Women's Embodiment Immersion

• body pujas for resting as wakeful intimacy •

Women’s Embodiment Immersion

• body pujas for resting as wakeful intimacy •

Women are welcome to join this two day deep dive immersion into deliciously spacious embodiment. We will be working with sacred sexuality and meditative practices to support our resting into the Ground of Being, relaxing deeply into the body and trusting its natural spontaneous wisdom as the in and out breath of Pure Life itself.

This is a Home Coming.

An invitation to slow down into subtle, sacred, integrated depth work that offers profound nourishment, rejuvenation and healing.

It can also offer itself as a rich initiation into the potential of the conscious female body.


It is my intent to hold this work as simply and tenderly as possible with the emphasis being on each woman’s own experiential deepening and relating to herself.

There isn’t anything to ‘learn’ in this immersion other than falling deeper into trust as your own direct embodied experience.

For many women, it is deeply healing to just be naked with other women and/or those who aren’t necessarily their lover – to accept themselves deeply as this and to discover sacredness and beauty in their own embodied form and their unique, intimate expression of sexual energy as pure, innocent, integrated life force.

This is an invitation for divine descent into and as the recognition of the body as the very sacred, bottom line of Life itself through devotional and meditative practices emerging from a non-dual view.


Together, we will explore:

• resting in silence to allow space for authentic movement and gesture from there

• meditative practices to notice what moves unconsciously in the nervous system as manipulation, contraction and fear – and gently invite it to relax through direct somatic enquiry

• redefining our understanding of sexual energy

• integration of spiritual and sexual-somatic embodiment practices

• surrendering completely to what IS as a path of wakeful intimacy

• honouring and respecting our spontaneous somatic wisdom

• cultivating devotion as the making of love

• the integration of mind, heart and body


Practices invited:

• cultivating fluidity through meditative movement and stillness

• cultivating feminine receptivity through the opening the breath, heart and self-breast massage

• self-led body puja through honouring ritual, sacred touch, movement and resting as stillness

• inviting consciousness into the womb-space

• demonstration of giving body puja and healing g-spot massage to another

• paired practice of giving and receiving body puja and healing g-spot massage

• radical resting as a group

• sharing in a safe and held space as a circle of women



Women of all sexual orientations are welcome.

It would be helpful if participants have worked with me previously, but if not you are welcome to arrange a free 10 minute Skype session to connect prior to confirming your place.

Further information of what to bring will be given once confirmation is in place.

Naturally, there will be nudity and some intimate contact through self-led practices and also in the giving and receiving from fellow-participant women – this will be safely contained within thorough, grounded professional protocol.

All practices are optional at all times.
Your own direct wisdom and choice is always respected in this work.