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“From the moment I stepped into Annu’s space, I felt completely welcomed and cared for. She has such a magical light about her that you feel instantly loved, instantly special. She took the time to sit with me, to talk me through what she would be doing and shared a bit of the path that brought her to offer this type of therapy.

So when the bodywork began, I felt that I could truly relax, release and allow myself to receive. Over the next two hours, through the language of touch, Annu gently, and oh so lovingly, told me that it was OK to be in my body – that my body was a safe place.”

– Holistic Bodywork Client

“Well, what can I say… that was a most amazing massage. Sorry for not being in touch before now but it has taken me a few days to come down from the place you took me – totally amazing, relaxing and spiritual.

Not only is your touch perfect but the depth of your spirit is overwhelming and your soul is gorgeous. So a very big thank you from me!”

– Holistic Bodywork Client

“I was introduced to Annu at a time when I was in a place in my life where I didn’t know how to move on or where to go to find the help that I needed. Sometimes my treatment took me to difficult places that I didn’t really want to go to or look at, but with Annu’s compassion and wisdom, I have been able to face things like tears, anger, joy and pain, which I have just pushed down and down.

I am also learning to reconnect with my body and awaken my sexual energy, which has been closed for many years. Learning to find and use this energy, which has not been easy, has brought about a major transformation in me on so many levels. I now realise that I am worth something and have a lot to offer people. This work with Annu is a two-way thing and you have to commit to taking responsibility for your share of the work, and allow yourself to go deep and feel. Thank you”.

– Holistic Bodywork Client

I went to Annu expecting a massage. I left with the unexpected feeling of having been wrapped in a cocoon of pure love. Wonderful!– Holistic Bodywork Client

“It takes a very special kind of person to make you feel comfortable in what could be, for many, an unknown situation. Annu achieves this as she respectfully, gently, and compassionately allows each person their truth while guiding them to a new truth hidden deep inside the very tissues, muscles and cells of their body. You know the Marks and Spencer’s ad? Annu is this for Holistic Bodywork.

You will be naked, and yet completely covered. You might feel vulnerable and yet are kept so safe. You might feel awake and yet you are in another dimension. You will feel your body being touched, and yet it’s your soul. You might want to cry or laugh, and yet you know not why. You might think you’ve been there for 5 minutes and yet it’s been over two hours!”

– Holistic Bodywork Client

“I just wanted to say that I have appreciated very much feeling accepted unconditionally by yourself throughout all the work that we have done together over the past few months – thank you very much for that, for your wisdom and also, just for being totally yourself and comfortable with that self – it is so refreshing and liberating to be around such a presence, and healing too.  

I have moved forward, I feel that, and I know I will continue to do so. I admire so much your courage to be prepared to give up what you have already in all its facets  for what you can become.”

– Holistic Bodywork Client

“I actually can’t imagine not visiting Annu again, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. If, like me, you have never received a holistic massage or bodywork before, please know that Annu holds a space so safe and sacred, that you can let go of any apprehension you may feel about allowing your body to be seen or touched. 

And as for me? Well, I left feeling like I’ve taken another step towards fully inhabiting my physical self. I left with the knowledge that I could allow myself to receive, that I could let myself re-enter my skin. I left feeling like I’d been given back an important piece of myself that I thought I’d lost. I left feeling embodied. 

Thank you, Annu, for sharing your light, your grace in such a transformative way. I feel so blessed to have received such loving touch through your hands.”

– Holistic Bodywork Client

“Truly my time with Annu was one of very deep love as I let her show me ‘me’.  My body felt safe to come home to. As Annu worked on my tummy, I felt deep calm and truth. It was an extremely precious moment, our tummies can be so shunned and despised. The last time someone had lovingly touched my tummy had been 15 years ago, to that very day, when I was giving birth to my youngest. 

Annu has intuitive, magical hands. She has a warm, accepting and loving nature. She has an ability to see you and show you your own beauty. Annu is a professional in a world where there are many amateurs. I integrate slowly and over the week, I’ve watched and felt my body differently, how the energy flows, where it can stick, feeling my way into releasing it.

Annu, I am deeply appreciative for your work and love and am so looking forward to ‘being’ with you again.” – Holistic Bodywork Client

“This bodywork is a total pleasure and honour to receive – rarely do I meet someone so able to easily and effortlessly give so much, and it seemed to just keep coming! For almost a full two hours, I floated in a state of relaxation and bliss, the body fully letting go, the awareness becoming elevated, and spirit coming to peace.

All in all, I concluded that Annu is a wonderful being with a great capacity for love, devotion and sharing. This comes through very clearly in her bodywork, as does the deep sacredness of the experience. I highly recommend this bodywork experience from Annu to everyone.”

– Holistic Bodywork Client

“When making efforts to describe the bodywork received from Annu, it’s initially challenging to avoid either a very long explanation or descriptions of an enthusiastically Californianesque magnitude…so I’ve decided to allow myself just such an expression, akin to what I feel.

Maybe the clearest aspect of the bodywork is its multi-layered nature. From simply relaxing into my body and allowing myself to be nurtured, to more fully accepting myself in entirety, many layers were peeled off and I felt totally at ease.  Very quickly under Annu’s care and guidance, I felt myself moving deeper, to a beautifully peaceful, sacred, accepting place within”

– Holistic Bodywork Client

“I’ve had a lot of massages over the years – running a Holistic Therapy Centre and working in massage we often do exchanges, so I’ve experienced many different styles and approaches. But the massages I’ve had from Annu were simply outstanding, she is such a talented and intuitive body-worker.

She seems to pick up on every bit of tension, every aching muscle, and feel her way in to gently easing it out of my body. Her years of experience really show, and you can feel how much she cares. One massage from Annu and you won’t need to go anywhere else!”

– Holistic Bodywork Client

“My body felt freer – my heart soft – and my thinking mind was able to relax and ‘let go’ after my exquisite bodywork session with Annu Tara, which is way more than ‘just a massage’. The beautiful setting, the clear space that has been delicately created with light, music and soft scents felt welcoming and safe as I relaxed into the magical and therapeutic touch of Annu’s intuitive hands. Thank you for a deeply calming as well as energising body, heart and soul experience – I will be back for more!”

– Holistic Bodywork Client

“I received a Holistic Bodywork treatment from the gifted practitioner Annu. I now know I shall not seek to find anywhere or anyone who can provide such work again. My session with Annu was the best bodywork I have ever had. The care and attention I received far outweighed any other form of massage I have ever experienced.

The attention to each part of my body was amazing and the love and dedication that Annu applies into her work (therefore you) I really cannot describe. Wonderful, magical and blissful. Even the smaller parts of your body such as the ankles receive just as much care as would your whole back area.”

– Holistic Bodywork Client

“The treatment room is beautiful and the music played easily helps to surrender into a deep restful bliss. I felt deeply relaxed and re-energised at the same time. I felt that I had become more aware of my body and the parts I would not normally notice such as my little toes, ankles and calves. I felt soothed and nurtured.

There is no one else that has ever come close to the care and devotion I received from gifted Annu, and her love and care into her work. Most importantly was the time she spent on me, although time quickly vanished, I was aware that my session was not rushed in any form. I would highly recommend Annu’s work for your well-being and my trust was easily laid into her hands.”

– Holistic Bodywork Client


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