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Have you engaged in session work, ceremony, immersions and/or retreat with me? Feedback and reflections are always appreciated… welcome to send via the form below (please include the event/work type you participated in).

“Annu, retreating online with you is one of the greatest gifts I’ve given my self and deepening Into Being. Your Grace, Humour, Love and down to earth practical Human Wisdom comes through in everything offered. I can feel that you’ve LIVED every thing shared and this transmission comes alive in the practices you lead me into. The recognition of the 3 cornerstone practices – Meditation, Prayer and Movement – already established in my life was so encouraging. And then your weaving them into the container that Invites Surrender across all aspects felt like an alchemical activation into Deepening, Coming into Being, in this Body. This volcano of intensity is still burning ….. forehead to the ground, thank you…” – Personal Practice Retreat participant, female

“I recommend Annu’s work because she is dedicated to sharing deep truths from the experience of her own being. She is clear, true and caring in her work. No BS!” – Personal Practice Retreat participant

“Deep gratitude and Love for you Annu, and the space that you held. It has been quite a while since I have plumbed the depths that you invited in this ceremony and I am still integrating all that has been made aware to me (small-self recognising abandoned-self/shadow/deamon). Thank you so much for this powerful GIFT.” – Death Lodge Ceremony participant, male

“Thank you so much for your love, devotion and commitment to Truth. It was a powerful time, challenging and beautiful. My integration is arising in simple ways and life is still rather a storm of grief, which is slowly giving way to a very tender heart that is growing in kindness and love. You offered and held us in a strong vessel so we could surrender to what was called for each of us. What a courageous loving woman you are. I thank you for taking a stand to bring this work through, to be willing to stand alone if necessary, shaking and trembling, with a heart humble yet fierce and passionate, and willing to be vulnerable beyond all ideas of what it means to come into our power and love. I bow to your light sister and what it has taken to bring her through.” – Women’s Retreat in Spain participant, female

“You amaze me Annu! Your execution of this is so masterful and appreciated… Celestial and earthy, balanced and whole, thank you!” –  Personal Practice Retreat participant, male

“More than two weeks has passed since I experienced the ceremony with Annu and an amazing, supportive group of sisters ~ and I’m still struggling for words to express the experience. I had read that the medicine helped with healing of the body and spirit, but I didn’t expect it to be so deeply personal, beautiful and insightful. The experience was like a light being switched on inside me again and I found myself saying ‘how could I have forgotten all this?!’. It took me to a place that I can only really describe as the Source and I am so completely grateful for being reminded of this. I can already see how it has allowed me to approach my life differently after many years of struggle, and I would recommend this plant teacher to anyone who feels ready to be guided to make some profound changes in their life.” – Sacred Ceremony participant, female

“The work you are offering, Annu, is SO profound, and your dedication, skill, experience and depth is evident and makes this feel such a safe place. I just want to say a massive, heartfelt THANK YOU!” – Personal Practice Retreat participant, female

“I have known Annu for about five years and have sat in ceremony with her many times in various settings. I have had the privilege of watching her evolve over that time, and she has been a big part of my own personal and spiritual transformation. Annu is both extremely real and grounded, and almost ethereal in her personal beauty, which runs deep and encompasses all aspects of her self. Her knowledge of the medicines with which she works, her understanding of what it is to be human, and her devotion to Life and to all of us who share it with her, combine to make her deeply trustworthy even in the most vulnerable of situations. She really is remarkable in ways that are impossible to describe, and actually, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love her. I can’t say enough good things about this woman, and I can’t express in words the difference she has made to me over the years. What I can say is that anyone who places themselves in her hands will be held safely and cared for with tenderness and love.” – Kambo & Sacred Ceremony participant, female

“I’ve participated in several medicine journeys hosted by Annu. Each time has been deeply transformational. I’ve been very grateful for Annu’s care and presence throughout, she has a natural selflessness and generosity of spirit which I connect with in trust. She is both very well organised and care-full in her work and consideration of others. An enlightened woman with her feet on the ground. I have so much respect for her and thus highly recommend.” – Kambo Initiation participant, male

“Working together over 3 months with Annu has been incredible. I feel like a new person, who has shed the burdens of sub-optimal beliefs and the identity ingrained since childhood. I’ve looked into all of the dark and/or ignored places of my own psyche and family, including heavy ancestral history, shone a bright light on them, and forgiven everything and everyone, especially myself. I feel amazing – so much lighter, stronger, bolder, and ready to really show up in the world. I have so much gratitude for Annu, the medicine, the teachings I’ve received, and for life itself. Its beauty is beyond words. Thank you!” – Kambo Initiation & Sacred Ceremony participant, female

“Appreciation of your mastery, Annu, and how you weave it all together. I’ve never experienced depth of access into my sexuality like this before. Conscious. Loving. Inviting. Yum.” – Retreat participant, female

“Thank you, Annu Tara. Your realness and wisdom is oh so very clear. You have a genuine deep love and care, with no judgment. I’ve felt this so strong throughout this journey. Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart and the depth of my soul”. – Personal Practice Retreat participant, female

“This is precious, precious work.” – 1-1 Client & Personal Practice Retreat participant, female

“I am celebrating ~ I’ve been organically drawn to practice every day since the end of the retreat, apart from one when work took over. I never thought this would be possible. I have spent years trying to establish a regular spiritual practice and every time I gave up after a while. What’s changed this time is the music: Annu’s playlists and the simplicity of her teaching: relaxing the mind, heart and body. This creates a powerful and irresistible container! It’s just amazing! Another thing is I am much faster at spotting argumentative and draining head spaces than before and put boundaries around them… and I SO enjoy bringing an inner relaxed space into my daily life – something I’ve been longing for for years. In fact I am blown away by the power of this!” – 1-1 Client & Personal Practice Retreat participant, female

“Annu is a deep and powerful presence, welcoming you into yourself, guiding, holding you into that place with incredible care and warmth, inviting the full flowering of your own unique being from Pure Love. It is truly a Divine gift to experience her work.” – Personal Practice Retreat participant, female

“The space of this retreat with the material and all of your sharings, video and written in the morning email inspired so much something in me that moves towards a deeper and deeper Truth… I can feel that there are keys you shared that I now am finding that I’m using to open doors in life… and a opening up of the Wisdom Body. In fact, a real feel of coming into the body occurred, whilst feeling the heart open, all in space… a real coming together of these.” – Personal Practice Retreat participant, female

“I very much recommend this work… so inspiring for personal practice. Also, I love that everything points to our inner authority, as for myself I see that theres a tendency to trust something external over what’s true inside… so deeply integrating the body, heart and the mind … everything is included, and in the space here, this really touched me. Lots of heart-felt gratitude for the sharing .” – Personal Practice Retreat participant, female

“The intuitive support first coming from the connection between me and you, the innate trust (trust that you’re loving me unconditionally, meaning that no matter and how I might have shared, you will be my back, guiding me), then the Self could be truthful as to share itSelf nakedly. A total experience of vulnerability, and a total experience of acceptance of the Self, initially by you and the group, feminine and masculine, it’s very healing in a sense; and now I understand it’s from me, my own acceptance of mySelf that had let it happen.” – Personal Practice Retreat participant, male

“It is difficult to describe the depth of offering from Annu Tara… through daily practices and invitational suggestions, individual work, group sharing and ceremony, you are encouraged and supported to deepen your own self-exploration. The atmosphere created is one of warmth and kindness, where all of our selves are welcome. The touch is light, the healing possible profound. Very grateful.” – Sacred Ceremony & Personal Practice Retreat participant

“I think the most underpinning thing for me, was that the depth of your own experience, knowledge and practice is evident. Your skill creates a container in which everyone, it seems, feels safe to explore the particularities of their own journeys. So, it was that space, and then the fact that everything is grounded in the body, in the here and now – that there is no dogma, no sense of what ‘should’ be done, or how. In fact there is no bossing. The term invitational is great!” – Personal Practice Retreat participant

“I think what I received was recognition and support. I really felt part of the group, and I was amazed at how successful it was.” – Personal Practice Retreat participant

“I have developed a good antennae for practitioners that are the real deal, that really walk their talk, and there don’t seem to be that many that meet my exacting standards! But you definitely do.” – Sacred Ceremony & Personal Practice Retreat participant, female

“This has been such a gift to receive from Annu, but a truly wonderful gift for me from me. I have worked with Annu now for a good number of years and i have built a trust in allowing her to take me to the depths I’ve needed. I like the way she shows her own vulnerability, nakedness, to the world. Her work is simple and easy to digest. This retreat has given me back some thing that I didn’t think i would ever feel: Unconditional LOVE. I’m not saying it has all been plain sailing and easy, far from it. But the support I receive makes the edges softer so I am able to take another step forward. I would recommend Annu’s work to anyone that is looking for Truth and Love. With much love and gratitude.” – 1-1 Client, Sacred Ceremony & Personal Practice Retreat participant

“Beautiful depth of work, wonderfully held and created to support me to get a sweet taste of what a life lived in Truth could really look like. Thank you…” – Personal Practice Retreat participant

“An understanding that spiritual practice can be enjoyable and pleasurable. An re-affirmation of the power of music to facilitate the entry in this space. An experience that it’s possible to stay engaged in life and settle in this space to find stillness, pleasure and relaxation – this one is hugely valuable for me. Also, this way of practicing with music suits me deeply. This confirms other practices I’ve loved deeply like Interplay or Biodanza. I found permission to enter into sensual space and recognised the power of my mind to make excuses for me not to do it. It was also revealed how much I love my body and my Self, my life; as well as how much pleasure I get from my body when I allow myself to sink in this place. This week I found hope that I can engage with this crazy world and at the same time be resourced from a deep place of pleasure, sensual awareness, heart tender energy, as well as sexual strength and vitality.” – 1-1 Client & Personal Practice Retreat participant, female

“This retreat has given me profound yet simple keys to Entering into my Body Deeper. I’m realising what ’embodiment’ actually tastes and feels like, and how it moves in and through me. There’s so much “more of me under my skin”!” – Personal Practice Retreat participant

“I feel safe, held, loved and seen by Annu, in all ways.” – Personal Practice Retreat participant

“I had NO CLUE of how profoundly deep the practices would take me into embodiment on a whole new level.” – Personal Practice Retreat participant

“Ah, so hard to put into words but feel I have been placed back in my heart and intuition. Back to my True Self to rediscover the adventure of being alive… Bliss… the Presence of Annu, and the confidence emanating from her that the heart is the right path.” – Personal Practice Retreat participant

“A tremendous thank you to Annu and everyone, for providing a space where duality can be resolved and love can be realised as the true heart of one’s being.” – Personal Practice Retreat participant, male

“Thank you ever so much for this beautiful container. Feeling held in opening deeper into meeting myself in Love, to be silent with everything, to be in love with everything and to be willing to feel it all… breathing into opening, breathing into feeling, breathing into letting go of the structures that no longer serve… making time and space to cultivate simply Being.” – Personal Practice Retreat participant

“This retreat feels like a ceremony of remembrance… or like many have said, “a Coming Home”. I feel the invitations each day ignited and enlivened forgotten pieces of myself, sparking life and light into my body and spirit. I enjoyed discovering how much I love playing in the sensory, pleasure, beauty realms… Yes! I intend to bring these teachings into my daily life and continue to work with these energies in my cozy nest, as it feels so rich and I know there is so much more for me to discover. Feeling relaxed, balanced, joyful, receptive, inward, curious, joyful, and grateful. Blessings Annu Tara, In beauty.” – Personal Practice Retreat participant, female

“It was my experience that these ten days were full of being up extremely close with Life and still, the teachings were exactly perfect in what truths they showed up for me. Thank you, dearest sister Annu – endlessly, uncompromisingly from the soul’s yearning to be free, be whole, be true (and here we are.) Love you big.” – 1-1 Client, Sacred Ceremony & Personal Practice Retreat participant, female

“So much love and gratitude for you all, for this life, for this path and even/especially the confusion, pain, etc which has been such an accurate teacher… Thank you Annu, especially for your profound heartfelt holding. Love.” – Personal Practice Retreat participant, female

“Wow Woman. Thank you for all you are, the space you hold and love you pour into everything. This is definitely a home coming into deeper levels. My body response of lay and digest (like a snake in the sun after a very full-filling meal) confirms this. Giving my self permission to be Still in Devotion on this grey-white-drizzly day. I love You.” – Personal Practice Retreat participant, female

“I would like to express my gratitude and a big, big thank you to you Annu Tara! This was my first online home retreat and I really loved it and I will continue to work with the practices/topics for sure. I have learned a lot in the 10 days and I am deeply grateful for this and also the open and honest sharing here and in the zoom meetings. THANK YOU!!!!” – Personal Practice Retreat participant

“Tremendous gratitude to Annu for orchestrating such a magnificent retreat program, and for supporting all of our various strands in this lovely web we have woven for ourselves, and as a group.” – Personal Practice Retreat participant

“Thank you, Annu, for the creation of this, the holding and empowerment into these places that call for us. It’s been good to feel here and experience the authenticity and honest sharing. I have felt a deeper connection in myself and with others as a result. Love you lot’s.” – Personal Practice Retreat participant

“Oh Annu, I love you, Woman. Sneaking me right up to what I have always thought of as a razor sharp edge for me, gently removing the blindfold and with an inviting nudge tilting me over the edge… and pointing out I had wings all along. Gulp! Thank you, Annu. The sacred feels returned to my self pleasure practice. I’m going to worship here more. And often.” – Personal Practice Retreat participant, female

“Thank you so, Annu. I too feel the beauty and mastery in the ways you share here, and am so deeply grateful to be a part of it!” – Personal Practice Retreat participant

“I feel deep, soft gratitude to you, Annu, for this offering. And to myself for showing up to meet it. Such a beautiful gift.” – Personal Practice Retreat participant

“Annu, thank you. You explain things very well. This is so missing from ‘out there’, and is a key area for me right now. This is where i’m really appreciating feminine practise and spirituality, and learning from this. Understanding that it shouldn’t just be labelled feminine practise, but it’s from where the path is opening these days. Thank God for you\all women. The practise you offer here is a deepening of purification into these lower areas and an enlivening of Truth down there. So, I continue my journey and practise with the inclusion of these keys. Thank yooooouuuuu xxxx” – Personal Practice Retreat participant, male

“I Love You, Woman. Thank you for your gentle, truthful, raw, spot on, deep wisdom, fierce compassionate guidance. Phew!” – Personal Practice Retreat participant

“Thank you, Annu… I am so much appreciating your words – the stripping back, the simplicity, the relaxation, the surrender, the integration, all the pieces – you so clearly express what resonates so deeply within this one.” – Personal Practice Retreat participant