∞ Nourishing Stillness Immersion ∞

• integrating awareness and embodiment •

∞ Nourishing Stillness Day Retreat ∞

Nourishing Stillness Immersion is a two day deep dive into the silent Ground of Being through sitting meditation sessions, organic movement, self-enquiry and sharing as a circle, shared gentle touch work and radical resting for the purpose of resetting, regenerating and realigning through awareness and embodiment.

Guidance will be offered throughout and the work itself is simple yet profound. In my experience, what is offered here is really the solid foundation of personal practice as the integration of awareness and opening through the head, heart and body.

Integration occurs through deeply Knowing and understanding Self across everything and as nothing – inviting, gathering and allowing the paradox and polarity of Totality Truth. This includes the wisdom of knowing when to use the compassionate sword of clarity to cut through obstruction and self-delusion and when to soften and surrender into the intimacy and tenderness of love and receptive opening.

We will sharpen the sword through sitting meditation and enquiry work and cultivate our softening through spontaneous movement and shared gentle touch work as a group.

Touch work is done fully clothed and is an invitation to gently open into the innocent tenderness of our human bodies.

The opportunity to immerse in depth practice for two days with Sangha offers immense rejuvenation and relaxation.

Everyone is welcome and no previous experience is necessary.