• 3 New Moon Kambo Initiations & 1-1 Treatments •

• Dates •

26th August; 16th September (full); 14th October (full)

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18th November; 9th December; 13th January

If you would like to participate in this upcoming Initiation to take you into 2018 and offer to host the frog medicine in your home,
please let me know so we can arrange. It’s a huge blessing to receive the frog in your home-space.

 contact me directly if you wish to host a circle or receive 1-1 treatment

• Exchange • 


Receiving in Kambo Circle: £70 

Private 1-1 Kambo Session: £95



∞ complimentary Skype consultations offered ∞

Book Your Place For Kambo Circle or 1-1 Treatment

To book for Kambo Circle or to arrange 1-1 treatment, please complete your Kambo Treatment Application Form.

You will then need to contact me and confirm availability on the dates of the upcoming Kambo Circle you wish to participate in. Alternatively, you are welcome to make arrangements with me for 1-1 Kambo treatment or to set up a free Skype call to discuss your needs.

 What is Kambo…


This is a powerful RE-BIRTH medicine, so I highly recommend committing to the 3 treatments (one per month) to dedicate and complete the process – however, participants are welcome to receive a one-off treatment also.

 Kambô (aka Sapo) is the name of a mighty, powerful, strengthening and deeply healing medicine gifted to us by the Amazonian Giant Monkey Frog (Phyllomedusa bicolor), which primarily inhabits areas of Colombia, Brazil and Peru. The poisonous, waxy venom secretion of the frog is harvested by indigenous shamans – with no harm or damage done to the frog in the process – and is then dried onto bamboo sticks, where it can be rehydrated when needed and separated into ‘dots’ to be applied to the body.

Kambo cannot be taken orally and therefore the surface layer of skin must be burnt away so that the medicine can be directly absorbed into the lymphatic system.

The skin is burnt with the glowing end of a small bamboo stick in a series of points. The small points of blistered skin are then rubbed off to reveal the fresh tissue underneath, and the Kambo dots are quickly applied.

The treatment itself can be very intense as the Kambo venom chases through the body as a highly-intelligent scouring fire or Green Light, activating the lymphatic system in its wake to follow behind and flush out the toxins, waste and psychic debris that has been activated and drawn out.

At some point after receiving the points of Kambo medicine, you will purge/vomit into your bucket and you may also purge downwards too. You will receive full help and support throughout.

As difficult and intense as Kambo can be, it does not last long and within 20 mins to an hour after your treatment, the nausea will most likely pass and you will be able to drop into a place of deep stillness.

Kambo bypasses the mind and quickly moves those receiving into the state of BEING.

At this point, once purging and cleansing has completed, you will need to lay down and rest for while. And at some point, your energy will return and you will be ready to break your fast with some nourishing food.

“The amazonian tribes believe that we as living humans are constantly surrounded by a dense cloud that prevents us from seeing clearly. This cloud is called “panema” by the Katukina people. ‘Panema’ could be translated with an expression such as ‘negative energy’, bad luck’, depression’ or ‘laziness’. By receiving Kambo treatments on a regular basis we have the chance to get rid of this greyish cloud of negative energy, to live a healthy life and to fulfil our physical potentialities.”

– Master Kambo Practitioner, Giovanni Lattanzi

Kambo is a CLEANSE medicine – through fire (heat/pressure) and water (purging/release). It is also a HEART medicine, opening the heart to Life’s abundant flow and giving courage to move through obscurations and blockages. The Giant Monkey Frog itself has no significant enemies, therefore it does not live in fear – and the medicine offers an incredible transmission of this spirit. It also opens us into the courage to LIVEfully, deeply, truly, vibrantly, openly, connectedly and unapologetically!

Kambo also supports clearing of the ancestral and personal pain-body, as well as the psychic/energetic density called ‘panema’.

Kambo is not hallucinogenic and is currently a legal medicine in almost all countries, apart from it’s native Brazil.



It is essential that you let me know if you have any serious health/mental-health issues, as well as notifying me of any medications you are taking (herbal or pharmaceutical) ASAP prior to Kambo Circle.

Health issues include (but are not confined to) all heart conditions including pacemaker, high/low blood pressure, strokes, diseases, cancer/cancer treatments and organ issues. I will also need to know if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, under the age of 18/over the age of 65, or if you have undergone any recent surgery.

More information on Kambo + testimonials can be found here

My Method…

I have been trained in a traditional Brazilian 3 Moon Initiation method – this means receiving increasing number of Kambo dots at or around the period of the New Moon for 3 consecutive months (5,7 & 9 dots for women; 7,9 & 11 dots for men).

Once you have received your 3rd month of Kambo treatments, the full initiation is complete and the beloved frog immunisation is in place. The full Kambo Initiation is incredibly powerful and can often have profound and long-lasting healing benefits, not just physically but for your full Being and Life.

Generally-speaking, I find that this traditional method is valuable because it allows the transformational container to be substantial. I have found in guiding others through this timeline (as well as receiving my own initiation in this way) that the steady container of 3 months allows for depth-work and the unbuttoning of significant patterning-material and obscurations (physical, emotional and mental) in a way that also allows for integration and time to apply transformational insights into the ground of daily life.

My own perspective on plant medicine work and such treatments is that this primary key of proper integration is often missing much of the time. I have often witnessed for many, many years in the medicine-community a zealous, over-masculinated approach of more-and-bigger-is-better. And although this can facilitate break-through experience, it doesn’t necessarily account or care for deeper wounding/suffering or allow inclusivity for the slower human aspects that simply need time to integrate and assimilate the material initiated.

Saying this, there is no one-way – no right or wrong – and the beloved medicine of Kambo can be administered successfully in many variations of volume, succession and timelines – simply because this is the non-linear nature of life.

The bottom line is that I work based on my own direct experience and in communion with the intelligence of your body, inclusive of the wisdom that has been passed down to me. The fidelity is therefore not toward unquestioned tradition but in the dedication to truth and complete openness for what is actually needed, which allows fluidity and non-fixedness.

I offer monthly Kambo Circles, by which you can schedule your 3-moon Initiation, but if you are working with something very specific that requires an alternative approach or want to complete your 3-treatment initiation in a 28 day moon-cycle, you are welcome to set up a complimentary Skype session with me to discuss.

It is also immensely beneficial to receive one-off treatments, particularly as an ally to working with other plant medicines, as a seasonal detox support, if you are seeking specific support with an obscuration in your life, and/or as a top-up after you have received your full Kambo Initiation.

You are welcome to combine 1-1 sessions and participation in Kambo Circles to complete your 3-treatment Initiation also.

Full Guidelines and Preparations are issued prior to Kambo Treatment + Circles – including post-treatment follow-up contact.

More information on Kambo + testimonials can be found here

Book Your Place For Kambo Circle or 1-1 Treatment

To book for Kambo Circle or to arrange 1-1 treatment, please complete your Kambo Treatment Application Form.

You will then need to contact me and confirm availability on the dates of the upcoming Kambo Circle you wish to participate in. Alternatively, you are welcome to make arrangements with me for 1-1 Kambo treatment or to set up a free Skype call to discuss your needs.

Bring this work to your community…

You are welcome to invite me to bring Kambo to your community if you are called to receive treatment, but are not able to travel to where I am holding Circles.

I am happy and willing to come to you if you are able to gather a minimum group of 5, and if I and our Circle can be hosted in one of the participants homes (easy access to bathroom is important for treatments – no stairs please).

Travel costs will be kept as low as possible and are to be shared between participants accordingly, on top of treatment fee.

Contact me to discuss.