1-1 Facilitation & Mentoring

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1-1 Facilitation & Mentoring

I am available for 1-1 sessions via Skype, Facetime or Zoom if you feel called to work with me privately or for in-depth sharing + attendance. Alternatively, we can meet in person if in the same local (please check as I move around).

I offer deep-presence as a reflective mirror for your own inner process and that which is asking for co-facilitation, unfolding and clarification.

My focus and passion is the totality of Truth and the full spectrum of Awakening to Depth-Embodiment, so there is a vast and profound roundness invited. I’m also a lover of bones as the grounded, practical application of what actually works.

Mostly, what many people receive from working with me is a profoundly real, honest, grounded and held space where it feels safe to explore all aspect of inner experience and Life which shows as challenging or confusing. The sense of feeling safe and accepted simply comes from the depth of my own work through the dark portals of being, and the unending journey of Truth and Love in Form.

The focus of my work and direct experience are the explorational-terrains of Truth across everything, embodiment (and descent into the womb/hara), bring the exiled home, the soul’s birth, intimacy as the core of everything, living in right-relation with body, land, self & each other, and retreating & personal practice. I am very happy and willing to meet in and around these dimensions of enquiry and experience, although our meeting is by no means confined to these areas and how they may be perceived.

I have spent numerous years working with men-only, then women-only – and I am now offering reflection, support and co-facilitation to all.

You are also welcome to organise a private session if you would like some extra support, clarification and guidance as an extension of one of the e-trainings.

Welcome, I’m Annu!

I share about embodying the roots of Truth, mysticism & realisation into the hearth of our everyday life.

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Purchase & Booking

Welcome to purchase either a single 1-1 session for the exchange of £60 – or invest in the special bundle offer to receive 3 x 1 hour sessions for £160.

If you would prefer to pay by bank transfer, don’t hesitate to drop me a line and I will send you banking details.

After purchase, just send me a message to arrange a time for our meeting. You are welcome to also include a few lines regarding what you are looking to explore in our session, if you feel to.

Each session is 1 hour in length – and I am flexible in how you use this. Sessions can be split into 2 x half hour meetings, or any unused minutes can be paid forward as future sessions.

Sessions must be used within 1 year of purchase and can take place via Skype, Facetime or Zoom. Recording via Zoom is available if you would like to be able to re-listen to the meeting.

Purchase Your Session - £60

Bundle of 3 Sessions - £160.00