Finding Ground

a FREE weekly drop-in online group for support, sharing & community care

Are you struggling to orientate yourself in these current times of instability & change?

Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed by the collective fear & chaos ?

Do you feel called to connect with a community of peer-practitioners for support, inspiration & connection?

FINDING GROUND is a free weekly online drop-in space for the purpose of support, sharing & community care in these times of change.

Weekly meetings simply offer a container of well-held space to engage some basic practice of meditation, dropping into the body, honest connection & peer-to-peer discussion.

All welcome!



WHEN: Every Wednesday at 7pm UTC. Gatherings will be one hour in length. Use this link to find your local time.

WHAT DO I NEED: One free hour in your own home where you won’t be disturbed. A decent wifi connection and a laptop, desktop computer, smart phone or other device that has audio and from which you can access the internet.

HOW TO JOIN: You can join the gathering by clicking on the Zoom link below. The same link will be used for each weekly meeting.

Zoom is a free, safe video conference App used for our gatherings. Once you click on the link at the scheduled meeting time, please agree to download the App. The meeting room will open up automatically with the choice to join with your camera on or off.

It’s best to close down all other Apps, audio programs and browser pages before joining as this supports your wifi connection.

N.B.: Please note that announcements connected to FINDING GROUND gatherings will be made on this Facebook page – please check for regular updates



FINDING GROUND meetings have now finished.

If you found them useful at all, you may wish to consider joining my membership program called FROM THE GROUND UP.

There we have monthly live events, ceremonies and practice immersions as well as regular online get-togethers for sharing and digestion as well.

Info and registration are via the link below…

I can’t actually tell you how much I appreciate the work you do, and the energetic and spiritual standards you maintain. I see it and deeply appreciate it.

– Tracy Owens, online & in-person participant

Who Is This Work For?

This is work is open and available to all humans over the age of 16 years. I’m deeply committed to offering a non-bias space that honours our mutual humanity and therefore the inclusivity of all gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age (other than above stipulation), ability, and religious or spiritual rooting.

You are invited to show up exactly as you are.

About Annu

I’m a mid-life woman and mother currently deepening my life, well-being and creativity in the tiny hamlet of Cove in the rural Scottish Borders.

However, first and foremost, I consider myself to be a dedicated practitioner of Embodying Truth.

My professional background is in Holistic Bodywork, Shamanism, Ceremony and Social Anthropology.

I’m a life-long practitioner of ritual practice. I apprenticed in Hawai’i for three years where I learned deeper about Ceremony as a Planetary Offering, and becoming a teacher-facilitator of sacred dance and energy work, which I’ve shared in Germany, Denmark, Russia, Spain, UK, Peru and Bolivia.

I have been working closely with teacher and beloved friend, Aisha Salem, since 2012, receiving from her profound keys of silence, wisdom and radical compassion born through the Mind, Heart and Belly.

Under her care, I entered a two-year retreat from 2014-16, which initiated in me the unfolding of the Truth-body and delivered me into the ongoing and direct teaching of Reality as the River of Life.

For the past year, I’ve also been studying and practicing with Christina Pratt in Shadow Transformation Protocol, Energy Body Mastery, Energy Body Clearing, and Ancestral Healing.

You can read more here.

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