefit of our session work, and for me to know that you are being appropriately supported in your decision-making processes, according to your needs and best interest.

General Conduct

Respect: it is important that we have mutual consideration and respect for each other. This creates a nurturing, honest & trust-worthy space.

Please note that I offer a professional, dignified service and will not accept inappropriate requests or behaviours. If I feel that a boundary is being breached or that certain behaviour is inappropriate, I will communicate this to you clearly and directly. I reserve the right to discontinue our work together immediately if this is not respected and the sessions paid for will be non-refundable.


Thank you for taking the time to read this important information! I very much look forward to our work, play & sharing together via personal sessions & mentoring.