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What I Offer

I offer mentoring on a one-to-one basis through online or in-person session work.

This work invites incredible depth, intimacy, radical truth-telling and the possibility for targetted guidance by providing you with the specific keys you need for real, authentic transformation.

Mentoring sessions support, galvanise, encourage, nourish and enable you in whatever ways necessary to become truly, deeply, authentically and wholly You – in your Becoming as a true human awake in the living ground of your Life.

Background & Approach To What I Offer

I’m a visionary and a heretic – this means I’m here to nourish the understanding that there’s a very different way to BE here on this beautiful planet earth and in our human experience than is currently being conditioned through many of the current systems that are in operation. It’s also part of my job to illustrate that this is not conceptual but can be well-rooted through the integrity of grounded action, deep-listening, simple self-presencing, and pragmatic practices that anyone can engage with.

We each of us already have what we need to align and embody with this new way of being that is true, honest, enlivened, holistic, simple, surrendered and engages our authentic soul work and purpose here. It is inherent and built-in – we don’t need to go elsewhere to find this and it’s accessible right now. But it does require us to do the work, and there are junctures in this process where it can be supportive to have an understanding guide who has strong experience of the terrain.

The focus of our work together is discovering what these terrains look like for you. This is inclusive of your whole life, even if you are choosing to focus on a specific area or theme of your experience, such as work, service & creativityfamily, community & belonginghealth, well-being & self-carepartnership, intimacy & sexualityidentity, self-expression & purpose, etc.

Mentoring invites your embodiment, working with unconscious conditioning, the soul’s birth, the intimacy at the core of everything, living in right-relation with body, land, self & each other, and the changing forms of personal practice according to what is needed.

I work with a multitude of keys exchanged with me by my teachers and peers as well as those that I’ve forged through my own direct revelation and practice, and I also draw from a combination of existential systems including the mechanics of Human Design. I’m happy to share more about this during sessions if this is something you wish to explore.

This work isn’t counselling or coaching because we are not confined to a specific agenda or framework – we are in the exploration of what is actually True. Mentoring work does include the elements of deep sharing, galvanising focus and offering you the support you need to do the work of discovering and aligning the living truth that’s already inside you in accordance with your outer life and how you are uniquely made as a human being.

What many people also receive from working with me is a profoundly real, honest, grounded and held space where it feels safe to explore all aspect of inner experience and Life. Welcome to read some of the feedback from community in Sharing Stories.

Where & When I Offer


I primarily use a secure private online video platform called Zoom for 1-1 Mentoring work. This means that I’m available to work internationally and across various time-zones.

I also offer in-person 1-1 Mentoring sessions at my studio in Cove, Scotland. Appointments by booking only.

The Sheiling at Cove

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs, Fri: various times

TD13 5XD
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The Foundational Ethos Of This Work

Also known as establishing some basic clarity for our working container. Below is our root-map, which really anchors this work through the transformational field and for your own direct personal alchemy and metabolism.

These are simple guidelines for our work together – this being said with the understanding that these guidelines are often far from being easy. They are not meant to be rigid pokers that keep our backs taut but rather stable reference points to keep returning to in the transformational process of dismantling, igniting and re:Membering:


we are creating and entering a genuine space and opening for truth – not our ideas of what we want or would like to happen but the revelation of that which is true, real, authentic and on occasions that which is original.


therefore we are mutually honest to be the best of our ability – we share in the homely, radical and sometimes heretical practice of truth-telling. And when we don’t know how, we can start by saying so.


and we engage with the understanding that truth is not separate from any aspect of life, including all of your current life-conditions, circumstances, experiences, how you are made as a human being, what challenges you, and where your passion is evoked. When this doesn’t make sense or feel true, we have something fertile to uncover and work with.


this work is not a practice of consumerism or spiritual materialism. This isn’t about what you can ‘get’ but about stripping back to what’s already inherent and here. This means you don’t have to make anything up and you can begin relaxing and unwinding the conditioning of strategy and game-play – but you are invited to engage to the best of your ability, and you do have to do your work. The forms this will take are fluid, changeable and often bring the unexpected according to what is needed. Nothing about you or the truth of life can be standardised. But we can discover this together.


we are engaging in a process of deep listening – through the heart, body, mind, realms of soul and spirit – to that which is hidden, forgotten, abandoned, and not-yet-arrived to consciousness. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, don’t worry – I will show you how.


we cannot avoid and resist pain if we are committing to incarnate with humanity and become nakedly and vibrantly alive. But everyone (yes, everyone) does have the capacity to learn how to work with this – I intend to help you discover what this looks like for you.


we are practicing being together – a collaborating, co-creating-togethering that includes our humanity, intimacy, shadow, passion, difficult feelings, conflict, and co-education – and we are learning how to compassionately communicate together in all of this. I thank you for this and honour it profoundly, even when its hard.


this work is Real. It’s an intersect of personal resolve, self-enquiry & healing; initiation into the Mother & Mystery as that which gives us Life; awakening to our deep soul incarnation; the alchemical transformation of suffering and amnesia into love, passion & purpose; and learning how to be a true human. In the beginnings, we all need support & a guide – but the point is for each of us to get plugged in directly to the Motherboard and pay it forward through our own enlivened genius and bringing through of soulful purpose in the world. It has meaning and purpose for me to walk with you whilst it’s helpful.

It takes proper work to become trust-worthy enough to incarnate as soul and embody the truth of the living Mystery. We have to dare to carve out our true form that is stable and well-rooted in our integrity of love over fear, compassion over hatred, receptive sensitivity over bulldozing our sensorial and instinctual intelligence and forging grit & resilience over the state of collapse and abdication.

–  Annu Tara

Mentoring Series Session Work Can Support:

Cultivating the ability to feel, understand and map-out difficult feelings

Dismantling the inner systems of fear, conditioning & mental rigidity

Understanding how to effectively and compassionately work with suffering, fragmentation, pain & the retrieval of what’s been exiled

Rooting into and stabilising through your inner authority, self-gnosis & the sovereignty of your true self

Integrating spiritual, deep Self & esoteric realisation into your living embodied experience

Learning how to deepen your self-enquiry and investigation

Establishing and deepening personal practice that is inclusive of your passion & enjoyment

Receiving grounded, stabilising support and vital keys of guidance during strong passages of dismantling & transformation, spiritual & life initiations, descent/metaphorical-death processes, and your arrival to living truly

Getting clear and free through discovering your natural rhythms & cyclical nature

Understanding the unique and precise mechanics of how you are put together as a human being, and how to begin utilising your inbuilt human GPS system to navigate

Learning how to listen with your body and understand the realm of Soul through non-linear intelligence & communication

Understanding how to begin accessing and working with your unique inherent genius, soul-medicine & life-purpose that emerges through the core wounding

Learning how to cultivate the vital keys of self-intimacy, connection, radical self-love & care

Understanding and applying how to become a trust-worthy vessel for the living Mystery to get into right-relation and co-creation with Life

Receiving powerful and compassionate reflection, pragmatic guidance, mutual investigation, grounded tools & practices for deepening Life & embodying Truth

Who Is Mentoring Series Session Work For?

I very joyfully offer mentoring practice for anyone who wants to meet themselves and the ground of their life with honesty and willingness.

I’m deeply committed to offering a non-bias space that honours our mutual humanity and therefore the inclusivity of all gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, and religious or spiritual rooting.

The only condition at this point is that you must be 18 years or older to engage with Mentoring Series session work with me, or 16 years old with parental consent. You don’t need to have any previous experience of mentoring, 1-1 session work or spiritual practice and you’re invited to connect and show up exactly as you are.

If you wish to attend sessions in-person rather than online, please note that access to my Glasgow clinic involves one flight of stairs and there is currently no ramp or lift for wheelchair access.

Healing depends on listening with the inner ear – stopping the incessant blather, and listening. Fear keeps us chattering – fear that wells up from the past, fear of blurting out what we really fear, fear of future repercussions. It is our very fear of the future that distorts the now that could lead to a different future if we dared to be whole in the present.

– Marion Woodman


To make your booking, follow these three easy steps:
1. chose & make your purchase from the Mentoring Series Options below
2. complete your Mentoring Series Focus Form and send it to me


This one-hour session offers clarity, nourishment and support as a connection-point with yourself and the current material of your life, as and when is needed.

The session can be used as a whole one hour block or split into 2 x 30 minutes sessions. Valid for 6 months from date of purchase. 


This is a four-hour block of targeted mentoring to ignite, focus, nourish and mobilise. Suggested meeting times are once per week for 1 hour.

However, session time & frequency is fluid and based on individual needs. Valid for one year from date of purchase.


This is an in-depth seven-hour block of pragmatic support, accountability, clear focus and galvanisation to assist during life changes and transitionary processes. Suggested meeting times are once every second week for 1 hour or every week for 30 minutes plus our closing integration session.

However, session time & frequency is fluid and based on individual needs. Valid for one year from date of purchase.


This is a thirteen-hour block of dedicated mentoring, guidance and targeted support for those who are looking to make significant shifts in their life, in alignment and manifestation of the inner Being and across all or specifically-focused areas of outer life.

Our work together in this invites a profound transformational process and is for those who are ready to follow through on their deepest truth, surrender and embodied action to the alchemy of dismantling, ignition and re:Membering.

Suggested meeting times are once every second week for 1 hour or every week for 30 minutes plus our closing integration session. However, session time & frequency is fluid and based on individual needs. Valid for one year from date of purchase.

Special Financial Circumstances

If the lower income rates offered are still out of your financial reach yet you feel strongly that working with me can support you through a life transition, please contact me directly to discuss. In some circumstances, I’m also willing to arrange a payment plan and via non-cash economy.

Pay It Forward Donations

It’s my experience that quite often people who are experiencing crisis or challenging life transitions and could benefit from the clear support and respite this work offers frequently have little resource to secure this for themselves.

The same goes for those who live on or below the poverty line (including in-work poverty) and those persons who just won’t in any way be able to access this support without our collaborative care-taking and sharing of resources.

The essence of all my work is to provide the support and guidance to dismantle from systems of conditioning that keep us in human deprivation, suffering and brokenness and plug back into the Motherboard for inner authority, sovereignty of our true self, and to begin utilising our inbuilt human GPS systems to navigate and access our inherent soulful self-connection.

If you would like to make a donation, no matter how small, toward sponsoring Mentoring Sessions for someone in such a position, your Pay-It-Forward contribution is most welcome!

Persons making such an application for financial assistance will receive supportive bodywork at a greatly reduced rate, so long as some kind of exchange and partial-support towards this keeps flowing in the form of sponsorship donations. I won’t work for free but I am willing to explore and commit to new forms of economy.

I’m very happy to keep all sponsors looped-in with its progress and where financial aid is being directed.

You can make your donation below securely via your PayPal account or by debit or credit card. Contribution can be a one-off payment or you can choose to offer a rolling monthly sponsorship, which can be easily cancelled at any time.

All amounts are gratefully received in the understanding that we all do what we can when we can, and as we have means to. A huge deep thanks to you if you are able to offer assistance at this time.

A Sharing…

“I am so grateful for the support you offered, the format of 30-minute meetings on a semi-regular basis gave me a sense of a container to lean into. I especially appreciated having a recording of our meeting to listen to in the days after the session… it helped with clarifying my process, locating the jewels in the exchange and the simple process of witnessing myself speaking and engaging is so powerful and compassion-building!

What I appreciate about you is your humaneness and transparency with regards to your own process and unfolding, your capacity to be very straight and direct, your tenderness, rootedness in terms of continuously bringing the process to ground/body and strong presence. It has been so useful for me to start learning to be precise and to bring everything back to my living life…to be reminded of and begin to understand more deeply my human system and its limitations, patterns & gifts and to take SO MUCH CARE in looking after this human. I had been floating in some liminal space for so long and this work has helped me to step out of the perpetual dying-not-living mode.

I am grateful for the relatability of your journey and that you were so clear about the work, effort, humility and relaxation/enjoyment required on this path.

Thank you for consistently directing me back to my own authority and to take responsibility for my life and processes.
In short, practical, embodied, humane spirituality that is grounded in Life.”

– Alex Mlod: www.alexmlod.com

More Information Plus Terms & Conditions

What is the process for purchasing a Mentoring Series session or package?

STEP ONE: Select your preferred package option and click the BUY NOW button. There is a choice of a One-Hour Session; One-Month Intensive; Three-Month Transit; and Six-Month Transformation.


STEP TWO: This will automatically take you to the PayPal payment system where you are invited to sign into your account, or you can choose the Pay By Debit Or Credit Card option if you don’t have a PayPal account.


STEP THREE: Once you have paid, you will automatically be directed to the Mentoring Series Registration. Choose the option of already having an existing Membership account at annutara.co.uk or to register as a new user. Log in with your details if you have an existing account or make your registration if you are a new user.


STEP FOUR: After registering or logging in, you will be automatically directed to your Membership Dashboard.


STEP FIVE: Scroll down the page to see the Membership Portals, where you can select the Mentoring Series Portal.


STEP SIX: Once inside the Mentoring Series Portal, fill out your Mentoring Series Focus Form and submit. I will then respond via email as soon as I’m able so that we can arrange a mutually suitable time and day for our first meeting.

ADDITIONAl INFORMATION: You will receive two emails. 1. Your Registration information – please keep this safe as a record of your login details. 2. Your receipt for your Mentoring Series package – please keep this email safe as it acts as a record of your purchase.
Please contact annu@annutara.co.uk if you encounter any difficulty with this process.
What is the process for cancelling a Mentoring Series session?

I practice a 48-hour cancellation policy. This means that you will need to give me a minimum of 48 hours’ notice to cancel or change your appointment without charge. Please cancel as soon as possible if a foreseeable event is likely to prevent you from attending, e.g. illness or adverse weather conditions.

If you wish to reschedule within 48 hours of your appointment date and let me know before the day itself, you will only be charged a £20 re-booking fee. This is paid by bank transfer or PayPal to confirm your new booking.

If you ask to reschedule on the day of your appointment or cannot attend, you will be charged the full fee. This is because I will not be able to fill your appointment slot and still need to cover my costs.

What is the structure of a Mentoring Series session?


After payment and registration, you are invited to complete your Mentoring Series Focus Form to begin gathering your intention and focus for our meeting together. This contributes to the container of our work. Once I receive this, I will email you with available dates/times for our first meeting, so we can arrange accordingly.



It’s entirely up to you if you want to spend some time writing or making notes about what you’d like to explore and speak about during our session. Some people prefer to prepare in this way, according to their own personal process and what’s occurring in their life. Others prefer to show up without any preparation and to share spontaneously regarding what feels important to discuss together.

I am entirely happy as to how you wish to turn up although I will take into account what you’ve expressed in your Mentoring Series Focus Form regarding your request (if any) for accountability, and in response to this I may also have invited you into additional work and personal practices for you to engage in between our sessions.



The software app I use for online session work is called Zoom and I will send you a direct link via email prior to our meeting. It’s free and is super-easy to use. You can join our meeting from your PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android by simply clicking on the link a couple of minutes before our start time. Simply agree to download the app software and it will automatically open up the meeting space for you. Then just click on the audio and video icons on the screen to switch on the sound and camera.

Prior to our meeting, please secure for yourself a distraction-free space. Close down all other programs on your computer or device such as pages on your browser, email client, apps, Skype, etc. If you are connecting from an older PC or device, it can be beneficial to close everything down and do a computer restart beforehand. Make sure you have speakers plugged in and turned on, or your headphones plugged in if you prefer to use them. You will need a stable internet connection.

Welcome to enjoy a cup of tea or other drink during our meeting too.



How often we meet for sessions and the time-frame for each meeting is flexible and we can discuss what your needs potentially are for this before we begin and also as we progress. However, please advise me of how long a session you require upon booking each time so that we have a clear container for our meeting.



I will begin our meeting by simply asking how you are and from this point, you are welcome to begin exploring whatever is relevant for you. I may also ask you if there are any specific themes you wish to explore during our time together.

Our work is founded in our capacity to be in relaxation together, so this allows for and invites our sharing to be honest, intimate and informal to the degree that you’re comfortable with. This is made possible because I hold a strong clear space and container for your process. My facilitation of the space is responsive to what I sense is needed and is a combination of witnessing, deep listening (including listening with my body), offering reflection and feedback, sharing from my own experience, inviting you deeper into process and practice, and exploring together how the threads of your life and experience weave together.

I may ask you questions and invite further investigation, sometimes I may challenge you. But whatever shows us it’s rooted in strong love, compassion, honesty, integrity, nourishment, grounded presence and is intended to guide and support you in connecting and deepening with your own innate wisdom, inner authority, humanity, truth, and self-care by galvanising your process of transformation toward greater freedom and deeper intimacy with your self and life.

I will let you know when our session time is complete. All sessions are recorded unless you instruct otherwise. I will send you a video replay of our session, which can be very useful to revisit and hear your own truth. If you prefer, I can alternatively send you an audio recording.

All information shared in our Mentoring work together is strictly confidential and will not be shared with any third parties.

Is our one-to-one session work together a replacement for therapy or counselling?

Our work together is not therapy, analysis or counselling and is not meant to replace or act as a substitute for healthcare, psychotherapeutic care, psychiatric treatment or medical advice if that’s what is needed.


You must inform me via email prior to purchasing Mentoring Series sessions or packages if you are undergoing psychiatric treatment, including any use of pharmaceutical or alternative supplements for depression, psychological/psychiatric conditions, severe and/or chronic illness. All information shared is strictly confidential and by no means rules out our work together, but it’s important for me to understand as fully as possible what you are working with and how I can support you in this.


Please read the full Client-Practitioner Agreement and the Terms & Conditions applicable to our Mentoring Series session work together. If this work of self-enquiry activates any physical, emotional, and/or psychological reaction, I ask that you take full responsibility for your participation and self-assessment/self-guidance in and around the work, which is in itself invitational and optional.


If it feels necessary, please ensure you have in place a suitable support network and if you are already working with a therapist or healthcare professional, you are encouraged to inform them of our work together. If you are struggling with any specific aspect of your experience or our work together, please communicate this clearly in our meeting space – there is space and trust for you to do so. You can also write to me at annu@annutara.co.uk if that’s preferable.
Payment Processing

The cost of Mentoring Series sessions and packages are to be paid in £GBP  – please check www.xe.com for up to date currency conversions.

All payments are processed by PayPal, who will automatically calculate your local currency. You can purchase via your own account, or pay via credit or debit card if you aren’t registered with PayPal. When your payment transaction is complete, you’ll receive a receipt from PayPal by email. Please keep your receipt in a safe place – it acts as your proof of purchase.
It is also possible to pay via bank transfer, so if you prefer this please write Annu at annu@annutara.co.uk for payment details.
Refund Policy & Payment Plan Terms

Refund Policy:

You can request a refund for any payments made before we have scheduled our first session. After this has been scheduled, there is no possibility for a refund.

All session time is valid for one year from the date of purchase, and any unused session time after this period cannot be refunded or paid forward. Additionally, sessions cannot be passed forward for anyone else to use.
Payment Plans:
If you apply for and are granted a payment plan for a Mentoring Series package, you are legally bound to pay all of the instalments until the full amount has been paid. It is not an option to discontinue payments part way through your payment plan, and if a payment is skipped due to insufficient funds in your PayPal or bank account, it is your full responsibility to make sure there are enough funds to cover this instalment within 4 days of the missed payment.
It is not part of our financial agreement that I must put in extra admin time to chase up missed payments. I have very clear boundaries on this.
Further Terms & Conditions

When you register for Mentoring Series sessions & packages, you automatically agree to all of the above terms and conditions.

Please read and acquaint yourself with these further Terms & Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy, which are connected to your rights, the use of this website, how your basic information is stored and registered within the Membership site.
Thank you!

Schedule a FREE 30 minute 1-1 Exploration Session

If you’re considering investing in a Mentoring Series package but you’ve never worked with me before, welcome to book a free 30-minute 1-1 Exploration Session.

The Exploration Session is a relaxed and informal opportunity for us to connect and take a look at where you are in your life right now, how you could possibly benefit from our work together, and simply whether this is the right time and fit for you to commit to this transformational process.

Simply click on the link below and fill out the form to begin our process of setting up a meeting.

*Our introductory meeting takes place online via Zoom or Skype. **The Free Exploration Session is an introductory meeting and does not substitute actual session & mentoring work.


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