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Welcome! Here’s What I Offer…


It’s one of my great joys to offer this deeply holistic combination of 1-1 grounded soul-work, contact bodywork and oil-based massage.


The basis of this work is to support you in this process of finding your own way of coming home to relax in your body and to connect deeper with your soul.


I am an advocate for authentic pleasure and believe it’s the birthright of everyone to be able to enjoy being in their body and to be able to relax into the baseline of joy in life, even when events or experiences are challenging or painful.

It’s my intention to support this as best I can with those I work with.

Background & Approach To What I Offer

I have been cultivating my immense love and care for the human soul, transformational practice and integrative bodywork for over 25 years.

My unique and depth-orientated approach has developed through many years of professional & personal practice, training and exploration in Holistic Massage, Tantsu®, Conscious Touch Work, Breath Work, Ritual & Ceremony, Sacred Dance, Somatic Presencing, Shamanic Practice and my instinctual, intuitive capacity to listen to the body’s wisdom.

Holistic Bodywork sessions are inclusive of the Wholeness my work stands for. This is the core practice of what I’m sharing in terms of uncovering a far more real and true way of being present and alive in our human experience.

In my discovery, this is a relational practice with self, body, soul, land, nature and each other that invites us to relax and open into our essence in a deeply embodied, grounded way.

Our body really is our life – it’s our ground that contains the blueprint of how we are each uniquely made as individual human beings. And it’s through cultivating our listening to the body’s intelligence that we can open up the gifts of our inherent genius, freedom, depth and joy.


This is a process of remembering to rest so deeply and naturally into the truth of who we really are.


The body is inherently intelligent and has its own logic. It is literally designed as a wondrous self-healing system. Mostly, the body knows how to self-correct and realign its balance and harmony.

The biggest obstacle to our body’s natural healing system is our mind, its rigid ideas and simply not fully understanding how to listen to the wisdom of the body as the living ground of our life.

In the context of finding our authentic balance, rhythm, flow and aliveness in life, the body reflects and communicates what is needed in amazing ways.

Sometimes this shows up as pains and aches, other times through deeper malaise or a specific illness or injury. At times we may also find we become exiled from resting openly into our own body through experiences of trauma, fear, anxiety, mental hyperactivity, overwhelm, outer-life busyness, loss of self-connection, and encountering difficult feelings and emotions.

Understanding these terrains and how to work with them support us in embodying more ease, enjoyment and learning how to live harmoniously with the ecology of Life. 

Although there are profound physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits to the bodywork I share, it’s the dedication to Wholeness that offers those I work with a simple yet profound vehicle and transmission for radical nourishment, self-love, relaxation, integration and regenerative well-being.


I’m heretical in my practice in that I don’t subscribe to the idea of fixing ailments or injuries independently of the body and soul’s holistic non-linear intelligence.


The body is a teacher for our life and developing our capacity to listen and be humble with this is both a responsibility we need to embrace and hold lovingly and a source of immense joy, liberation and ease.

Receiving conscious somatic contact and working with the body in a holistic, honouring and collaborative way is one of the most simple and fundamental channels through which we can deeply come home to our self and rest down into not just our bones, but our most naturally-relaxed and open state of being.

Where & When I Offer


I currently offer Holistic Bodywork and 1-1 Mentoring Sessions at my beautiful coastal studio in Cove, Scotland. Appointments by booking only.

The Sheiling at Cove

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs, Fri: various times

TD13 5XD
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“I went to Annu expecting a massage. I left with the unexpected feeling of having been wrapped in a cocoon of pure love. Wonderful!” 

– Holistic Bodywork Client

Holistic Bodywork Can Support:

cultivating the ability to listen to the body's wisdom

relaxing deeper into the truth of who you are in an embodied and grounded way

learning how to listen with your body and understand the realm of Soul through its non-linear intelligence & communication

strengthening your sense of self-connection, self-intimacy and healthy boundaries

receiving grounded, stabilising support and vital keys of guidance during strong passages of personal transformation, spiritual-life initiations, descent and metaphorical-death processes, and your arrival to living more true and real

feeling more alive, beautiful and connected in your body

learning to unwind mental anxieties, neurosis and obscurations by connecting directly with your embodied experience

cultivating your capacity to thoroughly enjoy being in your body and receive your body's natural state of pleasure

learning how to deepen & apply the vital keys of self-intimacy, connection, radical self-love & care

opening up your experience of Life in a more trusting, abundant and supportive way

receiving powerful and compassionate reflection, pragmatic guidance, mutual investigation, grounded tools & practices for deepening your life & embodying truth

engaging in restorative practice where you can fully receive and replenish your well-being

What Happens In A Holistic Bodywork Session?

If we have never worked together before or it’s been some years since you’ve received bodywork with me, I will ask you to complete an online Holistic Bodywork Consultation Form prior to your first appointment.

At the beginning of our session, we will speak in more depth as to what you are currently experiencing and needing from our work together before beginning our contact work. 

Generally, I will begin by simply asking how you are and from this point, you are welcome to begin exploring whatever feels relevant for you in context of our session together. This is simply to help both of us understand at a deeper level what is occurring in your body and psyche and how we may listen deeper to that wisdom and offer grounded support for it.

Each session thereafter will always allow space at the beginning of our time together to share and investigate how you are in yourself and what is showing up in your body prior to beginning bodywork.

Our work is founded in our capacity to be in relaxation together, so this allows for and invites our sharing to be honest, intimate and informal to the degree that you’re comfortable with. This is made possible because I hold a strong clear space and compassionate container for your process.

My facilitation of the space is responsive to what I sense is needed and is a combination of witnessing, deep listening (including listening with my body), offering reflection and feedback, sharing from my own experience, inviting you deeper into process and practice, and exploring together how the threads of your life and embodied experience weave together.

I may ask you questions and invite further investigation or share somatic practices with you.


Bodywork is received without clothing, although if you prefer to leave underwear on, you are welcome to do so. However, your body will be covered by a sheet or blanket and I’m very happy to work with whatever level of physical discretion you are most comfortable with. 

I always begin bodywork sessions with quiet conscious touch (often on the back of the body) so I can listen and attune to your body through my hands. From this point, I will begin working where your body invites me through a combination of movements, contact and oil-based massage.

Occasionally I will speak with you during our bodywork practice and ask for your feedback. I may also guide you in your breath and somatic presencing. At other times, I will quietly allow you to journey inward and relax into our contact and the beautifully crafted seasonal soundtracks that I create specifically for this work.

The depth of space invited allows the soul to unfold, the body to unwind and for self-healing and realignment to occur on multiple levels. Don’t worry if you find that you fall asleep during treatment – I encourage you to just trust that your experience will be exactly what and how you most need.

I will let you know when the bodywork is complete and allow you a few moments to bring your awareness back into the room and come round fully. There may also be some space for a brief sharing here too if that’s helpful.

Then I will give you privacy to get dressed and meet me in the reception area once you are ready.

Who Is Holistic Bodywork For?

I very joyfully offer this practice of bodywork for anyone who wants to relax deeper into themselves and is willing to become more open and present to their embodied experience.

I’m deeply committed to offering a non-bias space that honours our mutual humanity and therefore the inclusivity of all gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, and religious or spiritual rooting.

The only condition at this point is that you must be 18 years or older to receive Holistic Bodywork with me, or 16 years old with parental consent. You don’t need to have any previous experience of bodywork or massage and you’re invited to connect and show up exactly as you are.

Please note that access to my Glasgow clinic involves one flight of stairs and there is currently no ramp or lift for wheelchair access.

What a gift to give someone. To let them know, without words, that they don’t need to walk through life numb and anaesthetised. To put them back in touch with the magic of the physical experience.

To hold the space so beautifully that embodiment becomes a possibility again. To make someone feel cherished and honoured and loved and beautiful.

– Holistic Bodywork Client



To make your booking, follow these three easy steps:


1. select and make your purchase from the options below

2. complete your online Holistic Bodywork Consultation Form

3. email me to arrange a date and time for your appointment. 


Valid for 6 months from date of purchase. 


Valid for 6 months from date of purchase. 


Valid for 6 months from date of purchase. 

Special Financial Circumstances

If these rates are out of your financial reach yet you feel strongly that working with me can support you through a challenging life transition, crisis or self-healing process, please contact me directly to discuss. There may also be the potential to arrange a payment plan. All rights reserved.

Pay It Forward Donations

It’s my experience that quite often people who are experiencing crisis or challenging life transitions and could benefit from the clear support and respite this work offers frequently have little resource to secure this for themselves.

The same goes for those who live on or below the poverty line (including in-work poverty) and those persons who just won’t in any way be able to access this support without our collaborative care-taking and sharing of resources.

The essence of all my work is to provide the support and guidance to dismantle from systems of conditioning that keep us in human deprivation, suffering and brokenness and plug back into the Motherboard for inner authority, sovereignty of our true self, and to begin utilising our inbuilt human GPS systems to navigate and access our inherent soulful self-connection.

If you would like to make a donation, no matter how small, toward sponsoring Holistic Bodywork for someone in such a position, your Pay-It-Forward contribution is most welcome!

Persons making such an application for financial assistance will receive supportive bodywork at a greatly reduced rate, so long as some kind of exchange and partial-support towards this keeps flowing in the form of sponsorship donations. I won’t work for free but I am willing to explore and commit to new forms of economy.

I’m very happy to keep all sponsors looped-in with its progress and where financial aid is being directed.

You can make your donation below securely via your PayPal account or by debit or credit card. Contribution can be a one-off payment or you can choose to offer a rolling monthly sponsorship, which can be easily cancelled at any time.

All amounts are gratefully received in the understanding that we all do what we can when we can, and as we have means to. A huge deep thanks to you if you are able to offer assistance at this time.

Because symptoms lead to soul, the cure of symptoms may also cure away soul, get rid of just what is beginning to show, at first tortured and crying for help, comfort, and love, but which is the soul in the neurosis trying to make itself heard.

The right reaction to a symptom may as well be a welcoming rather than laments and demands for remedies, for the symptom is the first herald of an awakening psyche which will not tolerate any more abuse.

–  James Hillman

A Sharing…

“Annu, thank you so much for blessing me with your Holistic Bodywork. I am almost unable to find the words to describe my gratitude for the depth of experience. You are an experienced and intuitive practitioner. From the first moment I entered your temple I felt held and honoured by the temperature, your space, your rich and hugely appropriate choice of music, the carefully blended scents, your consultation to find out how am I today, your listening and your true words and a warm presence that guided me into entrusting my body fully to you.

No ordinary experience, this is much more than massage of the tissues. You bring your entire being to this work and I respect what you are practicing here deeply. I found I could unwind the tensions in my body and allow the atmosphere you create to soothe and inspire my inner being. Your touch on my body was clear and full of wisdom, penetrating deeper than skin. The techniques precise and guided, sometimes my mind wandered to how you were able to produce such effects with only two hands. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone, young, old or otherwise.”

– Holistic Bodywork Client

More Information Plus Terms & Conditions

What is the process for booking a Holistic Bodywork session?

STEP ONE: For first-time clients or those who haven’t worked with me in some time, please complete the Holistic Bodywork Online Consultation Form and send to me.


STEP TWO: Email me at: annu@annutara.co.uk to arrange an appointment time for your Holistic Bodywork session. Remember to indicate whether you wish to meet at my Edinburgh or Cove studio. Please note that your appointment will only be confirmed once you pay for your session in STEP THREE below.


STEP THREE: Select your preferred Holistic Bodywork Payment Option from the menu above and click the BUY NOW button. There is a choice of: One-Hour Session; 90 Minute Session; or Two-Hour Session. All treatment fees are non-refundable.

The cost of Holistic Bodywork sessions are to be paid in £GBP  – please check www.xe.com for up to date currency conversions.


STEP FOUR: This will automatically take you to the PayPal payment system where you are invited to sign into your account, or you can choose the Pay By Debit Or Credit Card option if you don’t have a PayPal account. If you prefer to make a bank transfer or pay in cash on the day, please request details or notify me via email as part of your booking process.


STEP FIVE: Once you have made your payment, your Holistic Bodywork session is confirmed. Please arrive at your session’s appointed time.

ADDITIONAl INFORMATION: You will receive an email confirmation after payment. Please keep this email safe as it acts as a record of your purchase. All sessions are valid for one year from date of purchase.
Please contact annu@annutara.co.uk if you encounter any difficulty with this process.
What is the process for cancelling a Holistic Bodywork session?

I practice a 48-hour cancellation policy. This means that you will need to give me a minimum of 48 hours’ notice to cancel or change your appointment without charge. Please cancel as soon as possible if a foreseeable event is likely to prevent you from attending, e.g. illness or adverse weather conditions.

If you wish to reschedule within 48 hours of your appointment date and let me know before the day itself, you will only be charged a £20 re-booking fee. This is paid by bank transfer or PayPal to confirm your new booking.

If you ask to reschedule on the day of your appointment or cannot attend, you will be charged the full treatment fee. This is because I will not be able to fill your appointment slot and still need to cover my costs.

Is our one-to-one session work a replacement for therapy or counselling?

Our work together is not therapy, analysis or counselling and is not meant to replace or act as a substitute for healthcare, psychotherapeutic care, psychiatric treatment or medical advice if that’s what is needed.


You must inform me via the Holistic Bodywork Consultation Form prior to purchasing Holistic Bodywork sessions if you are undergoing psychiatric treatment, including any use of pharmaceutical or alternative supplements for depression, psychological/psychiatric conditions, severe and/or chronic illness. All information shared is strictly confidential and by no means rules out our work together, but it’s important for me to understand as fully as possible what you are working with and how I can best support you in this.


Please read the full Client-Practitioner Agreement and the Terms & Conditions applicable to our Holistic Bodywork session work together. If our work together activates any physical, emotional, and/or psychological reaction, I ask that you take full responsibility for your participation and self-assessment/self-guidance in and around the work, which is in itself invitational and optional.


If it feels necessary, please ensure you have in place a suitable support network and if you are already working with a therapist or healthcare professional, you are encouraged to inform them of our work together. If you are struggling with any specific aspect of your experience or our work together, please communicate this clearly in our session time – there is space and trust for you to do so. You can also write to me at annu@annutara.co.uk if that’s preferable.
Further Terms & Conditions

When you purchase & book for a Holistic Bodywork session, you automatically agree to all of the above terms and conditions.

I ask that you read and acquaint yourself with our Client-Practitioner Agreement, which also contributes to the foundational container and clear boundaries of our work together. 

Please also read these further Terms & Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy, which are connected to your rights, the use of this website, and how your basic information is stored and used. 
Please note that I offer a professional bodywork and massage therapy service and cannot accede to inappropriate requests.
Thank you!


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